The Classics #5: Tales of Symphonia Was A Tale to Remember

It’s #5 of The Classics this weekend and we’re looking back at probably one of the rarest titles on the Gamecube – Tales of Symphonia. Back in late 2004, nearly 8 years from now. Many look back at the Gamecube and will know this was a JRPG to get. The free-flowing combat system that was very interactive in chaining combos, unison attacks and compound special attacks. The combat was so deep yet so enjoyable that this was a game that stuck out, even till this day.

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Titanz2191d ago

I'm glad My Nintendo Wii has Gamecube playback.

TotalRevue2191d ago

Definitely one of the best games I had for the Gamecube - it was pretty special

Relientk772191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

Fanatastic game, was playing this not too long ago, this and Tales of Graces f

Cablephish2191d ago

This game needs a remake. I had the game but gave it to a friend and never got it back, so he probably sold it...

AWBrawler2191d ago

I still own my Gamecube and a copy of this with all my save files, and I even got to interview the voice of Zelos for our website.