Are Social Games Really Social? Games?

RPS writes: Embarrassed kids are amusing. A parent or authority figure co-opts a line or two of their lingo, and they act like it’s the cataclysmic end of everything they hold dear as foretold in The Prophecy. It is, to them, a corruption – a barely recognizable remnant of something they once loved that’s been chewed up, spat out, and then obliterated by a fortuitously timed meteor. It’s interesting, then, to watch fully (or at least, mostly) grown adults react the same way any time social games come up.

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iamnsuperman2247d ago

I like Social Games. They can be quite fun and addictive just to play from time to time. I am not a fan of it flooding my Facebook page and so I tend to avoid those games but you would be surprised how small, simple games are a lot more fun when playing against your friends and that is the appeal (for me) of social games