100 Stereoscopic 3D PS3 Games Now Available

The release of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier and Super Hang-On, a Sega classic game now available on PSN, brings the total number of stereoscopic 3D games available for the PS3 to 100, a target that has taken almost 2 years to acheive.

There are 3D games in almost every genre, with the majority 3D console exclusive to the PS3. So how does the Xbox 360 compare?

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Akuma-2006d ago

amazing feat which the biased media and fanboys downplay because their system of choice cant do it

Software_Lover2006d ago

LOLOLOLOLOL................... ......lololol

ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!! uninformed fanb.. people amaze me.

Pushagree2006d ago

It's a big gimmick that damages your eyes and cost the ps3 loads of ram that could have been used for decent firmware updates.

And yes, I do down a ps3 and that's all I have.

3dtested2006d ago

It doesn't work for some people (around 15% of people repotedly do not have good stereoscopic vision or suffer extreme nausea).

Passive 3D is easier to watch than active but passive on 3DTV's and single projector setups is half resolution.

RAM does not come into the firmware update equation. Sure, additional RAM is required for the larger framebuffer but this is easily workable as evident in the library of games.

MySwordIsHeavenly2006d ago

I have passive on my tv and my friend has active on his. It's identical.

kneon2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )


It's not identical, passive 3D only has half the vertical or horizontal resolution, so unless you're running a 4k TV you can't get full 1080p in 3D on a passive 3D TV.

For most games the difference is small as most don't run at 1080p but for bluray movies it's a significant difference.

DA_SHREDDER2006d ago

Most of the 3D that's out is crap. The demos showing 3D in the stores is awesome, I bought the same tv they were using on display. An LG 56000 LED 120 hrz. I watch 3D shows on directv and its pretty good, but the only game so far that does 3D decent, is future soldier, and even then its only when you're cloaked and it's only in single player mode.

I at least feel like its not my tv's fault, it's just the limited hardware doesn't allow it. Hopefully everything is fixed next gen.

Redempteur2006d ago

What ? no!!

Wipeout HD does 3d perfectly and that was one of the early titles

Larry L2006d ago

3-D is great for racing games. The two compliment each other perfectly. Gran Turismo 5 and Motorstorm are incredible in 3-D. And I'm only playing them on the small PlayStation 3-D display. It could only be better the bigger the TV.

I play Killzone in 3-D too. And I think 3-D works well with FPSs. But in terms of shooters I think 3-D works better with "rail shooters" like House of the Dead.

As of right now, those are the only game types I like with 3-D. A genre I'd like to see really good 3-D implemented in, just to see if it works or not is the isometric ARPG games like diablo. It may be pretty cool if done right with all the character/creature models and spell effects popping up off the map surface.

kikizoo2006d ago

Stop spreading craps and lies fanboytrollz, uncharted 3, killzone 3 and many others have great 3D...

da shredder wrote (+ many other stupid things) : "Even ps3 exclusives like GOW, KZ3, and Motorstorm have slower frame rates. I didn't realize how bad things got this gen, till I seen it with my own eyes. #2"

lol...please, don't pretend you have a ps3

Finalfantasykid2006d ago

Super Stardust HD, and Ico/SOTC say otherwise.

Series_IIa2006d ago

Where as PC has over 400...

BrianG2006d ago

Because of course it's a competition..... /s

Pandamobile2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

Pretty sure it's around 600+ now. Just about every game released in the last 6 years has the option to play in 3D, even if the game itself doesn't support it.

3dtested2006d ago

@DA_SHREDDER: There are many good 3D games on the PS3. Take a look at the list on the article site and try some of the higher rating games.

@Series_IIa: PC has over 500, but that's not the point of the news article. Some people prefer console gaming, not everyone has a 3D setup for their PC and not every 3D game is available on PC. There has to be a balance. If you're a PC guy then that's fine, no need to put down everyone else.

tweet752006d ago

and what percentage of ps3 owners have 3d displays or tvs?

3dtested2006d ago

This study summarises the current trend:

Currently there are around 35 million people with 3DTV's worldwide but of course that's only a small percentage of total TV's. In the US, on current numbers, the penetration is around 4-5%. Amongst PS3 owners this would be expected to be higher.

It's not a huge user base but the majority of those that have tried 3D gaming are positive about the experience. 3D gaming gets a rap mostly from people that haven't tried it and simply call it a gimmick.

Software_Lover2006d ago

I have it, its a gimmick. Black ops is crap in 3d. Halo Anniversary is better than black ops, but is still crap. The only games that deserve to be made into 3d games are the old school shooters.


The best 3d game that I have played is a take on that old school shooting style called 3D INFINITY.

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