Crysis 2 Maximum Edition Revealed and coming on Steam

DSOGaming writes: "As always, Steam’s registry does not lie and we can see below that Crysis 2 Maximum Edition was added to it. In case you are unaware of, Crysis 2 is not present on Steam. The reason behind Crysis 2's absence was due to its patching issues (well, that was what EA suggested back then as it was the same reason why BF3 was not made available via Steam)"

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PiccoloGR1945d ago

C2 coming to Steam huh? Good news, I guess

john21945d ago

Good news indeed, especially for the modders

tallkidoPL1945d ago

Crytek just wants more money for crysis 3 lol

GamingPerson1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

Most pirated game of 2011. Everyone played it already.

I will wait for Crysis 3 and buy it.

Raider691945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

For 34.99€ no way!!The game sells for 13€ new on after the cambio exchange!What a way of getting greed!

Cablephish1945d ago

If it comes to Steam any time soon, it may go on sale on on the summer sale, and that might be a good time to get it.

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