Why the JRPG is Alive and Kicking

"Just searching ‘the JRPG is dying’ will get you 280,000 hits from people across the globe seemingly reaching that conclusion. Most of them coincide with the period after FF13’s first game release—a telling bit of information that shows that it wasn’t the genre as a whole, but a game, that affected the sentiment towards JRPGs. For this reason, I’ll be using FF13 for many of the examples in the article. However, just because one company seems to keep making games wrong, that doesn’t mean that the entire JRPG genre is dying."

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Godmars2902160d ago (Edited 2160d ago )

Its in the process of recovery, but in no way thinks to Square or the Final Fantasy franchise. Which is why, as the one time flag-franchise for the genera, FFXIII was the worst example of the genera's issues.

And still don't get why fans of the genera are think its the whole genera and all platforms, when its only the PS3 and 360. The genera has been struggling on those two systems. Nothing else.

Bimkoblerutso2160d ago

I agree with you for the most part...but why are you saying "genera"?

Infernostew2159d ago

I think he means "genre".

Kratoscar20082159d ago

XIII is not the worst game in the genre but it didnt help either, in PSP and DS the genre is still alive and kicking but on HD the jrpg genre is almost dying.

NYC_Gamer2160d ago (Edited 2160d ago )

I doubt many Japanese rpg studios will take the risk and learn how to better program for HD hardware....Rpgs from Japan will continue to release in bulk for the handheld market...SE one of the biggest 3rd party studios in Japan rather release their rpgs on handhelds instead of home consoles.....why?because little effort and big profit in return....SE is too busy buying up western studios/publishing western aimed games...

Capt-FuzzyPants2160d ago

And they make a nice profit doing it.

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Dark112160d ago

Sadly big JRPG titles are dead just look Final fantasy

Square enix should change the battle system from turn-based RPG to action RPG
That is way people are excited for FFvsXIII cuz it is action RPG.

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luoshuigui2160d ago

It's half right, JRPGs are alive but in no way kicking.

Almost every high-production-value JRPGs flopped in recent years, either failed commercially (like Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey) or hated by general consensus(FF13), the only game won both sides is Xenoblade, which is on Wii.

It's a vicious circle for them now, the bad sales force
them move away from any serious productions, and keeping working on Handhold or Web Browser games, this further striped their capabilities of catching on.

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