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If you’re an avid Xbox Live online gamer then it’s no secret to you that it costs to do so! What used to cost $50 dollars has since upped in price to $60. However, there are perks to being a member of Xbox Live for an extended period of time, such as discounts on gold memberships

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cl19832127d ago

Or if you have multiple users Get the family gold for 100.0, and get 4 people a year at 25.00 each.

guitarded772127d ago

Set up for auto renew, then call MS and tell them you want to cancel auto renew (even though you can do it online). They'll tell you about how you're missing out, but still tell them you want to cancel. After that, they'll offer you a year for $40. Tell them you found it for $35 elsewhere and they'll match it... even if you didn't find it for $35. Anyway, it worked for me. Amazon was running a $35 special a while back and I ordered a year, and called to cancel my auto renew and that's what happened. I went ahead and took both offers for 2 years at $70.

Lucretia2127d ago

i think thats the most ridiculous thing ever.

one of my biggest gripes with live, besides it not being much better than PSN Multiple live memberships must be purchased per house hold.

its not that bad with games like halo that allow Guests, but games like COD that require membership members is just ridiculous.

I can play lag free with as many people as i want on all the games i want for free on PC, and ps3.

had 2 years of live, i must be blind because i dont see whats worth paying

insomnium22127d ago

Pretty much nothing unless you are a teen and want to be connected to your cool friends all the time and talk cool things with them all the time. It's so cool unless ofc you don't care for it since you are not a teen.....

egidem2127d ago

I usually do a similar thing, but I compare services and their features with how much they're worth/cost.

As of today, comparing Live to PSN and/or Steam, Live is just a RIPOFF. Even to do the most basic thing (play online) doesn't come free. Some people will point out last year's PSN hack fiasco and point out that Live offers a better service because they pay for it. I'd then Show them Valve's Steam service which is so much better than Live in any way, and STILL costs nothing!

Now, it gets even worse in my opinion if I'm comparing Xbox Live Gold membership to PS+. I can't stress enough how good a service PS+ is. I've gotten so much free content and lots more at discounts for weeks and weeks that sometimes I wonder if they're just throwing things out there for the sake of selling them.

Live costs more and STILL offers much less value in return.


It has nothing to do with being a teen. It could be that those teens' friends happen to be on Xbox live only and they'd also opt for the same service.

jetlian2127d ago (Edited 2127d ago )

some psn+ games dont stay if you should quit the program. Also there are other ways of getting live cheaper

With bing, xbox live rewards, free demos, way more xbla/indie games,party chat, faster DL ,and deal of the week live pays for itself

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GamingPerson2127d ago

Or they could make multiplayer free like psn & steam! Crazy idea right?!

I don't want hbo, netflix, or other non gaming crap. Multiplayer should be free.

BabyTownFrolics2127d ago

you should have more bubbles you are quite insightful and very handsome

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dazzrazz2127d ago

It used to cost $40 now its $50... welcome to Amazon

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truewittness2127d ago

On Ebay you can always find it for $30.

truewittness2126d ago (Edited 2126d ago )

Good luck with that? LOL. Sony fanboy I guess. I mean why would I lie. Go to It happens like three times a year. Just trying to help people out but you just want to act cool or something.

atlys2127d ago

Here's a little tip on getting gold on the cheap. First, let your gold expire. Second, when prompted to renew or revert back to the "free" silver account, revert back to the free account. Third, watch for the large tile on the home screen to flip until it shows an offer for one month of gold for $1 or 2 months for $2 and grab the deal. Lastly, go to and cancel the auto renew and when your gold expires again repeat the process. I've paid $6 for the last six months of xbox live gold. Enjoy! :)

atlys2127d ago

how do you get a disagree for offering a tip that'll save the average user money? haters gonna hate I guess.

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