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Starhawk Roundtable Discussion

Proven Gamer staff members PhilOsyfee and hardrocknguy welcome Iyield2no1 from the Gametwerp Podcast to discuss Lightbox Interactive’s Starhawk. (Culture, PS3, Starhawk)

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TheSuperior  +   1037d ago
Looks like an enjoyable game :)
showtimefolks  +   1037d ago
it is a very good game and story is a lot of fun but MP is the real piece of the pie, There is a patch coming soon i think early next week. also devs have said they will release a lot of free dlc and new modes

if you ever played warhawk you know the community will stick around

fun game


sometimes that does happen but the next patch is suppose to fix a lot of things, also don't forget every online shooter has its share of issues but i feel like this game has a lot less issues
ThatIrishGamer  +   1037d ago
Traded it in today. . .Every game of Zones you join the enemy has control of 4 zones. . .and they have about 8 tanks in your spawn. . .yes. . .in your spawn. . .so the second you spawn - you're blown up by a tank.

Even in TDM (where enemies should NEVER be allowed in your spawn). . . the enemy can build tanks and sit in your spawn blowing you up as you break out of your pod.

Worst game of multiplayer I've ever played - most unbalanced in history. . .DON'T BUY IT.
BitbyDeath  +   1037d ago
You do realise you can spawn on top of them right?
The game isn't unbalanced, it just requires a lot of skill to play.
ThatIrishGamer  +   1037d ago
You can drop on them yeah. . .and then that guy spawns out side your base at one of the many tank building centres they've built.

While another tank in your spawn blows you up.

It's hilariously woeful.

Hence on 60million PS3 consoles - it has sold 130,000 in two weeks.

I'm glad it's flopped - devs need to learn you can't release such dirge.

Such great potential - ruined by absolutely mundane and simple game design choices.

I mean. . in tdm. . .ALLOWING PEOPLE IN ENEMY SPAWN? Other developers would cringe.
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Dropdeadll  +   1037d ago
I agree with aaronon the spawn killing is bad. I don't think this game requires a lot of skill, just party up with decent people, take advantage of hawk & tank and you'll finish matches with a ridiculous kd.
BitbyDeath  +   1037d ago
@Dropdeadll, not sure if you've seen but both the Hawk and Tank are getting neutered this week.

I agree they are both overpowered. I haven't had much issues with enemies in my base though cause i usually either take them out or run off and setup camp elsewhere.
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VverdugovV  +   1037d ago
How much did you play anyway? When ever I join a lopsided game I just search for another game. Yes there are some things that need fixing like tanks taking only 2 rift bars to build and some of the hawk's pickup weapons, but you should of at least waited for the patch to be released before deciding to trade it.
HammadTheBeast  +   1037d ago
Could've waited for the patch...
Godmars290  +   1037d ago
Drop on the tank.
I was in the same situation, I did it, others picked up on what I did and we retook our area.

Still lost, had a big body count, but we gave as good as we got.

Join a clan. Don't go into a game alone. Have at least three others of you clan with you and have a plan.

Just like these guy say but don't seen to note, if you come in with a "team" willing to stick out a fight and able to fall into roles if most don't have mics, then its going to be a good fight.

Go in with an actual team, have mics as well as a plan and its going to be a whole other level.

And yeah, have a mic, just don't use it :p
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BitbyDeath  +   1037d ago
Exactly, being able to contribute and help turn the tide is much more exciting than being in a stalemate or winning imo
VonBraunschweigg  +   1036d ago
Then why did you spawn? Why press X to spawn when you can see the match is already won by the opposing team BEFORE you spawn? Games do not always end in a stalemate, some teams actually win, and the (pre-spawn) map shows that, so you can still select another game, from the serverlist.

But no, I'm not using the serverlist and it's filters, I do not check on the balancing options and vehicle loadouts, I do not check the map before I actually join the action...I just use matchmaking to blindly drop to my death and go on N4G to show I haven't got a clue on what this game has to offer.

If you don't like it, fine, but your complaints are complete BS, and your advice on not buying the game is just plain stupid. Spend a few hours and you'll see this is a very well balanced game, with lots of different ways to play.

Very addictive, and the online set-up makes it child's play to avoid the situations you're wining about. In fact you have to be quite dumb not to be able to avoid those. Use the freaking serverlist and it's options, don't spawn if your spawn is all red, how hard is it, really?
will_c_75  +   1037d ago
I would love to see bots added, just because I want to play solo sometimes. I think it could make for an interesting mode online as well. One on one matches where you command your army to showcase the rts elenents, and your bots can level up like dragons dogma pawn system.
Dmd  +   1036d ago
I'd love that too. Was on the wrong idea that there would be boots to play offline when I bought the game. It could also improve the offline coop - which is very meh in this game.

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