Should There Be A Max Payne 4?

Max Payne 3 has been out on consoles for a few weeks now, and will see its release on PC by the end of this week. The game's received somewhat of a mixed, but positive, reception. Praise is mostly structured on the game's style and narrative, with what complaints there are being centered around, again, the game's style and narrative. Differing, but mostly positive, opinions. But the question remains: Regardless of whether you just kind of liked Max Payne 3, or loved it, do you want to see a Max Payne 4?

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NYC_Gamer1973d ago

I wouldn't buy another Max Payne title unless it was developed by Remedy

Whitefeather1973d ago

I would buy another from Rockstar. Remendy from what I saw in Alan Wake aren't what they used to be.

DJLB21151973d ago

bro, did u play max payne 3? do you own the game? did you finish the campaign? did you play online? fuck that, did u hear the piano songs on the title screen? lol anything rockstar touches turns to gold lol i wonder what wouldve happened if kojima had went w them instead of platinum games for rising? hmmmm..... lol

anyways youre trippin if you dont likek max payne 3. nuff said -_-

NYC_Gamer1973d ago

I prefer the story telling of Remedy when it comes to Max Payne....

LOGICWINS1973d ago

"anyways youre trippin if you dont likek max payne 3. nuff said -_-"

Oh yes, he doesn't like what you like....CLEARLY theres something wrong with him /s

showtimefolks1973d ago

yes because max payne 3 is a very good game, i am sorry if you feel RS didn't do as good of a job but sales say otherwise. I think RS should wait for next gen consoles before doing MP4.

and this time how about not caring as much for MP and giving us a story which is 15-20hrs long.

morganfell1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

@ DJLB2115 (sorry showtime, meant to reply beneath him)

So sales equal quality? Really? Operation Racoon city had great sales. Next you will throw out the scores it received. Scores from sites with no set standards of review and no editorial policy to govern reviews.

Do you even know what reviews are these days? They are opinions, that is it. They are what some kid like or didn't like. Zero objectivity.

Reading the reviews it is clear some people (I can't bring myself to call them writers) were more enamored with Rockstar than the game itself. A game which had several boils and pustules but these were overlooked when the same sites marked down the scores of other titles for the same reason.

You may want to buy into these reviews whereas I prefer not to be the pawn of these reviewers. Max Payne was good but it wasn't game of the year material. Yet it received 9s, 9.5s, and even 10s from sites who said it deserved a 10. Not because it was perfect, but it deserved it. I'm sorry, WTH is a 10 for? What's perfect? A 12? A 15?

You have the attitude of these reviewers. People that are incapable of divesting themselves from their own preferences to look at a game with a modicum of objectivity.

InTheLab1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

You said that and got 17 disagrees, but I dare any of those that disagree to tell me that MP3 is better than MP1 or MP2.

Probably the same people that think GTA4 is anywhere near as good as GTA3, VC, or SA...

ThichQuangDuck1973d ago

Completely agree, Rockstar is great but need to focus on their own franchises first. GTA V loading....................... ............................... ............. but seriously return to the classic gameplay rather than the tone of IV

omi25p1973d ago

In my honest opinion Grand Theft Auto IV is easily the best Grand Theft Auto game out there.

Ive bought every GTA on release since the third. I still own them all and ive even downloaded gta San andreas onto My 360.

I also own all 3 Max Paynes, I own the collectors editions and in my opinion Max Payne 3 is the best of the 3.

Maybe not for story. But even Max Payne 2 didnt have as good of a story as the 1st.

ThichQuangDuck1971d ago


Grand Theft Auto San Andreas was personally my favorite because it was a interesting relatable story which had diverse missions and characters you actually cared about rather than being forced to go bowling with. L.A. noire had good facial animation was even with clue finding and talking a less interesting narrative because it was a open world with nothing to do but the story. Max Payne 3 was very impressive seeing the euphoria engine in bullet time and jumping but the gameplay towards the end of the story gets weak and the multiplayer will not last very long due to the way that unlocks are done. This is just how I see it and hope they learn from mistakes of this generation, red dead redemption being their best showing this gen in my opinion. You can't say that Remedy should not get another chance to continue their series just because everyone loves Rockstar.

reznik_zerosum1973d ago

I wouldn't buy another Max Payne title unless it was written by Sam Lake !

omi25p1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

Well you have missed out on possibly one of my top 5 favorite games of all time.

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LOGICWINS1973d ago

Loved Max Payne 3, but I wouldn't buy another one. I'm happy with the way it ended the franchise.

jc485731973d ago

huh? did it just end like that?

D3mons0ul1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

The end pretty much implied that this was the last game. Unless it takes place in the future and Max conceives a son with a Hooker on a fluke, total illegitimate kid who eventually gets involved in some bad shit where he has to fight his way out just like dear old dad lol

Something tells me Max doesn't give a shit anymore, will screw hookers and eventually just drift around until he dies or commits suicide.

Whitefeather1973d ago

I'l like more Max Payne style games from Rockstar but leave Max in retirement.

JellyJelly1973d ago

My thoughts too. I'd love another 3rd person shooter but it could be about someone else in other settings.

I'd love an open world knight game by Rockstar. Could be epic.

Adexus1973d ago

I'd love to see another but I would really like to see Max fully pushed to the edge in the next one.

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