Another comparison shot for Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD

Another comparison shot has been revealed for the upcoming Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 downloadable skateboarding video game, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD.

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sjaakiejj1884d ago

Might buy this out of pure nostalgia, it's looking rather good :)

sjaakiejj1884d ago

Oh wow, I don't remember what they did but I definitely remember Secret Tapes - I spent ages collecting those :o

SonysOldNews1884d ago

i will crush anyone in this. on the xbox or the failing ps3

MattyG1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

Wow, we couldn't tell just by your username that you hate Sony. Grow up and don't be a fanboy.

BattleAxe1884d ago

Yeah, Sony is old news.....Welp, I'm gonna go watch a Blu Ray movie now.

SonysOldNews1883d ago

Oldnews is my last name brah. Thanks for being a assume jockey.

MattyG1883d ago

@SonysOldNews Oh man I'm sorry. Is your first name Sony as well?

NastyLeftHook01884d ago

lol, reported as immature. i love the avatar though.

MattyG1884d ago

Just look at all his other comments, it's like he can't stop relating everything to sex or bashing PS3 lol

Alcohog1884d ago

Doubt it. High score on the school? I played on N64 and still destroyed every high score I've ever seen on any platform for THPS.

MrMister1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

PS3 had over 40 AAA exclusives between 2011 to the end of 2012. Xbox has only 4-5 major exclusives in the same amount of time. Enjoy your twitter apps and no significant exclusives, loser.

SonysOldNews1883d ago

ooh i got your testicles in a rump. THATS MY BABY!

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NJShadow1884d ago

I swear, I'll never forget the lyrics in that Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 demo. "Mama had a baby... she was 22 years old." At least, that's what we used to think the lyrics were, lol. xD

gamerben1884d ago

Ugh... loved the original game, but why are the new graphics so over-filtered? are the dark borders really all that necessary?

Bell Boy1884d ago

I can only pray they have sense and get this on Vita
I for one will be all over it...this game would be fantastic to play on the go

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