LittleBigPlanet Vita Beta Gameplay Leaked

DualShock Nexus: PlayStation Vita gamers who registered for the LittleBigPlanet Vita beta are starting to receive emails to download the beta. As of right now beta invites are being sent out to UK PlayStation Vita owners. US Vita users can expect a possible beta invite later in the week. Reports are coming in saying that the size of the beta is 470MB. We have found the first bit of footage from the beta.

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Snookies122154d ago

Lucky buggers in the UK lol! Man, I so hope I get an invite... D:

NastyLeftHook02154d ago


portable game of the year!

dafegamer2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

I dont know why but I actually think that LBP Vita will be the best Portable Sidescrolling Platformer ever created.It has so much potential to be the ultimate Portable experience. Hell forget about Sidescroller,I think it could be the best Handheld Game in General. Imagine what stuff you can do in this Game on a Portable Device

MasterCornholio2154d ago

I'm pretty sure that it will be even better than Mario in my opinion.


GuruStarr782154d ago

Don't forget about LBP Karting for Vita.. Which (along with PS Allstars) will likely be announced next week at e3!

2154d ago
FriedGoat2154d ago

By the looks of it, it seems to have more features than 2. I could be the BEST of any version of LBP.

jonwins2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

Actually, it DOES have more features than LBP2. It's supposed to have every bit of logic from LBP2 (which means everything from LBP1 as well), some things from LBP PSP (like the static/dynamic option, or the "select-multiple-corners& amp; quot; corner editor)(at least, I think), PLUS entirely new gadgets like the Memorizer (a level-by-level save function!) and the Unphysicalize tool (Makes it so other objects and Sackboy can pass through it, good for secret areas).
By far the best LBP to date, and portable!

Here's a big ol' thread on it:

Kinger89382154d ago

didnt get an invite yet :(

thehusbo2154d ago

I got an invite and I'm really enjoying it so far :) can't wait for the full game release!!

mafiahajeri2154d ago

When did you get your invite if you don't mind me asking?

stage882154d ago

It isn't leaked if the devs sent out the beta, is it?

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