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Two New Characters Confirmed For Super Smash Brothers Wii-U

Sometimes just asking the people behind your favorite games can actually get you results. Thanks to a fan's tweet to Sakurai, we may actually have confirmation on two new characters for the eagerly awaited sequel to Super Smash Brothers: Brawl! You just might be surprised when you see who they are. (3DS, Super Smash Brothers, Super Smash Brothers 4, Wii U)

Update We've been bamboozled! The original source of the information has come out and said the tweets were faked. That's why we have a rumor section!

Hard to tell
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Shok  +   937d ago
I'm probably alone on this, but out of those 3, Geno and Issac please.
Abash  +   937d ago
You arent, I want it to be Geno and Isaac too.
BattleAxe  +   937d ago
Snookies12  +   936d ago
If Geno is in this game, I WILL buy a WII U. No kidding... He was my favorite character in SMRPG.
MaxXAttaxX  +   936d ago
*Sigh* it's fake.
Seems like anyone can make an article with the word "confirmed" on it and everyone will eat it up.

PopRocks359  +   937d ago
Capcom's thrown Mega Man out on a loop as of late. And Nintendo actually holds licensing rights to Isaac an Geno if I'm not mistaken. So they'd be the easier and more logical of the three listed.
shackdaddy  +   937d ago
I think it'll be Geno and Megaman. Just because fans have been dying to see Megaman in SSB for a looooong time...

If it is Geno, does that mean we'll get another SMRPG? I REALLY hope so!

Come on E3!
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Shok  +   937d ago
Megaman just wouldn't fit in to me. That might not make sense to some of you considering there's Snake in the same game as Pikachu, but that's just how I feel.
Titanz  +   937d ago
Megaman would be a great character for customizations (each colour, would represent a different ability). The two obvious choices are: Geno and Isaac, with the possibility of future DLC.

Mii support (with added in character development) would be nice.
Hisiru  +   937d ago
Isaac is a known character, but Geno is probably in the limbo.

I think it's Isaac and Megaman.
dark-hollow  +   937d ago
If they added snake, a character that is more associated with playstation platform then why it's weird to include megaman? A character that appeared on Nintendo consoles way more than any platform?

Oh just imagine the orchestra version of megaman 2 willy's stage!
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Bahimas  +   936d ago

check it out. The game itself is fairly simple control-wise, and once you unlock megaman he's a bit overpowered in my opinion, but it shows he could work.
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AWBrawler  +   937d ago
dammit can we just get Lute, Soren, Calil, or some powerful magic user from FE?
dark-hollow  +   937d ago
Geno License rights are for squaresoft not Nintendo.
So between him and megaman the latter is more likely to show up because he is way more requested by the fans more than Geno.
CanadianTurtle  +   937d ago
You're not alone LOL

Everyone wanted Geno ever since Brawl news came out. But I just hope megaman isn't there. In my opinion, Smash Brothers is supposed to be a Nintendo tradition where fans can gather and celebrate the joys of being a Nintendo gamer.

Even though a lot of megaman games were originally on the NES, I feel as if it went on to too many different consoles and handhelds that it lost that "Nintendo" feel.
Disccordia  +   936d ago
The game has only just started development. We won't hear any news about it for at least a year
Y_5150  +   937d ago
That just tells me if that's true, we will see an announcement of a new Super Mario RPG game coming to the 3DS! :)
Hisiru  +   937d ago
Super Mario RPG probably won't come back, it was replaced by games like Mario and Luigi (which is the same gameplay with improvements) and Paper Mario.

If you want to play Super Mario RPG you should try Mario and Luigi 3.
Y_5150  +   936d ago
I played the first and second of Mario & Luigi games! I love em! Haven't had a chance to play the third one in the series though.
Hisiru  +   936d ago
I can safely say that Mario and Luigi 3 is 100 times better than the first two games not just because of the story (or because you can play as bowser) but because you have a lot of cool new features/gameplay elements. I am sure you will enjoy this game. :)

Sadly, Super Mario RPG was developed by Squaresoft and Squaresoft is dead (it's a different team right now).
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Tonester925  +   937d ago
How about Chrono?
mike1up  +   936d ago
I share your pain.
kesvalk  +   937d ago
i hope it's megaman and Issac...
grible   937d ago | Spam
Gen0ne  +   937d ago
All I want is adult Midna. Her and Samus as my team... too good to be true. On topic: Mega Man for sure will be in and I'm leaning towards Geno as the other.
mamotte  +   937d ago
I really, really want little Mac. I mean, who else could be the ultimate close combat fighter in a game like that?
Flyingelephant  +   937d ago
how about Kratos or knuckles or akuma or somthing, those would be cool to see in a smashbros game
AWBrawler  +   937d ago
if you mean Kratos Aurion from TOS, then hell yeah! i'll take him, Lloyd or Zelos. TOS battle system is even set up like smash bros, with the up and b, down, b forward b, and b nuetral moves.
GenHero  +   937d ago
it would be cool if they put Neku in the next smash
Lord_Sloth  +   937d ago
As long as Isaac's in, I don't care which of the other 2 make it in.
AWBrawler  +   937d ago
it's megman and isaac. Nintendo does not own the rights to those Mario RPG characters.Its the megaman legends megaman, because he was on the n64. either him or the battle network one
HawtSkull  +   937d ago
Original Megaman was on the Nes and Megaman X started on the Super Nes. Therefore it could be any variation of the blue bomber.
PopRocks359  +   937d ago
Yeah, I'll be that guy. Smash Bros. should have more girl characters.

Throw in Shantae, Marina from Mischief Makers, Kumatora from Mother and Rosalina. As for other characters, I'm thinking Dillon from Dillon's Rolling Western, Waluigi and Shulk from Xenoblade.
ZeroWil  +   936d ago
Isaac and Mega Man dammit! Their exclusion from Brawl saddened me (well, Isaac was an assist trophy, but still...).
Kos-Mos  +   936d ago
Please Guardian from Guardian Legend.
GuruStarr78  +   936d ago
I really just want to be able to use my MII... he's really kicking arse in Mario Tennis Open right now....
ninjahunter  +   936d ago
Kratos and MasterChief Haha, If only. But you know, competitions got to have a stick up its ass.
RockmanII7  +   936d ago
That means either Megaman or Geno is confirmed, which means I'm buying this game confirmed.
Gaming4Ever  +   936d ago
This is so very fake, but hey, it got me excited still.
Drainage  +   936d ago
fake confirmed, get this off the first page
sjaakiejj  +   936d ago
Ah I love these titles. Rephrasing it into the full story gives something like this...

It is rumoured that two new characters for a rumoured game which has yet to be confirmed have been confirmed.
PopRocks359  +   936d ago
Err, the game is confirmed. And it was more recently confirmed to be in production. That much is true.
strangelove  +   936d ago
Unfortunately the original source of the tweets has come out and said they were photoshopped. That's what these rumor sections are for though. Now I just need to figure out how to delete this article...
Gigawatt25  +   936d ago
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bangoskank  +   936d ago
Beedle from the Zelda games would be a fun addition.
Thank youuuuu!!
ScubaSteve1  +   936d ago
we have king dedede, we need kaptin k rool
TBONEJF  +   936d ago
I sure hope it's MEGA MAN damn I miss playing Mega Man and beating every single one of Wiley's Robots
ZoidsRaven  +   936d ago
Too bad it's fake.

BTW: I want Roy back. 7_7

Relientk77  +   936d ago
I would want all 3 honestly, I really want Megaman. I want to see the showdown between Samus and Megaman.

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