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Infinity Ward Making 'Exciting Unannounced Title For Next Generation Consoles'

NowGamer: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 could be heading to PS4 and Xbox 720. (Activision Blizzard Inc., Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4, Infinity Ward, Next-Gen, PC, PS3, Tech, Xbox 360)

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iamnsuperman  +   1186d ago
Well I assume they had that ad because it is logical to assume a new generation is coming soon especially when the Wii U is about to release.
GamingPerson  +   1186d ago
New Cod..
Solid_Snake37  +   1186d ago
What is it now? Cod 10 or 11? Ive lost count.
EeJLP-  +   1186d ago | Funny
Non-announcement announcement; once again the hottest gaming news on N4G...

Breaking news:
Microsoft Making 'Exciting Unannounced Title For Next Generation Consoles'

Sony Making 'Exciting Unannounced Title For Next Generation Consoles'

Nintendo Making 'Exciting Unannounced Title For Next Generation Consoles'

EA Making 'Exciting Unannounced Title For Next Generation Consoles'

Activision Making 'Exciting Unannounced Title For Next Generation Consoles'

Valve Making 'Exciting Unannounced Title For Next Generation Consoles'

Bethesda Making 'Exciting Unannounced Title For Next Generation Consoles'

Bioware Making 'Exciting Unannounced Title For Next Generation Consoles'

Rockstar Making 'Exciting Unannounced Title For Next Generation Consoles'

Naughty Dog Making 'Exciting Unannounced Title For Next Generation Consoles'

Insomniac Games Making 'Exciting Unannounced Title For Next Generation Consoles'


Preview of tomorrow's hottest news:
"Game developer creates a website with a countdown that ends next Tuesday"
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TheBrownBandito  +   1186d ago

You properly kicked the arse out of that gag.

Don't give up the day job.
EeJLP-  +   1186d ago
What gag? That sounded like a joke to you? I just pointed out how retarded these articles are and how they always seem to make it to the front page while offering no information whatsoever or the most obvious speculation.

Game developers are starting to make or preparing to make games for the next generation of consoles that we all know are coming soon?

The only thing somewhat interesting about this article is the reminder of the likely name of the next game compared to the original in this branch of the series:

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
EeJLP-  +   1186d ago
A bunch of kids will get the 2007 original for Xmas 2013/2014.

Like the articles about some people getting this:
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Hisiru  +   1186d ago
I am here to remember you guys that WiiU is also a next gen system.

Pushagree  +   1186d ago
ps4 and Xbox 3 CONFIRMED for e3.
BattleAxe  +   1186d ago

"Well I assume they had that ad because it is logical to assume a new generation is coming soon especially when the Wii U is about to release."

And thats if you consider the WiiU to be "next gen".
da_2pacalypse  +   1186d ago
Infinity Ward? Can you even call that studio IW after their two founders and over 40 staff left? lol what a joke.
bobtheimpaler  +   1186d ago

Don't forget some top 10 list articles. They're just as pointless and frequent.
Hisiru  +   1186d ago
Only ignorants will say the WiiU isn't next gen because we don't even know the true specs yet.
DeadlyFire  +   1185d ago
OMG you guys its Call of Duty 5: Modern Warfare!!
Disccordia  +   1186d ago
Who cares what it is at this point.lets look more closely at this. We know this game is likely to hit November 2013 - so does this pretty much confirm we will get new consoles by then?

Infinity Ward have never really bothered with the Wii so I'm assuming they don't mean the WiiU.
thehitman  +   1186d ago
Well 2013 or 2014 im HOPING they are actually taking time to give us a new real engine which could take some real development time then the rehash we been getting since 2006.
yabhero  +   1186d ago
COD ALSO comes out on Wii... And you can say Activison won't make a WiiU version ( mind you there is a MW3, Black Ops and MW2 on Wii). Because WiiU has already been reported to be more powerful than PS3 and 360 and has a decent online network and easy to code for...
MastaMold  +   1186d ago

Sent from my PS Vita
hennessey86  +   1186d ago
doesn't no how to respond
-sent from laptop-
dark-hollow  +   1186d ago
Use punctuations.

-sent from my commodore 64.
alien626  +   1186d ago

-Sent from the future-
StayStatic  +   1186d ago

Sent from my E-CarrierPigeon
RedDead  +   1186d ago
Another Cod again. With Actual graphical upgrades this time(the only improvement)

-sent from Xbo...oh..no no that isn't right
morganfell  +   1186d ago
It is apparent you can neither form complete sentences nor comprehend that the word punctuation is singular or plural based upon the context.

This note was sent from grammar school.
ATi_Elite  +   1186d ago
Activision's Big announcement
Activision will charge you by the Hour to play COD Modern Black Ops Warfare 19.4 version 2.0 MP Next Gen!

Sent from my Apple iESP Device!!

(Can't wait to buy next years iESP Device which will have a feature to allow me to send my thoughts to others and not just loop around in my head like this years device)

*New fangled super cable not included of course*
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Hufandpuf  +   1186d ago
I've never seen a bigger thread of fail comments in my life.
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swat_teem  +   1186d ago
is this a line of fail comments?

Sent from my PS2
showtimefolks  +   1186d ago
a new cod game yeh very exciting, i am hoping the activision looses its case and their ex employees get hold of MW IP that would be the day


activision is evill but they are this pathetic i can't believe that and jury will see the fact how these guys kept them afloat and made them billions yes with a capital B
Unlimax  +   1186d ago
Haah .. like i care !

Basically it's Call of Duty "5" .. not 10 !

The new milking Generation BEGIN .. and so on .
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MrMister  +   1186d ago
Wii-U is not real next-gen.
yabhero  +   1186d ago
And you know this cause you work on the WiiU?
Keys ask people who actually work on WiiU...

THQ: “WiiU is just alot more powerful than current HD consoles it does 1080p very easy.”

Epic: “It will do things current HD consoles simply cant do its going to be a powerful box.”

Crytek: “WiiU devkits are very powerful,the specs are very good”

Vigil Games: “We had the game at the same level as high end pc version in a matter of days and a few lines of code got the game up and running on tablet in 5 mins.”

EA: "Wii U is not a transitional platform, it is a true next generation system."
swat_teem  +   1186d ago
lol yabhero just owned you :P
DeadlyFire  +   1185d ago
Wii-U is Next-generation Wii. So technically it is next-gen. Although it might not be as powerful as PS4/XB3. There is no doubt it can do HD graphics and run games like Crysis with little optimization.
TheBrownBandito  +   1186d ago

"What gag?"

My point entirely. You repeated yourself eleven times then robbed me of a punch line.
chriski333  +   1186d ago
yea right im sure they are hahaha give it up
ksense  +   1186d ago
i wonder what it could be!
cone   1185d ago | Spam
NYC_Gamer  +   1186d ago
Call of Duty
glennco  +   1186d ago
Call of Honor
andibandit  +   1185d ago
Duty of Call
Adexus  +   1186d ago
BlmThug  +   1186d ago
Le Sigh :P
Jumper09  +   1186d ago
probably another cod... But this time with a new engine maybe??
skyward  +   1186d ago
It'd have to have a new engine, surely? Big disappointment if not.
Wintersun616  +   1186d ago
Keep dreaming buddy. Not as long as they're in Activision's leash.
GraveLord  +   1186d ago
If its a next-gen COD, then of course it will use a new engine. Keep hoping its not. I know it makes you hard to hate on popular stuff.
Wintersun616  +   1186d ago
I was criticizing Activisions habit of taking a successful franchise and milking it with yearly re-releases and minimal progression compared to most other franchises. Remember Tony Hawk & Guitar Hero? I only wish for the control to be back in IWs hands.

Your parents must have forgot to add points to your reading comprehension skill. :/
Yangus  +   1186d ago
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 could be heading to PS4 and Xbox 720.

Jumper09  +   1186d ago
but with the same fugly engine and gameplay lol
sycnation  +   1186d ago
i think i speak for the collective "adult" hardcore gamers wen i say who GAF
Darth Gamer  +   1186d ago
here, I'll announce it. WAIT FOR IT....... Call of Duty!!!
FlashXIII  +   1186d ago
Well seeing as they'd be releasing their next COD game next year, I can only assume that means the next gen systems will be out next year.
OmegaSaiyanX  +   1186d ago
Here's an idea
How about when doing quick scope you get a penalty thus number of quick scopers are sure to stop?

Also COD isn't challenging at all and its done to death, COD 4 is still the best one in the series for single player and online imo and look at how badly its been hacked. Prime example of how Activision doesnt care as long as the new one is out.
InTheLab  +   1186d ago
I know dude. Nothing but quick scopers and rapid fire bums in CoD4. And they pretty much let the game die a few months after release thanks to only releasing a single map pack.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1186d ago
MW4. Even with Next Gen Tech, Infinity Ward will never get cod right. I can see no upgrades to the engine beyond the help with the new tech, so Infinity Ward can get lazier with its fanbase.
artdafoo  +   1186d ago
"Come work with the game industry's brightest " why is Infinity Ward placing wanted ads for DICE ?
momthemeatloaf  +   1186d ago
I'm skipping the next cod since this gen is dead. Plus black oops 2 will be bad anyways
InTheLab  +   1186d ago
Let me guess...CoD10?
MattyG  +   1186d ago
Call of Duty MW4: Space Warfare: Because modern warfare just isn't modern enough. Running on a modified IW engine 3.0
spektical  +   1186d ago
call of duty : Futuristic Warfare
WooHooAlex  +   1186d ago
Call of Duty 5: Future Warfare
jay2  +   1186d ago
Yey, oh wait it's poo COD :( zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
KiLLeRCLaM  +   1186d ago
Call of Duty 4 : DIA (dick in ass)
Les-Grossman  +   1186d ago
Call Of Duty: Dance
For Kinect
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SuperDopetastic  +   1186d ago
COD with slightly improved textures,ha
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cone   1185d ago | Spam
Nutsack  +   1186d ago
I know they're making...


As the current COD since they all run on the COD4 engine run Sub HD Ready even.

Respawn will pwn anything Infinity Ward will produce for next gen.
ninjagoat  +   1186d ago
Don't think its hard to guess what they will be making lol :D
Brownghost  +   1186d ago
I know I know, another non needed shooter
0neShot  +   1186d ago
Yeah, they really need a new software network engineer to replace the dumb fcks who designed MW3. Lag compensation, anyone?
Dazel  +   1186d ago
How the hell is a new CoD either unexpected or exciting????
SuperDopetastic  +   1186d ago
maybe the game will be exciting? that would be unexpected,right?
ilikeyou  +   1186d ago
let me guess...uh its a shooter...
bobshi  +   1186d ago
I'm pretty sure that they said during MW3's promo that it is a trilogy and there won't be a fourth.
cone   1185d ago | Spam
Hufandpuf  +   1186d ago
I'll wait for Respawn's game, thank you.
Noctis Aftermath  +   1186d ago
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