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CryEngine 3 showcases next-generation, revolutionary soft-body physics

DSOGaming writes: "Ah, the power of CryEngine 3. Such an amazing engine with tremendous potential that has not been properly used. It’s sad to be honest because the following physics are what we can expect from next-generation titles. Team BeamNG showcased some amazing soft-body physics that are powered by CryEngine3. According to the team, anything can be built in the Beam physics system – cars, trucks, planes, boats, trains, cranes, tanks, helicopters, and even destructible map objects and crash test dummies. As the team suggests ‘it’s all real physics and anything is possible‘. What you’re about to see is real-time, so keep that in mind. Oh, and this is still an early work in progress so don’t mind the shading and collision issues as the team is already working on fixing them. Enjoy your first glimpse at next-generation physics everyone!" (Cryengine 3, Next-Gen, PC)

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OneAboveAll  +   784d ago
Truly amazing. Now one thing that has always bothered me since games left the 2D era is clipping. I can't stand when objects clip through other objects. Whether it be your characters legs going through a wall when prone or as seen in this video, parts/pieces of the track clipping through other parts/walls.

This is something devs need to work on soon. It's a big annoyance.
john2  +   784d ago
Yeap, the team is already working on the collisions and the clipping issues ;)
kmanmx  +   784d ago
It's tricky to solve with high speed objects. The faster something is moving, the more it 'clips' the only way to solve it in real time is run the physics simulations at a faster frame rate.
PerpetualMathx10  +   784d ago
very cool cant wait to see some new non crysis games that really start exploring the specifics of this amazing engine along with these new features!
Jio  +   784d ago
Damn, finally a fix to something that I've always hated. It always takes me out of the experience when I get in a vehicle and it's always invincible or really static and boring.
Pandamobile  +   784d ago
That's incredibly awesome.
Hufandpuf  +   784d ago
Really nice. but I hate when the Devs show off this kind of tech then just make a mediocre FPS with only good graphics. I'm looking at you Crysis 2!
Pandamobile  +   784d ago
The hell are you talking about
soundslike  +   784d ago
I would play that as a game in its current state. I'd just make a bunch of ramps and fly into each other with another truck colliding mid air over and over.
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john2  +   784d ago
that reminds me of Viper Racing. Man, it had such an amazing physics system. I was crashing the car just for the fun of it. Ah the memories
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yess  +   784d ago
Viper racing was awesome, what is it? 15 years ago or something, had so much fun with the physics and the racing was very cool to :)
GamingPerson  +   784d ago
To bad crysis 3 will be an xbox port huh?
mewhy32  +   784d ago
If it's anything like crysis2 then the xbox version will run at a higher rez and better frame rate than the ps3 version. Check out lensoftruth head to head for more details. Hopefully both versions will be equal this time around but with only 256 mb of dedicated video ram it'll be a stretch for the ps3, as this was an obstacle for crytek on the development of crysis2 on the ps3.
pandehz  +   784d ago
If they can run it at 60fps in a fully complete scene on average comps then i'll be wowed.

Till then its another tech demo no different from indie tech demos
kmanmx  +   784d ago
This isn't very resource intensive.
StraightPath  +   784d ago
I am sure one day,games will have these kind of physics. Game like gta will be awesome! Or forza motorsport ! The best simulator ever
Huwmor  +   784d ago
It'll be pretty sweet in GT7(I'm thinking around 10 years,big picture stuff) when every car pile-up looks like a smash-up in a hollywood blockbuster today.

When they achieve true realism physics(not that I require it down to the sub-atomic level or anything, although...) I look forward to when a developer simply has to scale back the physics to suit their game (car axles snapping on a somewhat rough bump every 5 minutes isn't fun!)
Human Analog  +   784d ago
I see a potential for a good demolition / enduro race game.
PersonMan  +   784d ago
We need this in a GTA game. That would be so cool!

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