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"Building upon a popular franchise, Max Payne 3 redefined shooters as a whole. A surprising new addition to Max Payne which took the game above and beyond what we had already thought was a superb play, the multiplayer experience, now incorporated into the third installment of the franchise is in your best interest to at least try out. Read on to find out why!"

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alien6262121d ago

i been playing the multiplayer and i love it so far. idk why it score so low...maybe the reviewer sucks..

morganfell2121d ago

Now sites are breaking up reviews into different parts? The Single Player gets a 10 and the same site gives the MP a 4? So the game is a 7?

badz1492121d ago

if the game is 50% SP and 50% MP, then 7 might be right. but for games like Max Payne and Dead Space 2 where the SP is long and MP is tacked on, 8.5 sounds about right!

NegativeCreep4272121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

That is the exact same treatment that I have witnessed towards Starhawk.

With some reviewers it seems that Starhawk has a great multiplayer component, but a good or passable SP campaign, therefore it falls below a 9 and gets 7-8.5.

It is a bit misleading for some gamers. Much like Starhawk, I think gamers should experience Max Payne 3 individually and determine for themselves what makes the game playable and significant.

xPhearR3dx2121d ago


I wouldn't say the MP in MP3 is tacked on. It actually has a lot of depth and strategy to it with all the different burst, items and attachments.

TheGameFoxJTV2121d ago

Just because someone's opinion differs from your own personal opinion does not mean the Reviewer sucks. Also, you do realize a review is a person's personal opinion on something right? So the only way for a review to suck, is if it's poorly written.

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ReservoirDog3162121d ago

I was just playing this yesterday and I actually liked it so far.

No multiplayer game ever let you jump off stairs in slow motion, press the 180 degree button and shoot someone running up the stairs.

the worst2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

i agree 1000%
wait!!! i think 4/10 is to high
2/10 is just fine

and who ever gives the single player 10/10
needs to play something else

InTheLab2121d ago

I swear...if Remedy made the exact same game, it would get a bunch of 7s or lower. The controls are god awful and Max moves around like he's 60 instead of a drunken drugged out 40. Add that to not giving PS3 players the ability to map out the shooter controls to standard PS style with R1 for shooting...

There's also a bunch of QTEs and pass or fail moments that make the game feel like it's a decade old.

I've never seen a game with such poor controls given praise.

Let's hope Remedy is allowed to do Max Payne 4. Alan wake is a much better game.

Pintheshadows2121d ago

"Add that to not giving PS3 players the ability to map out the shooter controls to standard PS style with R1 for shooting..."

Either you haven't played it (likely) or you're so dimwitted you can't understand the word 'options'. And there aren't any QTEs at all.

InTheLab2121d ago

I actually do own it and have played it. There's no way to map the controls to your liking. They just give you a list of configurations and all of them are set up for Xbox controls.

And why must we always be assholes on this site. Attack something you love so instead of attacking an opinion, we attack the person giving the opinion. I swear you never run into these assholes at gaming conventions but man I wish I did...

Quick time does not always mean mash a specific button to progress. The part where you're in the hele protecting one of the club skanks by shooting the rifle is in fact a QTE.

nolifeking2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

Not knowing how to do something and not having the option are 2 different things. Try checking in the options again then slap yourself when you figure it out.

No, the heli scene is not a qte, it's a setpiece/on-rails segment.

chilopirrin2121d ago

4.0?? ok ok, it is noy COD, or BF3, but it is just diferent, and actually better than a lot mp out there, like uncharted 2 and 3, o even gears of war 3, is fun, fast, satisfaying, and let´s you progress, gears of war never give you perks, weapons, and stuff that make you stronger, so... a 4.0? that is a mediocre review, just ignore it, and play the game, tha single a mp portion make this a really good game that deserves more than 9 all the aspects.

Pintheshadows2121d ago

I respectfully disagree.

Of course, there is a chance this was written after a rage quit.

Valenka2121d ago

I was thinking the same, good sir.

Pintheshadows2121d ago

He could be the guy I killed 16 times the other day. I've never been sworn at and called a cheater so much in my life.

yeahokchief2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

My advice to those who are rage quitting is to upgrade a weapon with maximum range via attachments. Even if you have to sacrifice some Damage attribute. You will be able to kill players from further away than they can shoot you and your K/D will improve. Although this won't help you with completing some of the objectives.

If you do need to switch, have a 2nd loadout with dual handguns to mix it up since you can swap loadouts mid game by hitting pause and changing it for the next time you die.

It gets better as you level up. Don't play against people who are a much higher level than you early on. I made this mistake in my first two games and we got destroyed by a guy with a much more effective weapon and bursts. The stuff you unlock makes you crazy Overpowered when you play against low level newbies.

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