HD Collections: The Good And The Bad

GamingUnion: "In recent times there has been a lot of popular gaming franchises being re-released in HD, allowing you to have a new way to play some of your favorite games all over again. In most cases an HD collection comes out for two reasons. Firstly, there might be a new game in a popular franchise coming out so they will put out the older games for new fans and old to play them. Secondly, they want to release older games again to promote an anniversary of the series."

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mephman2153d ago

I think HD collections are a good thing, especially for bringing gaming to different mediums.

NastyLeftHook02153d ago

especially sotc and the gow collections, there classics.

Hisiru2153d ago

I believe there is no bad thing about HD Collections.

Nobody is forced to buy.

badz1492153d ago

the good? Sony's HD collections are high quality and definitely shows works and efforts have been put into them!

the bad? Ubisoft's and Capcom's HD collections look like cheap cash grabs with no effort, just upgrading the resolution and they still look "last gen"-ish!

Aloren2153d ago

Most, if not all HD collections are just that : cheap cash grabs.

badz1492153d ago

with or without the effort makes the difference my friend!

MaxXAttaxX2152d ago

Ghost of Sparta looks amazing in HD.

Aloren2152d ago

I guess your definition of efforts makes the difference then...cause so far, I've yet to see any HD collection that doesn't feel like a quick way to make quick cash. I don't mind getting them when the games are great though.

I wouldn't be surprised if the remake of prince of persia on xbla and psn required more "efforts" than GOW HD collection, which is regarded as one of the best HD collection.

MaxXAttaxX2151d ago (Edited 2151d ago )

Compare Sly PS2 vs PS3 HD.

Check Sly's character model.
Compare Ico PS2 vs PS3 HD.
Check the textures^

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Agent Smith2153d ago

Konami, why you mess up Silent Hill HD collection?

2pacalypsenow2153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )

I have never had a problem with the SH collection on the Ps3 i nver [layed them on the ps2 but i thought they were good ports Also what nightmare part from MG3 was missing ??

DigitalRaptor2153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )

I haven't read the article, but my opinion is that as long as the collections offer good value for money, are good HD transfers with comprehensive bonuses then I don't see how it's a bad thing. After all, they are not forcing you to re-buy them, and it gives people another chance to experience classics of an era where the experience was more self-contained and not about the obsession with the online deathmatch.

If they cause gaming companies to get complacent and not make new quality games then I can see a problem, but Sony nor other companies have dropped the quality or quantity of their output, so I see hardly any downsides.

Y_51502153d ago

Without HD collections. Well I wouldn't have gotten into God of war because my PS2 broke and I got a PS3 wishing that I could have tried out the series. I would have missed out on great games with HD collections!

TheDivine2153d ago

I used to say they were cash grabs (many are) but some like the ico collection are a blessing. Replaying classic games in hd (and they usually drop to 20 bucks fast), hell yea! If your happy with mgs on ps2 then fine, im glad to play 2/3/peace walker in hd it amazing. Point is nobody makes you buy them theyre for fans or people who missed out.

slixshot2153d ago

HD Collections also seem like solid starting places for developers to gain some extra revenue and understanding before making their own games. Look at the team behind the new Sly Cooper, they were behind the HD Sly Collection, so not only were they able to gain some extra cash, but they were also able to learn the ins and outs of the Sly games.

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