Wizorbs Trailer and Screens Brings back Ancient Memories

GamerFitNation: Today, Beatshappers has just announced that its new fun and interesting PS Mini game Wizorbs would be releasing sometime next month. The game is coming to the PlayStation®3, PlayStation®Portable, and PlayStation® Vita. It will retail for $3.99 and its looking like it will be a fun game to play when it is released.

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Baddo_Ekkusuchi1948d ago

NO WAAY! man i love this on xbla indie! glad i can take this awesome game on the road on my Vita! retro goodness along with Retro City Rampage.

Larry L1948d ago

Wow........Brick Breakers are one of my favorite genres of all time, and this may just knock off Magic Ball (Orbz) as my favorite Brick Breaker ever depending on how good it is. This is going to be only the 3rd mini I've ever spent actual money on outside of my Plus membership. (also bough Monsters (Probably) Kidnapped My Princess and Tetris)

I would say my major disappointment in this title is that it's not an actuall full PSN title and maybe with better visuals. Not ALOT better, but I'd prefer more 16-bit style instead of the 8-bit style. But that's nit-picking. Being a full PSN game would be far better though. They could pack alot of trophies into a game like this.

Hey.......Scary Girl started as a mini and got a full retail and digital game. Maybe this one will get noticed like that as well.