Cutscenes and Loading Screens: How They Can Make or Break a Game

Cutscenes. Loading screens. Every game has them. But are they created equal?'s Caleb Sawyer sounds off on what makes them good or bad.

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Cajun Chicken2029d ago

The worst kind of loading screen I've ever had the misfortune of experiencing is Duke Nukem Forever. No matter what system you play it on, when you die, the load screen seems to take forever to reload a checkpoint. In comparison to other modern shooters such as Halo, CoD and Resistance, DNF really takes the biscuit to reload.
Skyrim, THAT I can cope with, it's a huge open world with hub areas, Duke isn't.

roadkillers2029d ago (Edited 2029d ago )

Before even reading this I'm assuming it was created because of Max Payne 3.

Edit: Max Payne was one of the three games listed and I think he let it off the hook too easy. They have three arcade modes: Score Attack, New York Minute, and New York Minute Hardcore. Through these modes there are still a lot of the games cutscenes, which isn't bad. What's bad is that the game forces you to watch them because it's still loading and for the most part last a couple minutes just to play a short section of the game. In the story mode this isn't a problem, but when you play for high score, sometimes numerous times, it becomes tedious and dampens the experience.

On a lighter side Max Payne's story is great. Rockstar did a great job portraying the characters.

Fishy Fingers2029d ago (Edited 2029d ago )

MGS4 'intermissions', the bits in the plane. Probably one of the most annoying experiences I've sat through in the name of gaming.

One of the finest games I've played, but those long, tired and frankly brain numbing scenes should of been shorter or cut or something.

In general though, I love cutscenes, especially back in the day when the visuals would really impressed, just add a skip button for me second play through, I'm happy.

Solid_Snake372029d ago

I don't agree, I loved the intermission scenes I don't know why. Yeah sure they are long but somehow I enjoyed them

Xenial2029d ago

I loved the MGS4 intermissions on the plane. You could even use the robot to find items throughout the plane to use on the battlefield. Not to mention the Easter eggs. :D

The Meerkat2029d ago

Cutscenes in Japanese developed games have put me off buying them. I'm sure they work in Japan but when they are translated into English they just make me want to smash my controller. Its better to skip them and make up the story in your head.(it would probably make more sense than the actual story)