Classic E3 moments: Nintendo unveil N64 at E3 96

ONm writes: Howard Lincoln, then chairman of Nintendo of America, introduced N64 as the world's best videogames system at E3 96.

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Y_51502119d ago

Super Mario 64 with a "compelling story"? haha

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mushroomwig2119d ago

The console that defined my childhood.

LOL_WUT2119d ago

Best console ever actually it was the first console i ever bought on my own & i was still in elementary. My first game was Mortal Kombat 4 i'm a huge fan then i got mario 64, banjo and a few other ones.

3GenGames2119d ago (Edited 2119d ago )

Not the best console, but probably the best in number of amazing games.

Smash Bros.
Harvest Moon
Animal Crossing
Ocarina of Time
Perfect Dark
Pokemon Stadium
Pokemon Snap
Resident Evil 2

So many good games.

Shnazzyone2118d ago

Sorry but animal crossing didn't show up until gamecube. Don't forget the turok series, majora's mask, mario kart64, pilotwings, and shadowman.

3GenGames2118d ago

Animal Crossing was on N64 in Japan. Might not have been in the States, but it's on N64 still.

And yeah, Turok was good, Starfox too. I was jjust naming games going through my N64 collection, heh.

Disccordia2119d ago

He was listing his games, not the best games on the console I think

MacUser19862119d ago

One of my favorite consoles of all time!

Series_IIa2119d ago

I feel sorry for kids who woke up at Christmas and got a N64 instead of a PS1.

MacUser19862119d ago


While they are both amazing consoles the N64 had the better first party games not only in it's generation but in the history of gaming. Games that changed the industry like Super Mario 64, Banjo and Goldeneye.

EverydayGuy2118d ago

I like Playstation, but being able to play with 4 players was the best gaming experience I ever had. Playing Pokemon Stadium mini games to Goldeneye.

Y_51502118d ago

WHAT?! The Nintendo 64 was the best Christmas present that I have been ever to receive!

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