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An Overview of the birth and growth of the iconic PlayStation controller. (PS3, Tag Invalid)

xer0  +   1073d ago
Why do people still insist on using that concept controller, when posting articles?

It's been well over 6 years...
jenxy_  +   1073d ago
Because its still awesome, even all this time later..
Omar91  +   1073d ago
it looks dumb in my opinion, although I would have loved to try it
bahabeast  +   1073d ago
they should release anniversary ps3 with the boomerang controller in it and i bet they would make tons of sales.
DJLB2115  +   1072d ago
@ bahabeast

agreed i would buy the controller
mixelon  +   1073d ago
I've never been able to see that photo without hearing the old Danny Elfman / Batman theme in my head. Haha.

I'd have loved to try it too.
ApolloAdams  +   1073d ago
Looks bad and probably played very weird. Just slightly modify the dualshock and your good Sony.
r21  +   1073d ago
did anyone read the article??? its in (i think) spanish! i though translated and english articles was only approved? da hell?
Dan50  +   1073d ago
Damn its in Spanish.
DJLB2115  +   1072d ago
i was wondering if anyone else actually clicked on the article to notice it was in spanish lol. im glad some people did

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