Four Video Game Features That Exist Just To Creep People Out

GP: "Technology has advanced leaps and bounds in recent years. We've got affordable HDTVs, memory cards that can hold upwards of 32 gigabytes, and of course, the modern video game. Gone are the days when a guard following your footprints would blow your mind so hard that you would forget that you're supposed to be hiding from him and end up getting caught.

But that isn't a bad thing. It just means more games are making use of awesome bits of technology to immerse you into your game just a little bit more than it would have. But some of these things... they're just weird. They aren't thrown in to make the game more immersive at all! They're just kind of there creeping you out. Read on to understand what I mean."

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Lord_Sloth2124d ago

They'll have sweaty boob rash.

Snookies122124d ago

LOL! I'd look at that all day long before seeing the guy's sweaty crotch rash...

guitarse2124d ago

Haha, I loved the FF one, I had noticed the head thing, but not the eyes, thankfully lol.

FinaLXiii2124d ago

I remember when playing FFIX all the NPC´s were looking at you xD

tarbis2124d ago

I can't wait for DOA 5. It's bee na long time since I played a DOA game. Never noticed the eyes in FFXIII.