Sucker Punch Preparing to Reveal inFamous 3?

DualShock Nexus: A recent photo from Sucker Punch Productions shows the team possibly going over their next title.

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NastyLeftHook01976d ago

Sucker Punch Preparing to Reveal inFamous 3?

If so,Im preparing to go bankrupt with all of these games the ps3 is getting.

Abash1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

Damn I was looking at the wrong pic, it could be a new IP or a new inFamous

inveni01975d ago

They'd have a hard time carrying on the inFamous story with the two completely different endings. But I reckon they could pick up with just one of the story lines and go.


What pic? The only pic I see has Cole in the center leading what seens to be a group of Conduits, looks like Kuo is on his immediate right and on the background, over the city, there's a bunch of attacker planes coming.

gaden_malak1975d ago


I image they'll do it like The Force Unleashed did it, where the 'Good' Ending was the canon/story/continuation.

LightningSamus1975d ago


They could do what Bioware does with Mass Effect, import your saves so your choices carry through.

pacosanchez881975d ago

@lightning samus

did you play both endings for infamous 2? it would pretty much have to be two different games

GamingManiac1975d ago

or, if they're felling really awesome, they'll just do a good and a bad story :D

BiggCMan1975d ago

I love how they are just fishing for website hits. This has absolutely no meaning to it, other than the company is having a simple meaning. Common sense.

inveni01974d ago

They COULD do LOTS of different things. But we all know "gamers", and they'll all complain about their choices in I2 not mattering in I3. Will that make them whining babies? Yes. Will we still have to listen to it? Yes (on N4G, at least).

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iamnsuperman1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

I hope it is a new ip. I loved infamous 1 and 2 but it ended on such a great note and ended perfectly (both endings in infamous 2 were good).

Whatever it is I hope the soundtrack is as good as it was in infamous 2. Really got back into it recently

AgreeFairy1975d ago

It didn't end perfectly at all. MGS4 is a game that ended perfectly. Infamous 2 ended on a cliff hanger.

iamnsuperman1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )



How did it end on a cliff hanger. Cole died in the good ending but all the conduits died with all the humans saved. The evil ending Zeke is killed by Cole and all humans are dead/will die and the conduits live and Cole becomes the beast. I hope your not talking about the question mark at the end of the good ending because that ending wouldn't work if it carried on because all the possible supernatural enemies are dead (they said that) and everyone loves Cole. To bring an enemy saying a new sphere was created is poor story design and too coincidental. It is the same as having a main enemy for a few games until you wipe them out. But for a new game to be made a new enemy has just appeared with no mention of them before hand.


morganfell1975d ago

Regardless of the ending, that certainly looks like Cole carrying his messenger sling pack up front center. For me the two games rank up there with Arkham as the best superhero series to date albeit with great moral conflict.

user54670071975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

They're talented writters I'm sure they can bring Cole back some way

If they wern't planning to they wouldn't of bothered adding the question mark at the end.

What about if it's revealed only the strong conduits survived or someone was creating new man made conduits....anything is possible

Cole will return...they'll find a way. Cole is basicaly the face of the inFAMOUS franchise.

inveni01975d ago


At the end of the good ending, as Zeke sails away with Cole's body, there's a bolt of lightning that seems to hint that Cole's been resuscitated.

iamnsuperman1975d ago


That is a picture from infamous 2 evil ending



Both ends can be continued.

In the good ending the question mark is obvious, it's like "Cole is dead... Maybe...". If he survived, others may had too.

In the bad ending the world is now filled with conduits just discovering their powers while humanity is dying a slow death as the plague proceeds, obviously opening up for a rich superhero universe, where some Conduits look for ways to save humans while others are looking to achieve more power.

The RFI was not created to kill conduits all around the world, Dr. Wolfe developed it to counter the Ray Field energy that causes diseases in humans. It's just a side-effect that Conduits, which powers survive of Ray Field energy, are affected in the process.

Wolfe theorized that the RFI could kill the Beast, but we don't really know if it can kill all conduits or any at all... It could just mess with their powers temporarily. Sure, Cole and other in New Marais are prumably dead, but they were on the center of the RFI blast.


It's obvious that InFamous 3 is happening. The questions are when and which way are they going to take it. Right now, it can even generate some major spin-off, based on the same universe without concerning Cole's story at all.

DragonKnight1975d ago

I predict a temporal paradox storyline due to Kessler's abilities in the first game. We know who Kessler is, we know what he can do. Who's to say that this isn't all a possible timeline? I know they said it was a one way trip for him, but you never know.

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GraveLord1975d ago

Don't worry, Infamous 2 just came out last year.
An Infamous 3 would most likely be set for 2013.

MastaMold1975d ago

Cant wait for inFamous 3 if its being worked on but Sony save it for PS4 please that would be a great launch title

OmegaSlayer1975d ago

The image screams multiplayer

iamnsuperman1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

The pic with cole with others isn't the pic named in the article. That pic is from infamous 2 bad ending (right at the end). The pic the article is talking about is someone holding a weapon and the developers in a big room obviously about to watch something

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Cajun Chicken1976d ago

InFamous 3 would be a very hard one to pull off. IMO, the game ended both scenarios perfectly. Not to say I wouldn't like another one and a proper installment, but I'd say let sleeping dogs lie and lets see what Sucker Punch have next up their sleeve.

Where can you go from a platform series that slowly became a sandbox game in the sequels to making a series of superpower infused sandbox third person shooters with good/bad choices? Only time can tell, but I guess it'd be a natural progression.

MattyG1976d ago

I don't think continuing the story would be hard, but they'd either have to pick one ending to be canon or make 2 completely different campaigns. Or just pull a Pokemon and do infamous 3: red and infamous 3: blue haha

Treezy5041976d ago


I would like to see them connect both scenarios. Evil Cole vs. Good Cole. I mean technically he learns the ability to time travel so all the have to do is incorporate a way for Good Cole to go into Evil Cole (current beast) time and fight him. It would make for an epic bout and is definitely a likely plot, I mean hell he's already fought an older version of himself.

TopDudeMan1976d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

So you want him to fight himself again? That storyline's been done. People would see that coming a mile away.

Edit: Yeah, but the thing about the previous 2 infamous games are the huge plot twists at the end and that idea just seems too obvious for them to throw at it. It'd make more sense if there was an even bigger evil to take on.

Treezy5041976d ago

@TopDude you misunderstood me. Yes him fighting himself has already been done, but I think it would be cool if both current Coles fought one another because if you played both Karma sides of each inFamous game you have a stronger attachment to both good and evil Cole. I mean what else can they do especially seeing how inFamous 2 ended with Evil Cole reviving only conduits and killing innocent people while Good Cole appears to die. I just would like to see both stories merge into a grand finale with a showdown between both good and evil.

Reibooi1975d ago


While Cole appears to die in the good ending there is a good chance he isn't dead. There is a split second frame where lightning strikes the boat his body is on and it forms a "?" pretty much implying the series is being left open.

As long as Cole remains alive there are myriad ways that Sucker Punch could continue the series.

Personally InFamous 3 or new IP I can't wait Sucker Punch is one of my favorite Studios they have not ever made a game I have not loved and I'm sure whatever it is they are working on will be great.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1975d ago


Just a shot out of the dark but am i the only person here who remembers Cole mentioning having a brother.

If Cole is a conduit, who's to say his brother isn't? :b

The story can always be split between the brothers. One good, one bad :D and it wouldn't be as cheesy as Cole Vs. Cole again.

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blackblades1976d ago

Nice but I hope not I rather see it on ps4 to many sequels on 1 platform.

MrBeatdown1975d ago

My thoughts exactly. I love the series, but Infamous 3 is a game I'd rather see saved for next gen.

Thankfully, I don't see any reason in this article to make me think it's coming soon. This article doesn't have much to offer outside of "Look! They are working! They must be working on a new game!" Duh, they are working on something.

AngelicIceDiamond1976d ago

If this is true then these guys work fast. Infamous 2 came out just last summer.

Treezy5041976d ago

inFamous came out in May 2009
inFamous 2 announced July 2010
inFamous 2 released June 2011

It is possible they have been working on it and will announce it this year and release it in 2013.