Infinity Ward has received $493 million from Activision

The pre-trial hearings continue in the West/Zampella case against Activision, and now we are learning just how much Activision has paid for Call of Duty...

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JoGam2190d ago

Damn if they got 493 million, how much did they actually make from the game? WOW

zslash2190d ago

Black Ops alone made over $1b so I'd say they still made a good profit.

RedDead2190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

50 quid a game with 20 mill sales leaves 1 billion. But alot of that will go into costs of sales. I dunno how much the publisher makes per copy. Cod sells roughly 20 mill copies per game don't they??

shysun2190d ago

You for got about the DLC and they sold over 1 million of in dlc!

ABizzel12189d ago (Edited 2189d ago )

$60 * 20million sales = $1.2 Billion.

They've made $1.2 billion the las 3 years, so $493 million isn't hurting them. Also more than likely, Infinity Ward is moving on to Call of Duty 5 for the PS4 and Next box as a launch titles. Activision wants to keep COD as the shooter to go to, so they want the best COD they can get at launch. And Sony, MS, and Activision want consoles to succeed since they are huge money makers for each of them, so it makes sense. If there's a great COD Day 1 on the PS4 and Next Box, you can expect both consoles to sell around 10 million consoles Year 1, as long as their first party games are there too, and the price is right.

Les-Grossman2190d ago

I want everyone at Activision to cry when this is over

Ken222190d ago

Good now get the Ip for COD and terminate it or at least give us a true sequel to MW1 oh and take your time 3+ years should be good :D.

Brownghost2190d ago

Call of duty sucks we don't need another sequel, try something else

Gamer-Z2190d ago

I wish COD would go away.

AdmiralSnake2190d ago

Why ? A lot of people enjoy it.

M-M2190d ago

It's over shadowing a lot of great games, that's why.

AdmiralSnake2190d ago

It's overshadowing what ? Maybe people have no interest in those games ?

I find it hilarious on N4G they sit here and bash people who buy cod, but then want those same people to support their favorite games... LOL.

Again, a lot of people enjoy it. The sales speak yearly, of course I speak facts but the disagrees come flying in lmao.

Yeah people keep buying games they hate, LOL.

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