Hideo Kojima Explains Role on ZOE Sequel

Andriasang: Friday's announcement of Enders Project, the sequel to Z.O.E and Anubis, was made by Hideo Kojima, but Kojima's role on the game appears to be limited. Writing via Twitter over the weekend, Kojima said that because he's busy on his "Ogre Project," he'll be a producer on Enders Project. He's serving only a support role, dealing with such areas as the game's direction and beginning planning. The actual game design, script, event direction, level design and direction are being handled by his staff.

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firelogic1942d ago

That's fine. I don't think he was more than a producer for ZoE2 and that turned out great.

Darth Stewie1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

Wooo ZOE3

Redempteur1942d ago

SO ...just like ZOE2 then ?

MrWonderful1942d ago

Thank you lord. ZOE 3 baby

MWH1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

at last, i'm going to keep an eager eye on this.. ZOE3 for the win.

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