Why I Don't Own a Wii, 360, or 3DS

"I'm an international man of mystery and intrigue, walking around ever bound to my multiple nationalities, multiple currencies, and multiple hoes from as many different area codes. I've got a great interest in games from both the East and the West, regardless of whose boundaries I might inhabit at the time. When I see a game I want, I'll buy that sucker, often in its original language, especially if translation into another will take a long time or just seems unlikely. That said, region freedom is a huge factor for me when buying a new system." -GR's Most Interesting Gamer in the World

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Hellsvacancy2186d ago

"I'm an international man of mystery and intrigue" no your not

It sounds like you dont have the time to game being on the road so much, i dont know or care what it is you do for a job but it sounds like its priority number 1, gamin should be the least of your worries, id love to be out and about, i mean travel around the world etc

I game when im bored and im out of options (its too late at night to go play Golf for example), id trade it all in though to be a "international man of mystery and intrigue"


user48470132186d ago

To be able to play 90% of gaming, you just should get a PS3. Most and best games, every multiplatform games and so many exclusives.

The truth will set you free.

KeiserSosay47882186d ago

90% of gaming? REALLY...
Are you what N4G has become? The fact that you still have bubbles with a name like that is testimony to what unfortunately is deemed appropriate for a GAMING site. What's even more troubling is your last sentence. So much irony it isn't even funny.

Halochampian2186d ago

The fact that you couldnt play 90% of the best games of the past year by just owning a PS3 proves you wrong.

The only way I can be completely be satisfied with gaming is to have all platforms if I can.

2186d ago
Snookies122186d ago

@Halochapian - What are you saying? What best games came out this year that the PS3 doesn't have? The fact of the matter is that the PS3 has the best selection of both exclusive and multi-platform games. If you try and deny that you're a moron. ALTHOUGH, that doesn't mean it's the ONLY system with games.

The Xbox has a few exclusives that justify a purchase of the system, though it's in last place for me now. The Wii passed it by when it got Xenoblade and Last Story, two apparently amazing games which make me regret losing my Wii. The PC has Steam, yeah that's about all I need to say for its case lol.

Though the PS3 is not 90% of gaming by a longshot. There are a great many wonderful games on Xbox, Wii, and PC that you'd be missing out on if you only stick with PS3.

dark-hollow2186d ago

90% of games are on ps3?

Where is Diablo III? the Witcher 2? Xenoblade? Skyward sword? Halo 4? Planetside2?

Don't get me wrong, the ps3 is a really great console, but you are really missing out a lot of great games if you only game on it.

deletingthis346753342186d ago

And I can play 100% of gaming by owning all three consoles. 100% is better than 90%. Seriously, so sick of this fanboy s***.

ginsunuva2186d ago

Ps3 + PC = 99.99% of worthwhile games.

Halochampian2186d ago

Gotta love all the delusional people that believe that PS3 is "God"

Like someone else said... Diablo 3 is a big one to come to mind. And dont forget a lot of the arcade that you would be missing out on the 360 along with the Halo series, Forza, Gears of War.

The amount of great games is pretty close when you really want to compare.

Sure there may be more on the PS3 but I think quality wise, they are all pretty close.


If you had said something like 50% of exclusives worth playing... OK, your opinion. But 90% of ALL gaming? Seriously, what have you been smoking? If we go for ALL GAMES, I'm sure web based flash games would beat everything else.

And why count multiplatforms? They should be the same all around, the differences are rarely worth the trouble to get another platform hardware to play. I don't think we even need to discuss that...

Personally I only have a PS3 because that's what suite me the most, it has the ammount of games and the quality ones to not need another platform in my book. I don't have the time or the money to play everything out there, and seriously, who does? But that's just me, people may choose whatever fits 'em best, don't necessarily need multiple consoles and still be happy with whatever they got.

crxss2185d ago

i have the ps3, 360, and wii....................... i effing hate exclusives....... but love them...

Toadmaster892185d ago

Wow, really, like really? Really. That last sentence, you just killed it man. You're really really funny! Keep it up! Man, you should be a freaking stand-up comedian for being that hilarious. My sides!

kreate2185d ago


idk if ur being sarcastic or what not...

but here goes n4g users again getting all offended over a small comment.

just dont say anything man... ppl are too serious here

TheLastGuardian2185d ago

I play my PS3 all the time and it has more than enough great games for me. I don't really care if I'm missing out on Nintendo, Xbox and PC exclusives. PS3 has the best selection of exclusives and multiplats. Why buy more systems when I can just buy more games for my PS3?

MaxXAttaxX2185d ago

It's a very subjective matter.

If you don't have any interest in other systems exclusives, then whatever system you choose IS 100% to you.

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jamesensor2186d ago

Lucky guy if he can read both english and japanese. It's useful for games.

ThePsychoGamer2186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

I gotta say I agree with a lot of what this guy said. It's time that companies stop region locking there consoles.

Titanz2186d ago

Whatever floats ur boat?

C0MPUT3R2186d ago

He is talking about only owning systems that are region free.

humbleopinion2185d ago

And is he aware that about 90% of the Xbox games are in fact region free?

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