One Thing Stands Out Above All Else In The Latest Tomb Raider Trailer: Lara Croft's Ass

The latest Tomb Raider trailer focuses on one thing: Lara Croft's Ass.

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LOGICWINS1856d ago

Well now that you mention it...

MoreConsole1856d ago

Her ass is impossible to ignore, right?

MrMister1856d ago

This "article" was posted by a guy named Digital Gigolo. No wonder he only stares at one part of her anatomy. Smh -_-.

smashcrashbash1856d ago

Isn't that what they have always done? Hasn't Lara's @$$ been the focus of most Tomb Raider games?

Hellsvacancy1856d ago

I thought it was her boobs

samanosukeakechi1856d ago

While I don't play the series, yes, the main focus pretty much is her bust.

Brosy1856d ago

Looks pretty good, especially the lighting.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1856d ago

+Bubs for being the first comment not about her butt or boobs.

samanosukeakechi1856d ago

The attention is away from her bust this time? Surprised!!

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1856d ago

What sticks out most to me is how much it's been influenced by uncharted. One of the annoying things about Uncharted is how almost every step you take is met with disaster. Walk up to a bus, it explodes. Try to climb something, it falls apart. Think you've finally escaped, nope you just got started.

MoreConsole1856d ago

The trailer also reminded me of I Am Alive. I have a feeling that when TR is finally released it'll be pretty underwhelming.

Son_Lee1856d ago

Tomb Raider inspired Uncharted.

ATi_Elite1856d ago

and PitFall inspired Tomb Raider so what's your Point?

Hicken1856d ago

The point in having "everything" break is that when things stop going wrong, you wonder what really big thing is about to go wrong.

"Wait... every ladder so far has broken. Every car has exploded. Every building has collapsed. Now, suddenly, NOTHING. Something really bad's about to happen."