Weekly CryEngine 3 Gallery [March 20th - 26th]

DSOGaming writes: "This week was quite interesting for CryEngine 3 modders (and fans). Today we bring you new screenshots from the works of Ultimarage,USSR_GRAND, iSqueezee, d1ea, RayFan9876, skywalger, chicken, rGOt, blackhorizon and an1m4l. Below you can find new images from a Rayman project, a Stargate mod that looks promising, and some new vegetation assets."

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OneAboveAll2220d ago

Nice frame rate you got there... /s

john22220d ago

The modder is obviously not using a high-end PC. Which proves that talented people can come up with amazing visuals even if they don't own a top of the line system ;)

OneAboveAll2220d ago

Too bad it's not efficient for making mods like that. You wouldn't see someone in Hollywood try to do CGI for an Avatar movie with 2GB of ram now would you?

john22219d ago

OneAboveAll: Actually, you can. The difference is that the rendering time would be higher (what you see in CGI movies is not real-time, the scene is rendered 'offline' and sometimes it takes whole hours to render one scene) but that wouldn't stop you from creating CGI graphics with less than 2GB RAM

josephayal2219d ago

pretty nice, Looks like Uncharted Graphics