New Game Being Made With Unlimited Detail?

Remember Euclideon? the people who claimed to be able to create games with an unlimited amount of polygons? polygons so small that they could be turned into little atoms? well apparently they are still real and a game is currently in production using their technology.

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Hellsvacancy2393d ago

I remember this, and forgot about it, i hope its true

xtremexx2393d ago

me too, but i guess we will have to wait for the proof.

TheGuyWho2393d ago

lol it was like 9 months ago right? and everyone was skeptical.

kneon2393d ago

It's not what they claim it is. Unlimited detail would require unlimited amounts of data, there is just no getting around that. And we can't store or process unlimited amounts of data.

I'm not saying what they have may not be an improvement but their claims are overblown.

dark-hollow2393d ago

if they really can translate this to a real game that isnt too much taxing on the gpu compared to plygons then this is probably the biggest graphical achievement since the jump from 2D to 3D!

TheGuyWho2393d ago

i wont belive it until i see it.

xtremexx2393d ago

there is a video, it just doesnt look good.

Muffins12232393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

What are you talking about,it looks wayy better than polygon games.So much UNLIMITED DETAILLL :3 They Trillions and Trillions of atoms that are equal to billions of polygons which nearly 1000x the amount you get in polygon games.This is very similar to vloxe but its not running on your graphics card,its displaying on every pixel you have on your screen,so you can run Trillions of atoms. The engine that they made can even convert polygon games to atoms!

kneon2393d ago

If they can display trillions of atoms then they need position and color data for trillions of atoms.

Let's be generous and say they can store the data for each atom in 32 bits. That would be 32 TeraBytes. That's a lot of data. I've got some really powerful PCs and access to some monster machines at work, and none of them have Terabytes of RAM.

iamnsuperman2393d ago

The video in the link bad in quality. It is much better watching it via the youtube page. It will be interesting to see what they are saying is true.

Emilio_Estevez2393d ago

That demo was amazing, I remember some sites crying fake, but offered no solid proof of that. A game using this tech would be crazy, would have to be next gen/pc.

xtremexx2393d ago

yea, i dont know why some people wont just be happy, and hope its true

FPSWin2393d ago

There are always some trolls

xtremexx2393d ago

maybe trolls, maybe just people who dont want to believe,

Waddy1012393d ago

It wouldn't actually, if you go and watch some of the vids they have the processing power required by the engine isn't a lot because the "atoms" that they have are mapped 1:1 with pixels on the screen.

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The story is too old to be commented.