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Resistance: Burning Skies PS Vita Review | Game-Modo

Last year when Game-Modo heard that an exclusive Resistance game was in the works for Sonys upcoming PS Vita and it was not going to be made by the series creators insomniac games Game-Modo was a little uneasy about what to expect from Resistance: Burning Skies. So what lies Instore for this new Resistance game? (PS Vita, Resistance: Burning Skies) 90/100

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smashcrashbash  +   977d ago
First Burning Skies review and it's GOOD!!!!!! *crowd cheers*
Akuma-  +   977d ago
im buying this first minute.
morganfell  +   977d ago
Agreed. As soon as it hits PSN I am grabbing it. R3 was so much better than some non-owners realize with a great gameplay, a dark, adult story, and seriously unique graphics. Wonderful 3D implementation. I can't wait to experience this tie in first hand.
raytraceme  +   977d ago
One final thing, the controls aren't as laggy as uncharted golden abyss right?

"No, they work really well... Honestly its a true testament to the dual analoge sticks on the Vita. Finally a game that utilises them fully."

I am really excited about this game. This will be the game changing fps for handheld it seems to me :D

I love the layout of their site and the options you get to change it.
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BattleAxe  +   977d ago
@ Morganfell,

I agree that the story for R3 was awesome, but the multiplayer wasn't very good unfortunately.
starchild  +   977d ago
It sounds really fantastic. And look at those graphics! I still can't believe that a handheld gaming device is pumping out graphics like that.
badz149  +   977d ago
I haven't even pick up Sorcery
and this is out in 2 days! damn Sony is killing my wallet hard!
andibandit  +   977d ago
well you could save some money by skipping sorcery, it's mediocre.
badz149  +   977d ago
I don't know dude. something about Sorcery is really pulling me to get it! maybe because I've been waiting for it, I don't know.

can't say the about other games. Max Payne 3, for example I still don't have the urge to get it yet although I freakin love R*! I think I'll get it but a bit later!
miyamoto  +   977d ago
FPS Gaming in the washroom will never be the same again!
Nice review! Now FPS gaming inside the bathroom will never be the same again!!!!!!
miyamoto  +   976d ago
530 degrees and still not on the headlines?
is there something wrong N4G?
Blastoise  +   977d ago
*Cheers* Great stuff, so glad its a good game! Well done Nihilistic Software.
Gotta ask though, the website doesnt seem to give scores...so where has this 90/100 come from?
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jony_dols  +   977d ago
Game-modo submitted this review to N4G themselves, so it must represent their overall opinion of the game; despite the website not using a traditional grading method.
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grailly  +   977d ago
good to see, I really thought it wouldn't be good as IGN beyond kept hinting at how terrible it is.
MYRMIK  +   974d ago
By the way, I contacted the reviewer on Game-Modo to ask him about the game. While he does enjoy the game a lot, he said he is unsure how the review score of 90/100 appeared on this page. The site only reviews games with either a Buy/Consider/Avoid.
Game-Modo  +   977d ago
No way, we are the first to review this game?
Cloudberry  +   977d ago
I think so, but...
Shouldn't the review embargo would be lifted at 29th?
Game-Modo  +   977d ago
We had no idea about the embargo.... Game-Modo received the game from an online retailer early (on weds). Oh well haha. You get an early review :P
cpayne93  +   977d ago
Yeah where are the other reviews? Gravity rush reviews are out and it comes out in like 2 weeks, burning skies comes out in 2 days.
egidem  +   977d ago
I think so, but I just queried N4G for any Resistance Burning Skies review and this is so far the first one. Will wait for another one, but this looks to be very promising!

The Resistance franchise is one of my favorite franchises to date and it all began with the first one - Fall of Man - which, in my opinion, offers one hell of a campaign. The multiplayer aspect seems to be very good as well.

One thing I wish for in portables is a MP experience that is as good as the console counterpart. Sure, the experience might not be identical but the Vita seems to be coming close.

Definitely looking forward to this!
TheModernKamikaze  +   977d ago
I think you are the first one. You guys are only ones I've seen submitting first. :)
wanieldiik  +   977d ago
how long did it take to finish the single-player campaign?
TheModernKamikaze  +   977d ago
I really hope they push out a firmware update for Resistance for the graphical glitches otherwise it's good.
GalacticEmpire  +   977d ago
Arg, clicked disagree by accident and you can't take it back, sorry.
TheModernKamikaze  +   977d ago
It's cool, bro. :)
Game-Modo  +   977d ago
The graphical glitches dont happen often its very rare but a little frustrating when they do.
TheModernKamikaze  +   977d ago
On a scale of 1 to 10, how often does it occur?
ApolloAdams  +   977d ago
Need to see more reviews to see if this game is truly worth time and money.
Cloudberry  +   977d ago
Resistance: Burning Skies review from German magazine M!Games:

80 / 100%
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mafiahajeri  +   977d ago
Finally a review for this game. The demos late the reviews are late what's going on! Anyway great review I can't wait yo get my hands on this game! It's a good time to have a vita!
Tony-A  +   977d ago
Can't wait until I get a chance to pick this up when I pick up my Vita next week!!
mafiahajeri  +   977d ago
I Just hope more people realize the potential of this game so we can have a thriving online community. Burning skies and uncharted golden abyss alone are enough of a reason to purchase a vita.
Ethereal  +   977d ago
Well this is good news. Picking up my preorder on Tueday!
BuckyBarnes  +   977d ago
I will be a strong member of the Burning Skies community. I have been waiting to activate my 3g service for just this moment. I'll still probally wait a few more months let them iron out the online bugs
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   977d ago
You can't play online with the 3G.
Pixel_Enemy  +   977d ago
I can play tethered to my phone's 4G hot spot :)
Snookies12  +   977d ago
Actually, I've seen someone who tried on Blazblue... It was just awful, the match lagged out nearly right at the beginning lol.
Soldierone  +   977d ago
This is why I didn't buy 3G and hate them not marketing it right. You can't play games online with 3G, its too slow to do anything especially AAA games like this.

@pixel_enemy, you just need wifi for that, not 3G.
KillerPwned  +   977d ago
Cannot wait to get this in the mail already on its way! :)
Chapulin  +   977d ago
Man can't wait. About time for a FPS on the Vita.
NastyLeftHook0  +   977d ago
GuruStarr78  +   977d ago
Paid off... picking this badboy up the moment the store opens..

Thanks GameMODO... I usually don't go by reviews, but it's good to see a positive one nonetheless.
masa2009  +   977d ago
The game got almost universally lukewarm previews, yet this review is absolutely glowing.
The visuals that were not very well received elsewhere are described as magnificent.
The level design which was severely criticized as formulaic and restrictive is here described as perfectly balanced.
The presentation which was called drab and cliched in several outlets is presented as lavish and spot on.
The tone feels informal and fanboyish, with every any problem being glossed over in vague terms, and brushed aside like a mere quibble.
The controls had some finnicky touch screen aspects according to other journos, but here they are "freaking amazing".

The writer seems convinced that technical issues with the single player could be alleviated thanks to a "firmware update", which is rather unusual.

Also the reviewer said that R3's biggest letdown was the multiplayer, yet that didn't prevent him from slapping a 9/10 on RBS before even factoring in its multiplayer suite.

And the review only has a "Buy" mention.
They say that they only have 3 ratings: Buy, Consider and Avoid.
Some of their other reviews are more glowing than that of RBS but don't get a Buy mention or any mention for that matter.
Yet they felt the urge to adjust this game's score to a 9/10 for N4G.

And this site has so few reviews.
It's just some random fans who post a few notes about the games they happen to be playing.

They really love their Vita and they really want you you to know it has great games.
This game will never in a million times get that kind of review from pro outlets.
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GuruStarr78  +   977d ago
Makes you wonder whether they got a review copy from Sony, or an 'earlybird' seller to get them one..
Bell Boy  +   977d ago
Wow you seem genuinely upset they did not trash the game in this review..lol

Don't worry you can give a 0 on metacritic and amazon to try and persuade people not to buy it
smashcrashbash  +   977d ago
I agree. I always marvel how people are almost disappointed that games don't do as badly as they thought. People seem to prefer that the game get as bad a score as possible as if it is so hard to believe that a VITA game can get a good score.Everyone that reviews a Sony game isn't telling the 'truth' unless they nitpick every detail.
kikizoo  +   976d ago
It's not "people", but only "fanboyz", this guy is always downplaying the best games, and hardware (uncharted, gow, etc)...another fanboy in denial (and a pathetic nostalgic one, loving old gens more than the best one).
TKCMuzzer  +   977d ago
Well at least their reviewing the game based solely on the format it's created for. How many sites are going to compare it with full console FPS's and review it accordingly.
3DS games very rarely get similar treatment from reviewers but the Vita's games are constantly being compared to console equivalents.
Uncharted is a prime example. To many so called professional reviewers kept comparing it to it's PS3 counterparts and scoring it in comparison.
They should have been reviewing it as a great hand held experience because that's what it is.

Plus another thing, the best reviewers are you and me because we spend the money unlike many reviewers. A fans honest review is usually a better indication as they are playing it as a gamer not a reviewer.
Pixel_Enemy  +   977d ago
This is what happened to Uncharted for sure.
DigitalAnalog  +   977d ago
So now we can indicate "previews" to determine how the final review scores turn out? Remember the time when the "early" preview of GOWIII was GOWII in HD?
cpayne93  +   977d ago
Well that's not all true about the previews, most were very positive, with a few here and there mentioning minor concerns. Also the previews were about very small parts of the game.
MYRMIK  +   977d ago
I don't think the game provides this 90/100 review, they just provide their page to this site.

Also, it reads like it's just one person's opinion, just like anyone else's. I think I'd like to read the thoughts of someone that just bought the game time to time. Would the "pro outlets" be reviewing a game that was given to them, paid to do so by advertisers?
Soldierone  +   977d ago
Depends what you are talking about. Early on you state "previews" which means the game could have easily changed since then.....

i don't expect this from any "Pro outlets" because half the time they are full of crap and normally hate anything that isn't severely hyped up or has a publisher pocketing them money. All the "issues" you talk about could easily be put onto COD as well, but the only ones that do that are the non-"Pro" outlets.....
GuruStarr78  +   977d ago
BTW: Resistance Retribution was one of my fave PSP games, so I'm sure this will be up there with my Fave vita games..

also, how far are you with the trophies?

I looked at the list, and it seems fairly short (which in my opinion is good, some games are nearly impossible to platinum due to having too many, and an insane amount of difficulty to obtain).... looking for this to be my first platinum on Vita, since it's the first game I genuinely care about..
SaffronCurse  +   977d ago
RR was good but the lack of dual analog really killed it for me.
Ultr  +   977d ago
got the game yesterdaaaay, a real resistance game :)
SandWitch  +   977d ago
Jelly :(
godzilla72  +   977d ago
How does it compare to the other Resistance games in terms of graphics?
Ultr  +   977d ago
graphics are on pair with the first resistance:fall of man, I mean YES it is!
cone   977d ago | Spam
teedogg80  +   977d ago
Damn, tuesday can't come soon enough.
josephayal  +   977d ago
Def the best FPS of this gen
itsLugia   977d ago | Spam
daggertoes83  +   977d ago
As a ps3 guy it really pains me to say this but i think halo (multiplayer) is the best fps this generation. HALO3.
one2thr  +   977d ago
BF3 is... On all platforms... So far...
Soldierone  +   977d ago
Give Halo credit for what it is and what it inspired other games to do.

On a personal level it just isn't for me though. Other games took what Halo did and ran with it better, its only my opinion.
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   977d ago
No. God no! Halo 3 was good, but the story was weak and the multi-player was unbalanced. Noobs were dead meat.
godzilla72  +   977d ago
Crysis 2 is the best this gen. Graphics blow away any other fps on the market! Gameplay was excellent too!
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TheDivine  +   977d ago
How about the length. I heard its only 6 levels and each is 30 minutes to an hour so that makes it 3-5 hours. Please tell me thats not the case cause im grabbing this first thing tuesday. Il be really let down if its a short campaign with a focus on mp. Its a sure thing for me but the review embargo kinda makes me think its not that great.
Moentjers  +   977d ago
Flemish/Dutch Official Playstation Magazine: 59/100. Inferior shooter even on handheld, missing the Resistance-storyline, only 5hrs...
BTW, Gravity Rush got 88/100: bloody beautiful, plays like a dream.
dafegamer  +   977d ago
Is there already a Gametrailers review for Gravity Rush?
MattyG  +   977d ago
Could you give a link to that Flemish/Dutch OPM review? I haven't heard anything about it, might be interesting to compare this to that one.
Moentjers  +   976d ago
Only paper. I trust them for several years of good judgement...
ElementX  +   977d ago
I'd like some new Vita IPs before I even think of buying one.
Kinger8938  +   977d ago
i have one, and i agree! it needs a big unique title (i know gravity rush but needs more than one game) an rpg would be great right now!
Soldierone  +   977d ago
Disgaea is awesome on it, plus when the studios from japan start pushing content this way there will be tons. There is one coming soon, I forget what its called though.....its already out in Japan and doing well.
Biggest  +   977d ago
"it needs a big unique title (i know gravity rush but needs more than one game)"

Are you having trouble with the definition of "a" or something?
Pixel_Enemy  +   977d ago
How many 3DS original IPs are there? Just curious
ElementX  +   976d ago
I don't have a 3DS or a DSi
daggertoes83  +   977d ago
Not gonna lie, I was not a fan of the first 2 games. The 3rd game was amazing and I cant wait to pick up this game on the psn asap.
one2thr  +   977d ago
I'd say Resistance 1 was the best out of the 3 (on PS3)... But thats just me...
#22.1 (Edited 977d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
NastyLeftHook0  +   977d ago
r1 was the best
NarooN  +   977d ago
R1 was definitely the best. R3 was the worst.
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   977d ago
No. Resistance 3 was, by far, the best in the series. What games were you guys playing?
one2thr  +   977d ago
*They taken out great weapons as they made other Resistance titles
*They had a solid direction with the first game, and somehow went a different route, Fall of Man had a perfect co-op(even though the. Second player was some random guy that looked like "Ja-Rule" if thats his name....Rapper), perfect story, and again great weapons
If the games after it(PS3 titles) were set in the future, then why take out key elements that made the first game as great as it is?
Like being able to get in vehicles, the hail fire, that blobby gun thingy, the auto head shot dual welded guns, the weapons wheel, thats 1940's look(if thats the right era), the narrator chick that set the game atmosphere right, the "angels"(chimera, the howlers(chimera) and many other chimera's, and the once offered huge open map(they could of made great advancments with that), and the single player co-op mode, thats what really got to me...
So yeah, thats why we liked Resistance Fall of Man better than its successors... Well there the reasons why I liked the first one better...
Imalwaysright  +   977d ago
RFoM shits on R2 and R3 from a great height...
NastyLeftHook0  +   977d ago
great review
Skateboard  +   977d ago
Hour 1. I want a lot of FPS games on my Vita. Killzone better be coming soon.
gamingisnotacrime  +   977d ago
for me the vita has been nothing but bliss
and this game seems to continue the trend

day one, bring it!!!

good review
blakstarz  +   977d ago
I just might have to get one of these Vita's now....all of the games out so far have gotten well received reviews.
gamingisnotacrime  +   977d ago
you wont regret it
i took the first edition bundle out of blind faith and it has been so fking good
JoeReno  +   976d ago
i did the same, well i had a wifi preordered and then got a 100 gift card for gamestop for christmas and bumped up to the first edition. I love it. I am hardly ever at home anymore to play on my ps3, so my Vita is just what i need.
dragon82  +   977d ago
Can't wait to get this on tuesday. I have it paid off and will be grabbing it as soon as I get off work.
stephmhishot  +   977d ago
Glad to see they like it, but I call shenanigans on the reviewer being "a big Resistance fan" considering he didn't know why there was no regenerating health in R3.
SSKILLZ  +   977d ago
picking it up Tuesday been waiting to get my hands on it since march aaaaaaaaa finally !!!!!!!!
Fox_Mamba  +   977d ago
will be picking it up on Tuesday as well. Been waiting so long, finally, very excited.
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