Five Outstanding Games To Close Out This Generation

Despite the coming storm of the ‘PS4′ and ‘XBox720′ ( and let’s not forget the WiiU ) developers are proving that present consoles still have a lot of life left in them and these five titles set to release within the next 12-18 months will prove it.

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stonecold32121d ago

most of those games are ps3 exclusives hopefully ffvs 13 will be out in 2013 hopefully we might hear more info on the last guadian at e3 and some playable gameplay same goes for and the last of us and hopefully we will see more trailor of god of war with story mode and gta see some new gameplay footage

Whitefeather2121d ago

I don't know why people keep hurrying the next generation. Just because nintendo messed up and had to release a new console to make up for a sales drop doesn't mean MS and Sony have to do the same.

BraveToaster2121d ago

"Just because nintendo messed up and had to release a new console to make up for a sales drop"
What? You do realize the Wii sold more than the PS3 and 360 right? Unless you're talking about the 3ds, which is also selling pretty well.
People are rushing for the next generation because all the consoles now have extremely outdated hardware. They use hardware from 2006.

Whitefeather2121d ago

No I meant now that the wii stopped selling as i used to and the fad had ended.

BraveToaster2121d ago

" Just because nintendo messed up and had to release a new console to make up for a sales drop doesn't mean MS and Sony have to do the same."
How did Nintendo mess up? If Microsoft and Sony don't release a new console then they'll just fall behind.

Whitefeather2121d ago

You keep asking me the same question. They messed up because the Wii was too weak and only made money while riding the fad train. When the steam was all gone nintendo realized that they need to be on par with current gen systems since they aren't getting all the multiplatform games PS3&360 are getting.

So the Wii U's earlier release was announced, just look at the situation they revealed it and now they are rerevealing it. That shows you they were in a rush. Either way right now due to the Wii-U; MS and Sony will have to release quickly too rushing everything.

BitbyDeath2121d ago

Sony usually releases a new console every 6 years.
End of 2012 will be the 6 year mark again which looks like they will not make.

If anything Sony is behind schedule rather than rushing.

Whitefeather2121d ago

Yes but economy is not like it used to be.

BitbyDeath2120d ago

I put economy in the same pile as religion.
Made up stories which only purpose is to scare people. :-p

Xasthirion2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

If new consoles come out in the next year or so, I will not be buying one. I'll stick to PC. Honestly, most console games are dumbed down, 8 hour linear shooters nowadays anyway...

kent800820072121d ago

excuse me but if you actually look at those 5 games none of them are "8 hour linear shooters" and 4 of them could only be played on consoles

Hicken2121d ago

... which pretty much confirms that you were looking for anything different, or you'd find plenty of it.

torchic2121d ago

very very nice list. all those games are huge heavy hitters. if I had to choose one that I'm most pumped for it would be Versus XIII but I'm definitely getting all 5. 2013 will be one crazy year for gaming (at the expense of 2012 which is looking pretty dry right now)

Agent_00_Revan2121d ago

Vs13 was supposed to start out this generation, and it's Still not out.

DigitalRaptor2115d ago

When was it ever said to start out this gen? It was simply announced as part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis alongside FFXIII. The problem is people's misinterpretation and misunderstanding of the game's development. That, and their impatience.

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