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Metro: Last Light - New Gameplay Footage Leaked

DSOGaming writes: "Post-apocalyptic fans, get ready for some new footage of the upcoming Metro: Last Light. This footage was uploaded on GameTrailers, however it was removed for unknown reasons. Our guess is that GameTrailers uploaded prior to its exclusive deal with 4A Games but YouTube’s member ‘FE4R87′ has managed to download it and re-upload it on YouTube." (Metro: Last Light, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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aviator189  +   794d ago
Honestly, this is my most anticipated title for 2013 so far. Game looks really fantastic.
Forbidden_Darkness  +   794d ago
It definitely does look fantastic. I never played the first one (due to it not being on PS3), but i'm definitely going to play this one and maybe if I get a new computer before this game is released, i'll pick the first game up on Steam.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   793d ago
The first game was amazing it had a few
technical problems and the shooting was a bit
off but the atmosphere was brilliant and more
than made up for it.
I think those problems will be addressed in this
new metro game though and it should be a GOTY contender.
BattleAxe  +   793d ago
@ Forbidden

Steam has Metro 2033 on sale just a few days ago for just $4.99
ShinMaster  +   793d ago
Looks like Killzone.
There I said. Sue me.

Seriously though, that was just my initial impression when I first saw this game.

You can't blame me for thinking that, lol
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ATi_Elite  +   793d ago
They pushed it back to 2013!

GOOD!! Looking forward to Metro:LL but 2012 is stacked deep with games already.

I'm running outta Game time!
seanpitt23  +   794d ago
Looks good glad this ones on ps3
MAJ0R  +   794d ago
Believe me, you will want to play this game on the PC if you want to have the same experience the developers intended for.
GamingPerson  +   793d ago
That is true even the cloth in the train scene & the destruction at the end is all nVidia Physx!

They have only been showing of the pc version.
Noone has seen console fooatge yet same goes for metal of honor.
I would bet cash this is not the ps3 or 360 build.

It's all in the interview.
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KeiserSosay4788  +   793d ago
Why disagrees people??? This is fact.
Corax  +   794d ago
The last one was suppose to be on PS3, I don't know what happened but studios piss me off when they announce a game for a platform and then don't release it as if everyone forgot what they said. Perfect example Witcher 2.

Edit: I don't know who disagreed with me but take your head out your arse for a minute and look up the the first game and you'll find it was to be an PS3 exclusive for consoles then got moved to 360 for exclusivity. Just to be clear it was to be PC/PS3 then got moved to PC/360 and was canned because of a "business decision".
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NYC_Gamer  +   793d ago
THQ published Metro:2033 so they must have made the choice not to bring it over to the PS3...4A games most likely had no part in that decision...
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torchic  +   793d ago
yea. I was really looking forward to this game, and was disappointed in hearing the delay. I guess from a PS3 gamer's point of view a little bit more time to make the PS3 version as good as the 360's.
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Jazz4108  +   793d ago
Because its on ps3 is imo why its been delayed again. Developers just can't quite get what sony expected them to cream there shorts over.
Orpheus  +   794d ago
Best link of the day thnx John2
Enmson  +   794d ago
a lot of leaked stuff from THQ these days, lol
floetry101  +   794d ago
This is the kind of sequel I love to see. Metro 2033 was a decent title with a heap of potential. It certainly looks like they've made the most of it with Last Light. I'll be picking up a GTX 600 series card in the near future to play this bad boy on PC.
Despair666  +   794d ago
makes me wish stalker 2 wasn't cancelled...
a huge open world with this kind atmosphere and graphics would have been a perfect game for me.
Andromalius  +   794d ago
This is soooo sad how Metro 2033 was underrated. A flawed game but with one of the most hypnotizing atmospheres ever. The sequel looks great, I can't wait !!
givemeshelter  +   794d ago
Loved the first game. The sequel should be stellar.
Graphic wise. This will be a stunner that's for sure.
pandehz  +   794d ago
2033 was a brilliant game

The nosalises are coming

Hope Bourbon plays a big part this time.

Also more shroom vodka jokes would be good.
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ninjahunter  +   794d ago
Very nice, These guys really know how to play with my excitement, brings back the nostalgia of playing 2033 for the fisrt time. I really cant wait.
specialguest  +   793d ago
Hopefully this game will be better optimized than the first game. I didn't have a capable PC at that time, but I've read complaints about gamers not being able to run the game at high settings at a playable frame rate even with really good gpu.
ninjahunter  +   793d ago
Metro 2033 wasnt awfully optimized, the texture streaming was a bit clunky and they were a bit generous with effects that were more demanding than their worth. But Dx11 was what was so contrevercial, they did it very poorly, There was an Advanced DOF feature that was utterly broken and they used tesselation/displacement on freaking everything! You can tell if you Have an ati card and you turn up the tesselation slider in the driver settings.

Metro had a fairly optimized engine, they wererent very 'refined' with their development. I think its safe to assume it will be much better second time around.
SignifiedSix  +   793d ago
480p. Seriously? This is 2012, not 2005...
JohnApocalypse  +   793d ago
I hope this one doesn't have those technical issues that the first one had
CrazyRap  +   793d ago
I hope sony makes a deal with THQ to bring Metro 2033 with Metro: last light for ps3 version.
Silly gameAr  +   793d ago
As a digital download would be pretty cool.
KillerPwned  +   793d ago
Well I guess I am off now to complete Metro 2033....game looks amazing cant wait to see how it is on Wii U.
RyuDrinksTheDew  +   793d ago
as most people here are saying, im extremely hype for this game.
Holeran  +   793d ago
I just want to see what it's going to look like on consoles, because by no means was that running off a console. I don't have the bread to make a new computer and I'm not putting anymore money into the computer I have thats 4 years old.
Hazmat13  +   793d ago
omg this is epic gotta pre order metro last light, FarCry3, Last Of Us, BlackOps2 and more.
Long Live The Metro!
Asgaro  +   793d ago
How dare you put a CoD title between those brilliant games?
nik666uk  +   793d ago
So because the last one didn't do well we PS3 owners are permitted to play this one? Keep it!!!
chukamachine  +   793d ago
I finished the the first game alittle while ago.

The game was good, but had problems.

The game required alot of gpu/cpu power, and although good looking in places, i think it should have run alot better.

The guys voice was so boring, the shooting could have been better.

I'd give it an 8. overall.
mep69  +   793d ago
did anyone save the vid anywhere else, the link is down.
Rivitur  +   791d ago
Here's a russian link they cant take it down....

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