Close look at Diablo 3 secret level Whimsyshire Pony level

Blog 4 Diablo 3 takes a closer look at the Diablo 3 secret level Whimsyshire Pony level. Diablo 3 is not really thought of as a colorful or bright game but this is not the same for the hidden Diablo 3 level. It features rainbows bright colors and even ponies.

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Vinc3602190d ago

Just knowing that this level even exists make me want to play Diablo III even more.

michellerobinson2190d ago

Very good info,just try it. I don't know about that, thanks blinkingfast for inform it..

tarbis2190d ago

Now, if only Blizzard would do something about their servers. I'll be able to find the items and get to this colorful level.