Internship Openings

We're always looking to expand our team with new Writers, UI / UX Designer, and Community Managers. If you're looking to get into the tech or game industry or are fans of Sony/PlayStation, our internship program might be the perfect fit for you with available remote work.

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illegalprelude2185d ago

Some cool openings. Sounds like a good opportunity.

ThePsychoGamer2184d ago

From what I read, no they don't pay. But supposedly they give advantages like being able to go to conventions like E3 (so long as you pay for transport and lodging out of pocket most likely).

sonyrumors2180d ago

Hi Grave,

All of our positions are intern level positions as we are just building this site/company. In the future, we'd love to accommodate our team member financially but currently, we are not there yet.