Happy Memorial Day: Remembering the In-Game Soldiers Who Lost Their Life

Memorial Day is a day reserved to honor soldiers who have battled and lost their life in the line of duty. The day is an annual event in the United States to show admiration to these men and women of the military who have lost their life fighting for their country. While most of the nation barbeques, goes to the beach and celebrates the unofficial arrival of summer time most forget the true meaning of Memorial Day. We would like to draw attention to the true meaning of Memorial Day and to what most consider just an extra day off of work. Instead of preaching to our viewers about how they should honor the fallen soldier we decided to put together a list that our views could relate to in order to turn a few heads to the true meaning of this special day.

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TheSuperior 2158d ago

rest in piece guys! i am a fan of all these games and all these characters will be missed. Also thinking of all the militants that actually lost thier lifes brings a tear to my eye.

MrWonderful2158d ago

This article is so disrespectful. Im recently out of the Marine Corps and in no way shape or form do I find this garbage amusing. I have lost many friends in this pointless war. Why don't you pay respect to those who inspired these games that are based on actual conflicts. Pay remembrance to all of those who chose to bare arms to defend their country no matter where they are from. Semper fi

SCW19822158d ago

Yeah I agree. This is very inappropriate right now. Have some class people.

MrWonderful2158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

This is seriously pathetic. I get disagrees from a bunch of people that don't have the balls to join the military and don't seem seem to know the meaning of this holiday and more importantly that the thing called freedom that you have isn't [email protected] free because people paid the ultimate f$&king sacrifice by giving their lives to enable you to sit on your couch and play games. I'm not lashing out at everyone on this site just the ones that are ignorant a$$holes that take their daily life for granted.

FunAndGun2158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

sorry but our military is so disrespectful.

This war has nothing at all to do with defending our country. It is about greed and power, nothing more.

sorry you and your friends made the choice to be pawns and die in vain.

I would step up and defend our country, but this war on terror is nothing but smoke and mirrors and your life is being used to make people you will never meet wealthy and powerful.

...but Semper fi and all that. after all you are made to follow orders and not have a mind of your own.

btw, my bf served in Vietnam and a military is of course needed, but THIS war we are in right now has NOTHING to do with defending our freedom....AT ALL!!!!

Since the inception of this war we have actually LOST more freedoms then we have gained.


I don't watch FOX news, and you only know what your superiors tell you to know....or think you know. Don't be bitter because you got used.

CAPSLOCKFURY2158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

Actually, you got a disagree from me and I am a Marine. You're bitching about a gaming site talking about game characters and saying it's disrespectful. Yet you post borderline illegible posts in which you're trying to berate someone for not thinking exactly like you do.


Go fuck yourself, you clearly have no idea what actually goes on in the military, just what Fox News shows you.

@Above FunAndGun edit:

Your edit only proves my point even more, because you are totally clueless. For starters, the Marine Corps pushes you to educate yourself, and will even pay for college, not counting the G.I. Bill. Bases normally have classrooms for you to take in-room classes if you wish. There are programs that keep you in the military but put you into a university to go into OCS afterwards.

But you'd know all that if you actually knew anything about how the military worked. "Hurr durr, brainwashing."

MrWonderful2158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

Tell that to the families of 9/11. And yes I made the choice to serve so someone like you wouldn't have to. And by the way if you had read my post I called this war pointless on my opinion. All it's doing is creating more terrorist in the long run. And what the hell do you think you do everyday of your life. Someone is telling you what to do at your job. You don't know shit about the military but what you see from the outside.

@ capslockfury
I do find it disrespectful bro. You may disagree but I've been in the sh1t 5 times and I'm only 24. I've lost friends each trip over there including my tent mate on the last one. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

FunAndGun2158d ago (Edited 2158d ago ) agree it is pointless but you are out fighting for it!!!

HOLD THE F-ing phone!!!

That is my whole point. you are too brainwashed into believing what you are doing is good, when you are just being used.

AND you bring up 9/11 the very reason this war started. So, did Iraq invade us? I thought it was 19 extremists from a fringe group that used box cutters to destroy our nation from within?

first it was 9/11
then it was Sadam
then it was WMD's
then it was democracy for the people.

Just like the war on drugs, this war on terror is not meant to end. We don't even have a clear opponent. You mean our GREAT military superpower can't end a war against a group that doesn't have tanks, jets, or really any kind of anything except guerrilla warfare tactics?

There are a lot of 9/11 families that believe the attack was in inside job as well. Do you know there wouldn't have even been an investigation of 9/11 if is wasn't for a group of wifes that lost their husbands. A plane crashes any other time and they practically rebuild the whole crashed plane to see what happened. 9/11 wasn't even investigated until there was a DEMAND from the people and all the evidence was sent to China immediately as scrap metal.

I don't hate our military, I have pity for them because they want to do the right thing, but their hearts have been manipulated by our government.

This war is meant to be sustained not won.

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MrWonderful2158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

Seriously funandgun let me break this down for you barney style. If you owned your home and some property and someone broke in or killed you livestock or whatever you would then put measures into place to keep that from happening again. Its that simple.And if you think the government isnt manipulating your everyday life your my friend are mistaking. How about this. In your fantasy world we shouldnt be there, but that would change if one of them showed up at your door and caused harm to you. I had a job to do that was far harder than anything you have ever done and the ones still serving are doing the same thing. Keeping your ass safe at home no matter what the cost. You obviously do watch a lot of Fox News because you are blind to the facts of the war. I guess when Iran nukes us youll be saying we shouldnt go to war with them. You my friend better open your eyes because the threats are growing and China is knocking at our back door.

Hufandpuf2157d ago

"barney style" LMAO

srsly though, MrWonderful and CAPSLOCKFURY thank you for your service to our country. Real war is not a game and lives cannot be given back. Losing someone you know and realizing you'll never see or speak to them again is a feeling I don't wish anyone to experience prematurely. My grandfather was African-American and served as a pilot in WW2, I can only imagine what he went through.

I play a LOT of FPS games, but I would be terrified to serve in the frontlines of war.

Thank you for doing what most of us would be scared to do, keeping your composure in the thick of battle, you guys have my utmost respect.

FunAndGun2157d ago

so when someone kills my livestock I should go to whatever region that person is from and declare a war, killing innocents and not having a clear definition of victory because that will prevent it from happening again?

There are MANY other options for security that don't involve a 10+ year war on the idea of terrorism. Are our boarders any more secure then they were 10 years ago? Are our ports any more secure then they were 10 years ago? The answer is NO. We are no safer today then we were 10 years ago. As you said, this war only creates more terrorists and people that hate us as a country.

again, I'm sorry for your loss, but it is your choice in life to be a pawn and played for a fool; I feel pity for you. I would say to open your eyes, but they are sowed shut from years of serving your masters. maybe you will cut that thread when you realize that terror will never end and you can't fight an idea.

Sorry you don't have the courage, the bravery, or the balls to stand up and say no to a meaningless war. It takes more guts to do that then it does to follow an order, essentially wiping your hands of any responsibility. 'just following orders'

When the war comes home, I will stand by your side, but there is no invasion here or means of invasion from middle eastern countries. 19 hijackers does not make a war, sorry, we made the war.

Gunandbomb2152d ago

Thank you for serving our country and I support your comment I do too find it disrespectful having my uncle in the army as well fun and gun is just a stupid bastard who can't get his head out of video games and believes all the conspiracies
Thanks again for your commitment and service to our country we call home

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specialguest2158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

Calls out the nation for forgetting the true meaning of Memorial Day, yet honors make belief video game characters. That's pretty twisted in a messed up way.

Andromalius2158d ago

The scary thing is that the author seems to take himself seriously.


how is this article offensive? the author is just stating to remember the reason we take this day off to enjoy it with our friends and families.


rip nathen hale from resistance

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