Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Remake in San Andreas writes: "While news is a little slow (is that the understatement of the century?) we thought we'd show you this trailer remake that was created by a member on our forums"

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NYC_Gamer2004d ago

Wow,age has caught up with San Andreas...

TheModernKamikaze2004d ago

but the fun and gameplay is still there.

Zha1tan2004d ago

Still a far better game than GTA IV

and still is the best GTA so far.

house2004d ago

ah the good ol days of San Andreas

*plays today was a good day*

OmegaSaiyanX2004d ago

Imo was by far the best GTA of all time, GTA 2 was pretty decent too, I enjoyed GTA 4 and GTA 5 looks pretty mint :-)

koh2003d ago

Reeks of hipsterdom, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion...

attilayavuzer2003d ago

Some people really need lives...


Lol I was just about to say people sure do spend time on pointless crap.

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