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Submitted by GuruStarr78 1351d ago | review

Resistance Burning Skies Review | Destructoid

Destructoid: For a long time, Sony has wanted to bring the console experience to handheld devices, and the PlayStation Vita represents its most successful attempt to date, armed as it is with impressive visual capabilities and a wealth of control options. Ironically, the Vita's early games ignored the Vita's strength in this regard, instead focusing on tech demos for touch controls in an industry where touch control has very much been demonstrated to death.

Resistance: Burning Skies was the potential jewel in the crown, though, an online-capable first-person shooter to show the world just how close a gamer can come to playing their favorite titles on the go. As the world's first portable twin-stick FPS, Burning Skies had a golden opportunity to set a benchmark for handheld gaming.

Instead, it settled on being the new worst Vita game to date. (PS Vita, Resistance: Burning Skies) 2/10

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GuruStarr78  +   1351d ago
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WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   1351d ago
Better luck with Killzone I guess...

I looked at the screenshot and said "This game looks great!", then I read.."Don't believe the screenshots attached to this review -- this is an ugly game, and it doesn't look anywhere near as good as several of the Vita's launch titles (tellingly, this game blocks the Vita's screen capture software)."
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mafiahajeri  +   1351d ago
What in the heck does better luck next time mean?? Lol do you even have a personality? Opinion maybe? I ask because people who look at reviews as a standard for games are pitiful. Mindsets like yours are even worse where it takes one review to give you an impression that a game is doomed to fail. Its sad to see gamers like this when more and more people need to be told to play a game or not based on one bad review...
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WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   1351d ago
Can you read? I said, and I quote "Better luck with Killzone I guess... " because that would be the next game up that would induce me to maybe buying a Vita. And do I have a personality you ask? Lol, do you think I'm here to impress people, let alone YOU? You're a nobody...kick rocks, lol.
miyamoto  +   1351d ago
Reviews nowadays come with a price tag no matter which platform games are.
Where do you think they get their living?

From hits & clicks.

Anyone who thinks reviews are not a business left their brains in the 1980's.

Its all but a show to get the most clicks from angered Xbox, Sony, or Nintendo fanboys.

Don't be a mindless victim.

Look at Call of Duty reviews for example & how the anonymous vigilantes & renegades stormed Metacritic!

That should tell us something. That is how it should be done.

See for your selves. You know where to look. Trust your honed gaming instincts, gamers.
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Blastoise  +   1351d ago
At first i was like fair enough, maybe the game sucks =/ but then i noticed the same guy gave gravity rush a 6.5...
leahcim  +   1351d ago
so evident

vita hater level 100
guitarded77  +   1351d ago
Destructoid need hits?
Mounce  +   1351d ago
It's confusing and I'm unsure how to put it, but IGN and Destructoid have together been smashing the most recent Vita games. Out comes Wipeout, Uncharted and Rayman for a few and it's all well amongst the 'Meh' releases that have also come. Just now it seems and hopefully just for now that everything else is just being pummeled.
thorstein  +   1347d ago
That fat POS is the douchewagon Jim Sterling. He thinks he is a journalist but he is just a fat virgin.

Keep voting Retardoid down and their approvals will be above 30 in no time. Lulz!
Nimblest-Assassin  +   1351d ago
Never cared for destructiod, just find a reviewer you trust and go by their opinion,or if you are a fan of resistance, you were probably going to get it any ways.... this guy did give deadly premonition a perfect score if you remember... also just ignore metacritic... seriously how is one review site justified to be aggregated, where as other's aren't? I don't see the point of freaking out over a score a reviewer you are not familiar with... just ignore it, and find a reviewer you rely on. I use gametrailers.

Also read some of the comments, damn fanboys are freaking out... but oddly enough not sony ones, but nintendo fanboys.I mean, its a tragedy that gamers laugh at the hard work of people who actually tried to make a game. Even AMY, as horrible a game it is, I still felt bad for the dev's thanks to the sheer mockery gamers gave them. I doubt the game is a 2, but its his opinion, and frankly I never cared for Jim Sterlings opinion, mr 4.5 on Ac2.

Never was a big fan of resistance also, but my friend wants to pick it up due to it being the first FPS with two analogs on a portable.

Personally the second game and third games I am getting for my vita are gravity rush and MGS collection, but thats just me
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Shikoro  +   1351d ago
Or people could just try out the demo. It costs you nothing and it will give you the answer to your "Should I buy it?" question...
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NAGNEWS  +   1350d ago
the website down they are looking for hits
thorstein  +   1347d ago
Exactly. Dtoid couldn't pay me to advertise on their crap site.
Jio  +   1351d ago
Two other reviews I saw gave this game a great score...who do I believe? The man who gave Gravity Rush the worst score, or PSM3?
Rampaged Death  +   1351d ago
I wouldn't even trust console exclusive magazines.
GuruStarr78  +   1351d ago
I don't really ever trust Sterling's reviews... He's usually a little too over-critical...
mistajeff  +   1351d ago
though he DID give killzone 3 a 10.

that said, i rarely agree with sterling's reviews, but i have a lot of respect for his opinion pieces. i'm still going to get this game, because i have the feeling that, like most of the games sterling reviews, i will respectfully disagree with his reception of the game.
jony_dols  +   1351d ago
He also looks a bit like the fat loser from the South Park episode 'Make Love, not Warcraft'. So I have an immediate dislike of him!
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thorstein  +   1347d ago
He is a fat, virgin troll. No surprise there.
trouble_bubble  +   1351d ago
Sterling also gave Assassins Creed 2 a 4.5/10.

Just throwing that out there as a barometer.

eg. "Speaking of absolute crap, I don't know what Ubisoft has done to the game's engine, but Jesus Christ is it bad. There's really no excuse for standards to be so low here. Assassin's Creed 2 is supposedly a triple-A game. It should have acted like one."
MattyG  +   1351d ago
Haha good find. This really gives some perspective. Wow Jimmy, you've got some weird opinions.
Jazz4108  +   1350d ago
Here is how it works. If its a ps3 exclusive and rated pooorly th reviewer is paid or looking fo hits. Same exact site gives another ps3 game a high score then the responses are sony is the best, best grpahics on any console. My point is learn to judge for yourself and use your head instead of your second head getting pumped for all things Sony.
trouble_bubble  +   1349d ago
So you're the lone disagree? Assassin's Creed 2 isn't a PS3 exclusive. Your conspiracy just died in a fire.
dafegamer  +   1351d ago
Dont trust Jim sterling
The Majority of sites gave Gravity Rush 9-10 reviews
check metacritic and make up your mind
colonel179  +   1351d ago
You just have to look at that fat-ass' face to know that he doesn't know what he's talking about. Surely he was that kid that everybody made fun of, and didn't get over it.

Everytime I see a review from Destructod written by him I know is a POS review. (Whether is a 0 or a 10).
remanutd55  +   1351d ago
hey jio i personally don't care for any magazine reviews, i do think the official playstation magazine is very harsh with ps3 exclusive sometimes but listen i'd rather trust my fellow psn friends than a game journalist, yeap its like that.
NastyLeftHook0  +   1351d ago
lol, nice try destructoid.
Rampaged Death  +   1351d ago
I've always thought this series was overrated but damn this game has to be bad to get a 2/10.
NastyLeftHook0  +   1351d ago
Rampaged Death

this game has to be good to get many 9/10 scores and 8/10 scores.
Nimblest-Assassin  +   1351d ago
well there are only 4 reviews... but im sure the game will be fine. I was never a fan of resistance, and I want to take a break from the FPS genre, but my friend has been excited as hell for this game... simply due to it being the first portable shooter with two analogs
360GamerFG  +   1351d ago
Where are these many 9's and 8's? I only see 3
SoundGamer  +   1351d ago
Only Jim Sterling's review (so far) has rated this game negatively.

So, is he honestly, objectively, reviewing this game and that's how he reached his conclusion? Or is he just being Jim and trolling?

I guess once the game releases, we'll hear the masses' opinion.
VictoriousB13  +   1351d ago
Jim doesn't troll with any of his reviews. He gives his honest opinion.
creamydingle  +   1351d ago
And how do you know that Vic?
user4847013   1351d ago | Spam
andibandit  +   1351d ago

Wish you'd take your own advice.
#5.1.3 (Edited 1351d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(2) | Report
VictoriousB13  +   1351d ago
Because I actually read the reviews Jim posts, not just the score at the end. And if you've read any of his other articles you'd know he's actually a very intelligent individual. Jim doesn't write reviews just to confirm your opinions, he writes them based on his own because he loves playing videogames.
xflo360  +   1351d ago
OR... You ARE jim!!!!!! Dun dun dun!
Solid_Snake37  +   1350d ago
hmmm you surely are defending him like you know him personally... OR... *gasp* You ARE jim!!!!! Dun dun dun!
VictoriousB13  +   1350d ago
Yikes, I need a distraction. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Conway Twitty.
psvita_JG  +   1351d ago
What!!! the 3 reviews i have read say that the game is great but this 1 says its really bad. i think i will go with the others at this stage.
NastyLeftHook0  +   1351d ago
good thinking.
xflo360  +   1351d ago
Well the demos out today so that will make my mind up.
JohnApocalypse  +   1351d ago
I wonder how many people have read his score before commenting on this post. It sounds like total piece of shit
MattyG  +   1351d ago
Still out of the other 3 reviews I've read, none have mention the issues he did. I'm not saying he's making the issues up, but maybe he's just making them a bigger deal that they are.
ronin4life  +   1351d ago
Unless the others avoided these issues on purpose.
Who else has reviewed this game?
SandWitch  +   1351d ago
Too late Destructoid, April fool's day was two months ago
MattyG  +   1351d ago
Sterling, why you gotta be so critical?! I'm waiting for a review from a different site because I generally feel like Destructoid is way too harsh. But still, I have a bad feeling about this one... not 2 out of 10 bad, maybe 6 out of 10 bad.
PirateThom  +   1351d ago
Will Destructoid also rate this Vita exclusive lowest out of all reviews?

We'll see.
ronin4life  +   1351d ago
He gave spirit camera, a 3ds exclusive, a 1.
Hicken  +   1351d ago
Did Spirit Camera get 8s and 9s?
yesmynameissumo  +   1351d ago
The day I base a purchase off a Destructoid review (let alone ANY review), is the day I stop gaming.
MastaMold  +   1351d ago
@ yesmynameissumo, well said I feel the same way
extermin8or  +   1351d ago
Hmm the other reviews are good, however his point on the graphics not being near as good in motion to the officially released screenshots is true and I noticed a fair while ago, also Nihilistics other games aren't great so i'm slightly concerned guess i'll see what IGN and gamespot give it :p
masa2009  +   1351d ago
2 reviews from pro outlets, several others from fan sites.
Pro outlets: 2/10 (let's say 4/10 when adjusted for Jim Sterling's troll factor) and a 59/100 from a European OPM edition.

Fan sites are much more appreciative, but even the Playstation Lifestyle review contains many criticisms despite the final score. And they're fan sites. Their average rating is high.

I smell a really mediocre Metascore, and the reoccurring criticisms about level design are a telltale sign.

I pity the fool who wants to believe this is a great game.
Cancel your POs and wait for Killzone or COD.
E3 is just around the corner. Sony must make waves with the Vita. There will be announcements. Wait for them. We just heard about Ghost Recon.
I know you're eager to tell the world that your Vita finally has a great shooter but this is not it.
#13 (Edited 1351d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(14) | Report | Reply
WooHooAlex  +   1351d ago
You pity the fool who believes its a great game, yet you haven't even played the game yourself and you're basing it off of a couple of reviews. Most of the reviews so far have been very positive.
#13.1 (Edited 1351d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
dubt72  +   1351d ago
Positive from ps fansites and family members, maybe
BranWheatKillah  +   1351d ago
Destructoid still exists? I thought this internet turd was done a long time ago.
KingSlayer   1351d ago | Trolling | show
dcortz2027  +   1351d ago
LOL Epic fail! Someone should ban Destructoid from the internet as they are taking up valuable space that they do not deserve!
cmpunk53  +   1351d ago
well this is still nihilistic after all.. i was excited when this game was announced but when i sae nihilistic thats it. why cant they give vita a solid game developer like sucker punch or ready at daw or naughty dog?
GraveLord  +   1351d ago
Read the review guys. It's not just a troll review. He actually explains what is wrong with the game, and why.

I wasn't excited for this game before, and now I just have no interest in it at all.

IMO Sony should just let the Resistance IP die. Give it a break before its totally ruined.
thehusbo  +   1351d ago
The same guy that gave gravity rush the lowest score on metacritic, Assasins creed 2 a 4.5 and then gave mw3 a 9.5? Ye ok destructoid. Ok.
dafegamer  +   1351d ago
Nothing to see here Folks its the same Guy who gave gravity rush 6.5/10 and kid Icarus 5/10. Sorry but just Ignore this Guy,its Jim Sterling the King of Trolls
cmpunk53  +   1351d ago
Then why the hell he is still writing review for that site? They should fire that guy already. He looks like comic-book-guy wannababe from the simpsons
dafegamer  +   1351d ago
Lol!!! You're right he just looks like Barney from Simpsons LMFAO
TKCMuzzer  +   1351d ago
Because it generates controversy, therefore generates hits, therefore generates revenue. It's as simple as that.
Bowzabub  +   1351d ago
I'm willing to bet this guy just sucks at the game. I wouldn't care too much for a game I was garbage at too. Also willing to bet that if you asked for the game's developers opinions about his skills it would probably fall in the 2/10 range. C(8<
GodHandDee  +   1351d ago
Sony forgot to send him cookies with the review copy
Colmshan1990  +   1351d ago
Jim Sterling gave Escape Plan 4.5, Resistance 2, and Gravity Rush 6.5.
All of those were the games lowest scores.
Maybe he just doesn't like the Vita?
smashcrashbash  +   1351d ago
I love how hard people fight for VITA games to be bad as if it is impossible for a VITA game to get a decent score. It is really pathetic how people almost seem over joyed to see something get a low score and how they cling to it. It makes it even more pathetic that if it were any game everyone was rooting for they would automatically ignore any bad reviews and sing praises of any good reviews and an 8 would be more then enough to run out and buy it.
tarbis  +   1351d ago
They really know how to get hits to their site. It must be gathering so much dust.
mrcapcom  +   1351d ago
i think the guy who dun this review is a joke i really did not know about this website. intill i saw it on n4g other reviews have been an 8 and a 9 i think i will wait for gamespot or ign to review it but i really doubt it will get a 2 from them seems like the website just wants hits to me
mafiahajeri  +   1351d ago
How abot you play the demo instead?
#26.1 (Edited 1351d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
arbitor365  +   1351d ago
its funny to read the comments on the review page from Jim's circle of sycophants

"im glad I didnt pick this up! thanks jim"

if you go by Jim Sterling's opinion when purchasing games, than you have missed out on A LOT of fantastic games, like Vanquish and gravity rush.

The man wouldnt know a good game unless it were listed on the menu at mcdonalds. Jim Sterling is a pretentious imbecile and so are each and every one of his fans.
GuruStarr78  +   1351d ago
Don't forget NIER and Mario Kart 7
ronin4life  +   1351d ago
They are better than the garbage here... willing to listen to people trying to swindle them with a short, unfinished game.

If you ignore the score and actually read the review, kid icarus, mk7 and gravity rush were actually seen in a very favorable light. This game wasn't in any way, as it had insurmountable problems and shortcomings and few if any redeeming qualities.

I don't always agree with Jim: kid icarus hd fine controls, mk 7 was just as fresh as CoDmw3 respectively, and gravity rush looks awesome. But he never said these games were bad: anything above a 5 is good, after all, on destructoid. It says so right at the bottom of the review.

Read the content of the review. He's not lying, because that would be pointless. The only people lying here are those deluding themselves into thinking this game will automatically be great because it is a Sony game.
Acquiescence  +   1351d ago
Did they not reach their last hits quota?
Desperate measures cause for lower marks to be dished out in order to gain more controversy. Such a joke site.
TheDivine  +   1351d ago
A 2/10 is reserved for a totally broken game. I cant even think of a game thats that broken to deserve that score. I was super hyped for this and couldnt wait to get it asap but im waiting/skipping it until its 15-20 because of the length. It still looks decent though. Maybe not as good as retribution or the ps3 resistances but sure as hell cant be worthy of that score, NO WAY.
DialgaMarine  +   1351d ago
Is it just me, or does this site have a bit of a nasty tendency to try and reel in hits from angered PS fans, once in a while. I mean, sure, they generally give good scores to PS3 exclusives, but once in a while they do something like this and the GR review.

Something tells me that this is another, "let's nitpick the Vita for not having HD console quality titles, Day 1" BS that alot of reviewers seem to be throwing at the Vita, at the moment. Oh well. I've got to try it for myself and see.

Plus, if I'm not mistaken, isn't this Jim guy the same jerk who tried to claim PS3 fanboys to be the worst, a few years back, and use some of the most BS and ass-backwards logic to justify it? Just saying.
user4847013   1351d ago | Spam
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