Worldwide Weekly Hardware, Ending 19th May 2012

Worldwide Hardware:

1: PS3 - 137,034
2: 3DS - 130,945
3: X360 - 119,057
4: Wii - 63,413
5: PSV - 50,380
6: PSP - 49,488
7: DS - 35,633


Worldwide Software:

1: (PC) Diablo III - 1,778,762
2: (X360) Max Payne 3 - 470,990
3: (PS3) Max Payne 3 - 397,788
4: (Wii) Mario Party 9 - 60,421
5: (PSP) My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute Portable - 53,050
6: (PS3) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - 43,308
7: (PS3) Battlefield 3 - 38,774
8: (3DS) Super Mario 3D Land - 37,561
9: (3DS) Mario Kart 7 - 36,094
10: (X360) Prototype 2 - 35,638

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NastyLeftHook02153d ago

That's what i like to see :)

1: PS3 - 137,034

2: 3DS - 130,945
3: X360 - 119,057

Brosy2153d ago

VGchartz just guesses their numbers. This is in no way an accurate source. Get your numbers from Sony, MS, and Ninty.

Statix2153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )

Yeah, when positive sales numbers come out for Sony, Microsoft fanboys whine that VGChartz is full of crap. When positive sales numbers come out for Microsoft, Sony fanboys whine that VGChartz is full of crap. Same goes for Nintendo fanboys. Such is the sad world of fanboyism.

Denethor_II2152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

Yeah but they started it! lol only joking.

Edit: @ Godmars290 'Tales of Graces f' looks pretty good.

Anon19742152d ago

Actually, when VGChartz has the PS3 ahead I say it's crap and when they have the 360 ahead, I say it's crap. It's because it's crap. It's just a fan site that has small retail sample sizes in the US and bupkis anywhere else. I mean, come on. This site had PS3 numbers millions short for years. In the past, software numbers have been shown to be off by over 100%. Who takes this site seriously? Even if they're close every now and then, how do you know when they're right and when they're not even in the ball park without the actual numbers from the company's themselves?

Ever since Ioi was banned from Neogaf for spouting off his BS numbers and started VGChartz, this site has been a huge source of contention and even they don't back up their numbers, running the disclaimer on the site that these numbers are only for entertainment purposes and shouldn't be used for investment or generally anything serious.

And that's why VGChartz numbers are always labelled "Rumor" You want real numbers? You're going to have to wait till the end of the quarter when each company makes this data available, if they even choose to. Next figures are due out sometime in July if I'm not mistaken.

Godchild10202153d ago

I like seeing all consoles selling well. Worldwide numbers are looking good.

shackdaddy2152d ago

Actually all sales for every console went down this week. So this is actually a bad week :(

Godmars2902153d ago

Funny, I like seeing/playing good/interesting games.

Would love seeing a JRPG like the Trials in the Sky series on the PS3.

miyamoto2152d ago

When VGCHARTZ are desperate for hits & clicks they post high PS3 numbers.

This has been going on for years.

solid_si2152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

Six years on this console generation overall LIFETIME sales of XBOX 360 slaughters PS3..

6 Years on Lifetime sales:-

HAHAHAH XBOX 360 is clear winner this generation. It has a higher attachment rate and better software sales in overall lifetime. Every year, sony fanboys claim lifetime sales of PS3 will overtake XBOX 360. 6 Years on from start of this gen, PS3 still has not beaten XBOX in lifetime sales. How mighty has fallen.

Last generation, PS2 dominated with 74% of the gaming market.

6 Years on Last gen Lifetime sales:


This goes to sure, PS3 is by far the most disappointing home console sony has ever made.

SONY needs to do better nextg generation. If PS4 does bad as this generation, i cant see Sony continue with the console market.

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hawkowl2153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )

great news for sony

Ezio-Auditore002152d ago

For the ps3 yes. For the vita no you should be saying great news for Sony if the vita is selling 150000-200000 worldwide a week

kikizoo2152d ago (Edited 2152d ago ) reason for the vita to be number one now, and you are not a failure when you are not number one, 50K is not bad at all (how many 3D ds before price cut ?) wait a few months, more games, price cut, and you'll see the best hardware selling like hot cakes..

*for the xfanboyz (or tendo's one) talking about "ng4sony", when do you realise that a smart gamer, who has all the games and real informations, is obviously choosing sony over the other, it's just pure logic (better hardware, more and better games since psx)

Gamer19822152d ago

Sorry but Vita is selling quite decent considering its only got a few games now remember 3DS at launch? Until Mario hit the 3DS people thought it was going to fail.

ronin4life2152d ago

Most of those people already own a wii, so they aren't buying a second one.
Furthermore, the 3ds still sold better than the vita has been within the same timeframe.

andibandit2152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )


"Sorry but Vita is selling quite decent considering its only got a few games now remember 3DS at launch? Until Mario hit the 3DS people thought it was going to fail."

So you are more or less admitting that the Vita is a fail unless it gets a hit game like Mario....not exactly building a case for the Vita are you?...

Vita sales are horrible to say the least, Sony said that they expected 8-10 million sold at the end of the year, and with 50k per week, that is FAAAAR off.

specialguest2152d ago

Let's be real here. When the new Vita matches sales with the PSP that everyone who wanted one supposedly already have IS bad. There's something definitely wrong.

Ezio-Auditore002152d ago

@kikizoo bro i want the sales to be on top because I'm sick of these fanboys saying oh its going to become even shitter in the upcoming years

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DarkSniper2153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )

This is exactly why PlayStation is the number one leader in consumer electronics. The numbers do not lie. Once again Sony Computer Entertainment has done a masterful job in establishing the market with thousands across the planet delving into the PlayStation ecosystem this week.

What this shows is that PlayStation was and still is the household name in consumer electronics. Whenever anyone associates the word "videogames", PlayStation is always the first name that is brought up. With over 300 million sold, it's easy to understand that PlayStation has truly changed the way we play videogames to this day.

Surpassing the well established 8 year Nintendo DS handheld, it's good to see Sony once again dismantle the competition in relatively easy fashion. He is thankful that he made the proper investment into this generation and next-gen. It's abundantly clear that the PlayStation®3 Home Entertainment Terminal is the perfect combination of Next-gen in a current generation machine.

Dark Sniper would like to personally welcome all 137,034 new gamers into the realm of the PlayStation ecosystem. Where everyone can enjoy a peaceful, fun and immersive gaming experience that cannot be duplicated.


danny8182152d ago

i am happy to see sony being first, DarkSniper first and LX-General-Kaos follows! trolololol

MadMen2152d ago

lol, what a disgusting post

Fylus2152d ago

Watch what you say to Dark Sniper; I happen to know from experience that he controls multiple accounts that he can use to spam disagrees at you.

Fylus2152d ago

Wow, you know what's really pathetic? RIGHT after I called out Dark Sniper for using multiple accounts to spam disagrees, ALL of my comments on the first page of my comment history got 5-8 disagrees.

Seriously mods, ban this guy.

mobhit2152d ago

....Because that isn't the real Dark Sniper.

pandaboy2152d ago

Welcome to the cult of sony here at n4g, whereby fellating the ps3 is a prerequisite to your acceptance which takes its form in copious amounts of agrees. And what a conceited wank using your name in third person like that.

MrBeatdown2152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

I'm not sure what's funnier... obvious troll posts or the people who actually think they are supposed to be serious.

2152d ago
CoolBeansRus2152d ago

Holy crap. I was going to read what you wrote(your article), but the i realized you only have one bubble so your are obviously bias or a troll with no life.

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LX-General-Kaos2153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )

The Nintendo 3DS entertainment system has done an amazing job with another week of positive sales for the Nintendo Brand.

Maintaining its high rank on the charts delivering to the Elite Nintendo supporters worldwide. The handheld gaming device of which they believe brings a true exclusive handheld gaming experience to the table.

Only to be bested by a 6 year established home console of a competing brand. The Nintendo 3DS entertainment system goes on to deliver awarding gameplay, and a complete heavy arsenal of exclusive software that can be found nowhere else other than a Nintendo platform. Exclusives that completely utilize the innovative duel screen action that continues to give the player a unique complete battlefield controlled experience that is only to be found on the Nintendo 3DS entertainment system as of now.

Duel screen action was Nintendos vision, and definitely the vision that will take part in shaping the future. As the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system follows down that very same innovative golden brick road. A great compliment to the Nintendo 3DS entertainment system. Which looks to provide years of steady lucrative business for the Nintendo brand.

Business looks mighty fine for the hard workers of the Elite gaming platform. As sales rise and profits near. Nintendo big wigs, and hard working middle class citizens will soon taste the fruits of their hard labor. Feeding the minds and souls of the Nintendo hardware and software creators to continue on with a job well done.

Business will continue to climb the generation long road up hill to the top as E3 comes closer. Where the world will witness brand new games and innovation for the Nintendo 3DS entertainment system, and all things Nintendo.

Have a blessed day and happy gaming.

Rated E For Everyone

Bowzabub2152d ago

By the's dual screen. So much for PR work.

AWBrawler2151d ago

Lol I love this guy's posts. He should do the e3 speech for Nintendo

Statix2153d ago

I'm amazed that a 5+ year old system is outselling a popular handheld that just came out ~a year ago.

CoolBeansRus2152d ago

Why do people buy a used car instead of a new one?