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New Harry Potter showcases everything wrong with Kinect

Harry Potter is a rich and magical world worthy of a high-quality video game. Instead, the upcoming Kinect title showcases everything that is wrong with controller-free gaming.

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Community1944d ago
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NovusTerminus1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

Okay, I really hate HP, but I watched the gameplay and read your article... Not sure why but whatever, lets run with it!

This quote is quite bothersome.

"I don’t even have to mention the canon-breaking inclusion of your self-created student and I’ll still have enough fire power to make my case"

Why does that matter? Putting your own self in the universe, something allot of people like to do. Why does it matter if it breaks the cannon? This game is NOT cannon, so it doesn't matter!

But, yeah aside from that I agree with the writer, the game does look like crap! But wanting an in depth and good game from a studio just cashing in on a license is not gonna happen.

TheMrFraz1944d ago

Hmmm...I guess the idea of an Avatar Me adventuring through iconic straight-from-the-films setpieces just bothers me. Like, I'd be all for a separate story set in the Harry Potter world of another student (a la me) taking part in behind-the-scenes business, but wielding the Sword of Gryffindor in the Chamber of Secrets? Are you kidding me? Things like this, things that so blatantly never happened...I dunno, I have trouble getting over them, even in a game I'll never play.

Perhaps if they pitched this as a Harry Potter game without context to either the books or films I'd be fine, but specifying that the connection with the movies makes no sense other than to say, "Hey, look! Our Harry looks like Daniel Radcliffe!"

Biggest1944d ago

I get what you're saying and I agree. It just feels off. Had they used the Harry Potter universe without Harry specific themes it would be all good. Injecting a new face into familiar scenes isn't a good idea.

Shadonic1944d ago

Games gonna suck, physical interaction or controllers are not needed for a good game to exist, and 100% of how a game comes out depends on the developers not the peripheral.

TheMrFraz1944d ago

I would love to agree with you, but I firmly do not believe an action-adventure release with gameplay that involves holding some object can be done without a controller.

If you disagree, I would actually love to hear a design pitch on how one might work. Believe me, I'd love to be proven wrong.

Shadonic1944d ago

Actually its not really needed I've written about a page worth of explanations for this but sadly my ipod kept closing the page making me lose my work. Basically take fable the journey where the player uses magic in a different way involving a combination of motions for different spells (imagine the skyrim spell charge animation but your doing it and each spell has a unique animation to be done for activation. It is an action adventure game that has magic and movement like the horseback riding where the player acts as if hes steering the horse. This kind of just goes back to the days that every child has to when he or she probably pretended to hold some toy gun its basically that but with the gaming added in. Though it honestly dosent matter in most cases with kinect games because you can just pick up a stick or something from outside or something ive done it in kung fu high impact and once on kinect star wars and while it did feel a little better at the same time it was still the same thing. I recently tried out the steel battalion demo which implements more immersion with kinect like when my crew mate tried to bail out of the mech and i grabbed him before he got out and started punching him ( actual punching required ) to knock some sense into him. Things like this are great implementations and could be used a lot more in kinect games to add some immersion. its actually not that hard it just takes more time to get used to it then it usually does with a controller and that's something a lot of people including reviewers don't take into account.

Shadonic1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

Idk if you have or not but someones already done a kinect control design for skyrim that is actually pretty good. He uses the same control design i came up with over the year with the movement of rise of nightmares for forward movement, the aiming of basically implementing the usual courser movement on the dashboard but on a fixed position and the fighting is just basically mimicking real world moves magic,armor,weapons and shouts are put on through voice command like the current update but hes done it way before Bethesda. Hes also done a kinect Bulletstorm that has shooting and movement as well. Things that could of been implemented and improved on by Ubisoft with ghost recon.

Sorry about all this writing dude its just that im going into game design and I'm mostly focused on things pertaining to subjects like this and once i start its hard to stop.

Farsendor11944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

some things about hp annoys me but bad hp games annoy me even more. expecting a good harry potter game is like expecting a good superman game not ever going to happen

TheMrFraz1944d ago

Lego Batman 2 may make you eat those words.

Baka-akaB1944d ago

Seems more like it showed everything wrong with harry potter games (except lego) .

They are all fugly and badly though out , nothing to do with kinect per se . Even if the general level of quality (or lack of) of kinect games doesnt help

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