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Last year when Game-Modo heard that an exclusive Resistance game was in the works for Sonys upcoming PS Vita and it was not going to be made by the series creators insomniac games Game-Modo was a little uneasy about what to expect from Resistance: Burning Skies. So what lies Instore for this new Resistance game?

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smashcrashbash1853d ago

First Burning Skies review and it's GOOD!!!!!! *crowd cheers*

Akuma-1853d ago

im buying this first minute.

morganfell1853d ago

Agreed. As soon as it hits PSN I am grabbing it. R3 was so much better than some non-owners realize with a great gameplay, a dark, adult story, and seriously unique graphics. Wonderful 3D implementation. I can't wait to experience this tie in first hand.

raytraceme1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

One final thing, the controls aren't as laggy as uncharted golden abyss right?

"No, they work really well... Honestly its a true testament to the dual analoge sticks on the Vita. Finally a game that utilises them fully."

I am really excited about this game. This will be the game changing fps for handheld it seems to me :D

I love the layout of their site and the options you get to change it.

BattleAxe1852d ago

@ Morganfell,

I agree that the story for R3 was awesome, but the multiplayer wasn't very good unfortunately.

starchild1852d ago

It sounds really fantastic. And look at those graphics! I still can't believe that a handheld gaming device is pumping out graphics like that.

badz1491852d ago

and this is out in 2 days! damn Sony is killing my wallet hard!

andibandit1852d ago

well you could save some money by skipping sorcery, it's mediocre.

badz1491852d ago

I don't know dude. something about Sorcery is really pulling me to get it! maybe because I've been waiting for it, I don't know.

can't say the about other games. Max Payne 3, for example I still don't have the urge to get it yet although I freakin love R*! I think I'll get it but a bit later!

miyamoto1852d ago

Nice review! Now FPS gaming inside the bathroom will never be the same again!!!!!!

miyamoto1852d ago

is there something wrong N4G?

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Blastoise1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

*Cheers* Great stuff, so glad its a good game! Well done Nihilistic Software.
Gotta ask though, the website doesnt seem to give where has this 90/100 come from?

jony_dols1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

Game-modo submitted this review to N4G themselves, so it must represent their overall opinion of the game; despite the website not using a traditional grading method.

grailly1852d ago

good to see, I really thought it wouldn't be good as IGN beyond kept hinting at how terrible it is.

MYRMIK1850d ago

By the way, I contacted the reviewer on Game-Modo to ask him about the game. While he does enjoy the game a lot, he said he is unsure how the review score of 90/100 appeared on this page. The site only reviews games with either a Buy/Consider/Avoid.

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GameTechZero1853d ago

No way, we are the first to review this game?

Cloudberry1853d ago

Shouldn't the review embargo would be lifted at 29th?

GameTechZero1853d ago

We had no idea about the embargo.... Game-Modo received the game from an online retailer early (on weds). Oh well haha. You get an early review :P

cpayne931853d ago

Yeah where are the other reviews? Gravity rush reviews are out and it comes out in like 2 weeks, burning skies comes out in 2 days.

egidem1853d ago

I think so, but I just queried N4G for any Resistance Burning Skies review and this is so far the first one. Will wait for another one, but this looks to be very promising!

The Resistance franchise is one of my favorite franchises to date and it all began with the first one - Fall of Man - which, in my opinion, offers one hell of a campaign. The multiplayer aspect seems to be very good as well.

One thing I wish for in portables is a MP experience that is as good as the console counterpart. Sure, the experience might not be identical but the Vita seems to be coming close.

Definitely looking forward to this!

TheModernKamikaze1853d ago

I think you are the first one. You guys are only ones I've seen submitting first. :)

wanieldiik1852d ago

how long did it take to finish the single-player campaign?

TheModernKamikaze1853d ago

I really hope they push out a firmware update for Resistance for the graphical glitches otherwise it's good.

GalacticEmpire1852d ago

Arg, clicked disagree by accident and you can't take it back, sorry.

GameTechZero1853d ago

The graphical glitches dont happen often its very rare but a little frustrating when they do.

TheModernKamikaze1853d ago

On a scale of 1 to 10, how often does it occur?

ApolloAdams1853d ago

Need to see more reviews to see if this game is truly worth time and money.