Blizzard Admits Accounts With Authenticators Have Been Hacked

"So, you know how there was this whole thing about having an official Blizzard authenticator meant you weren't going to get hacked? Well, turns out you can still get hacked even with an authenticator."

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Brosy1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

And so it begins.

My Warcraft account got hacked awhile back. I hadn't put in any of my credit card details, so I didn't lose anything. But Warcraft is notorious for it's hackers. Hopefully Diablo 3 wont turn into that.

Sounds like Blizzard is denying any responsibility as well.

kagon011701d ago

That is why Eula's(anti consumer rules) are for...

jjdoyle1701d ago

Authenticators are just for $$$$$.

mauleriscool1701d ago

there is a free mobile app version.

DeleteThisxx1701d ago

Yeah, $6.50 to protect your account. OR, you can utilize the free service if you have a smart phone.

Isis061700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

To bad I only have a dumbphone.
I only play SC2 from Blizz though and there isn't much to take or destroy since I'm only top 8 silver but the article caught my eyes.

vortis1701d ago

Ahahaha.....those fanboy comments in the comment section are hilarious ...."But, but, but...Blizzard...."

The people defending this kind of crap for single-player games are ridiculous. It needs to die already, and I hope we never see an always-on for single-player games ever again.

I can already imagine Kotick saying...."But, but, promised me my monies?"

DigitalAnalog1700d ago

Nowadays, we tend to have a society of apologetics due to their consumer remorse of the product. This basically harms the product even further because they tend to give the "go" sign to such atrocities instead of demanding an actual solution.

I just played the trial for single-player and while the game holds up, the poor latency cause some extreme rubber banding that got me in some very unsavory positions (imagine that on HC mode).

Tell me why my single-player campaign is being taken hostage to ping issues?

Bimkoblerutso1700d ago

Well thank god we're paying Blizzard to implement all this anti-piracy bullshit. Obviously it's working like a charm.

annus1700d ago

How is people getting their account hacked ANYTHING like pirating a game?

The 'anti-piracy bullshit' isn't a magical virus scanner that can stop you from phishing attempts and all the other stuff that people have been getting their info stolen from. Has the game been pirated/emulated? Has any duping of items occured? Have any in game bots been created? I'd say the DRM is working perfectly as intended.

Before you go full anti-fanboy, please understand what you are talking about.

Bimkoblerutso1700d ago

Yes, as a matter of fact there ARE some emulators floating around and private servers are starting to pop up. Granted they're not full-featured at this point, but the very existence of private servers should indicate to you that yes, this DRM is bullshit.

SilentNegotiator1700d ago

Could ACTIVISION-Blizzard make doing business with them look any less attractive?

NYC_Gamer1700d ago

Will people continue to kiss Blizzard ass?

h311rais3r1700d ago

Thing is hackers gonna hack. They always find a way.

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