Spike TV and GameTrailers E3 All Access 2012 Coverage Explained

We’ve upped the ante significantly with 17 hours of All Access Live coverage on Spike TV and online. There’s so much going on that we’ve decided to put this article together to help you understand our coverage a little better. There’s also a handy schedule at the bottom that will keep you on track during the biggest week in video games. And it's going to be real big with new games and the final form factor for Nintendo's Wii U revealed. We're really excited to bring you inside E3 2012 and take you along for the ride.

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GraveLord2310d ago

I don't see any mention of the Sony conference. Is that not airing on Spike TV? Why not?


Sony Press Briefing (Stream)"

Yeah, I was right, it will only be streamed on This is weird. Let's bombard Geoff Keighly on twitter and ask him why.

PshycoNinja2310d ago

G4TV wont be showing the MircroSoft, Nintendo and EA conferences though...

Uncharted2Vet2310d ago

@PshycoNinja actually G4TV will be showing the Microsoft & EA except they will be repeats of what was shown on spike except of course the commentators of spike will be replaced with the G4 Commentators. the only one not being shown is the nintendo one for some weird reason.

KILLERAPP2310d ago

So G4 will have the Sony conference and none of the others wow truly sucks for them.

KILLERAPP2310d ago

No Sony this year again, sucks!

sjaakiejj2310d ago

When's Microsoft's conference? Is that the Xbox Evolved one?

DivineAssault 2310d ago

Sony? Its just as important as nintendo this year.. MANY exclusives are to be shown..