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Final Fantasy XII Sequel Looks To Be Real

TGH Writes: "It seems an image that has been circling around the internet which was first thought to be some sort of lame joke, turns out may be true after all." (E3, PS3, Valiant Saga: Final Fantasy, Xbox 360)

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Starfox811  +   848d ago
Seems legit, but also seems strange that they'd insert a sequel to XII so long after its release. Granted they did the same thing for Final Fantasy VII and its revival period.
PshycoNinja  +   848d ago | Funny

I give up on trying Square. At this point I just dont care what Wada does with your company anymore. You are producing things people arent asking for. As a matter of fact fans ask you not to do something like this and you do it anyways.

Fan: I want Versus XII
Square: Okay then you'll love XIII-2
Fan: Huh?

Fan: The fans want a Final Fantasy VII remake.
Square: Then you'll be happy to hear that we are remaking Final Fantasy X and IV (for the 9th time).
Fan: That's not what we asked.

Fan: Square we dont care about any of your current projects anymore. Just move on and make XV so we dont have to remember the last few bad FF.
Square: How conveniant! We are proud to announce that we are making a sequel to Final Fantasy XII!
Fan: MOTHERFUC*****!!!!!!!!!!
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BitbyDeath  +   848d ago
Bubs, that made the laugh, sadly it's true though...
TheColbertinator  +   848d ago

FFXII is my favorite FF game of all time.I played at least 200 hours before retiring the game for good.However I agree with you,no one is asking for a sequel.

FFXII had a great ending which does not need any more continuing stories.That FFXII Revenant Wings game did not count.
KeybladeMaster  +   848d ago
LMAO it's funny because sadly its true.
synchroscheme  +   848d ago
Fan: We'd really like a Final Fantasy XII sequel. ;)
Square: Then we're pleased to announce...ah, I see what you did there. Too bad, FFXII sequel it is then.
Fan: :(
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SaiyanFury  +   848d ago
While I can't call it my favourite FF of all time, it was my favourite PS2 Final Fantasy. I won't go into the reasons I didn't care so much for FFX, or like I need to say anything about X2. FF12 was like Final Fantasy Tactics (one of my favourite games of all time) and laid out like a standard RPG; it was grand. I played it for over 150 hours and I honestly have no desire for a sequel. Personally, I wouldn't mind an HD remake, but I don't think the game needs a sequel. Literally, the only 2 S-E games I've bought this entire generation are Nier and Star Ocean 4. And neither of them were developed by S-E.
VileAndVicious  +   848d ago
lol actaully liked XII it was one of my most favorite in the series and Im kind of excited about this news. Granted...where the hell is my Versus its almost been a decade lol
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   848d ago
Well this really does show what Square Enix is all about. The FF13 defenders where all lovey dovey with Square when 13-2 got announced. I bet they are changing their tune now.

I actually liked 12. I don't mind a FF12-2, but I really want FFV13 to come out since it was announced FIRST!!!

BUT we all know that new titles take precedence right and therefore VS13 will never get released since technically it's an "old" title now lol?

banjadude  +   848d ago
LOL, it's so true... oh my dear God!
*wipes tear from eye*
paybackprahl  +   848d ago
You are a genius, and the voice of a frustrated audience. I award you with bubbles.
MaxXAttaxX  +   848d ago
I've been curious about the rumored FF12 sequel that got cancelled a while back.
Let's hope this sequel is as much an RPG as FF12 was (and nothing like sh*t FF13).

Just like FF4 The After Years (a sequel no one thought of asking) was a sequel 17 years after the original and turned out pretty good.

Also, not everyone cares for a FF7 remake. I'd like to see a a remake of FF4, 6 or 9 in full 3D with current gen(or next-gen) graphics).

P.S. FF4 was only remade twice. Complete Edition and DS version. Not 9 times.
kingdavid  +   848d ago
Dont forget Dragon Quest X.

Oh yay, new dragon quest announced.

Oh, theyve turned it into a subscription based MMO. Who the fk asked for this? >:(
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Kos-Mos  +   848d ago
You`re not worthy of talking about Final Fantasy Xii.
Hisiru  +   848d ago
Where are you Squaresoft? :(
Styxoric  +   848d ago
True, and very, very sad.
Squatch83  +   848d ago
lmao. Perfect
FinaLXiii  +   848d ago
oh come on FF12 its a good game.
Blastoise  +   848d ago
Go on then, take a bubble. You deserve it
Duoma  +   848d ago
I agree with psycho ninjas comment...although funny its right on spot.

Its square's attitude towards what fans want which makes me just wish they go belly up
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RurouniKaze  +   848d ago
you better not be hating on FFX.

I am VERY Happy that theyre remaking it.

And I am sure almost everyone who played that
game is very happy as well.

And im sure that the people that will now have the oppertunity to play the FFX which many argue to be better than FFVII will be happy as well.

Yeah Square Enix sucks now but still , hating on a FFX remake is petty.
slayorofgods  +   847d ago
I may be the only one on here to say this. But Im excited for a sequel to FF12..

It's a much better way / style for square to tap into the action wrpg feel that they want to tap into. FF12 was action orientated and had the big open world to explore. but it also contained a very strategic battle system to make the game play and leveling system feel deep (something wrpg's lack).

I know FF12 has gotten its share of hate, but I think it is one of the best in the series. This is a much better direction then FF13 to try to capture some of the wrpg market.

I may get piled with disagree's but I like this decision by SE. (and that isn't something I have said often this generation).
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crxss  +   847d ago
i haven't really enjoyed a final fantasy game since 2001 when FFX came out. 12 was meh, 13 was a disappointment, haven't dared touched 14, and still waiting on versusXIII (which will hopefully own).

SE you have disappointed for more than a decade... really?!
bangoskank  +   847d ago
FF XII is also one of my favorite installments in the series. For it's time everything about it from graphics to gameplay were excellent. The mob hunts and Esper hunts were especially addicting. I'd love to see a true sequel but am sure that without Matsuno involved it will end up sucking.
Reibooi  +   848d ago
FFXII was my favorite PS2 era FF and I really hope that if this is true it plays in a similar fashion and retains all the things that made FFXII so good back then.

I always thought it was a shame that FFXII was so hated back when it was released but it seems that as time went on more and more people came around to liking it(or the people who were so vocal about hating it slowly just stopped talking) Either way I hope they reveal this in full at E3 and I hope it will be as good as FFXII was.
PshycoNinja  +   848d ago
I just want them to finish the one game they announced 6 years ago!!! Is that too much to ask? I just want them to finish one thing before they move on to 10 other projects.

Just put everyone on Versus XIII. Release it. Then split the teams back up to work on their respective projects.
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Dasteru  +   848d ago
FFXII was my favorite PS2 FF also.

From what i have seen there are 3 main reasons why alot of people didn't like it.

1: Political nature of the story

2: Didn't like the combat system at first sight and gave up on the game after less than a couple hours.

3: Lacked the intelligence to figure out the Gambit system, blamed the entire game for their own stupidity.
paybackprahl  +   848d ago

You're missing the 4th (most important) reason, one that also applies to hardcore FF fans like myself.

XII was boring as hell.
Ult iMate  +   848d ago
Make a sequel to a FF XII without Yasumi Matsuno? Good luck with that. Matsuno was my personal favourite JRPG-maker.
Canary  +   848d ago
I'd love to see a "complete" FFXII. You know, one where they actually have the whole story in the game, so that the you don't play for tens of hours without any dialog. Aside from Balthier and Basch (and Asche, I suppose) the cast was filled with non-entities. It sucked that FFXII's story was so half-assed, especially considering how absolutely brilliant the rest of the game was.

But, in all seriousness, I don't forsee there EVER being any new FFXII stuff, outside of maybe an HD port for PS3/Vita.

If there is a sequel, though, odds are it'll be released worldwide before Versus.
Ult iMate  +   848d ago
Vita-version of FF XII would be sweet.
But the sequel of the game without the creator of XII seems questionable.
Canary  +   848d ago
My memory is a bit hazy, but as I recall, the chief reason for FFXII's butchered narrative and empty characters (as well as the obscenely long development time) was that the project leads switched half-way through.

So, in a sense, FFXII was a game without the creator of FXII to begin with.
Ranma1  +   848d ago
--this needs to be said aloud--


why did they have to merge they have become a joke. is it a coincidence that they merged on april fools day?
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edwoods  +   848d ago
lol u copied my post
GamingPerson  +   848d ago
sooo People still think FF isn't over milked?
RedDead  +   847d ago
There's over 30 Metal gear games. Good franchises get milked. FF is just **** now.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   848d ago
I liked FFXII it was a good game,i didn't like it at first and i can see why other people didn't like it but seriously no one is asking for a sequel.

we need a brand new FF that's as good as the old games if not even better! or at least finish off FF versus XIII.

Besides the sequel will ruin my memory of how much i enjoyed FFXII and lets not forget all the DLC milking this game would get.

*sigh* square just be good again! make me excited for a FF like i used to be! after all you didn't sell millions of copys of FFVII,VIII,IX and X through DLC milking and sequels nobody asked for.

Make the amazing original epic games you once did and the money and sales will follow...
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Joe8609  +   848d ago
strange? do you recall the Final Fantasy IV sequel? lol
Prcko  +   848d ago
hmm that FF was one of the worst i played,gief FFX Sequel
ilikestuff  +   848d ago
agreed, sucked big time why not sequel 10?
Minato-Namikaze  +   848d ago
Dasteru  +   848d ago
Probably get alot of hate for this but i have to say it.

FFX was nearly as linear as XIII, Was by far the most repetitive of all the FF games. Had one of the most cliche story's and half the characters were cheese puffs. FFXII was a vastly superior game in every way.

Edit: Forgot to add, as stated above. FFX already had a sequel, it was called FFX-2 and it sucked monkey balls even worse than X.
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Sevir  +   848d ago
10 and 10-2 were awesome
I for one hated the direction of 12... I hated the political story! and the characters all sucked. Ivalice as a world just wasn't interesting and i couldn't bring myself to completing it! >_> In my opinion they could have done a sequel to FF9, the world of terra was awesome and the characters in that are amazing! Honestly the worlds that sakeguchi crafted were simply amazing! I'm not sure what Wada is doing at that company but I don't care anymore! whats sad is that this game more than likely has been in development the same time FF13-2 was and will probably launch worldwide before Versus 13, especially with Wada confirming that FF games will now have a 2 year development cycle. After Versus 13 not playing another final fantasy game ever! it'll be Kingdom Hearts till they force Tetsuya to gimp the franchise's quality!
FlashXIII  +   848d ago
They made a sequel, the intro made it look like it was aimed at 10 year old girls.. can't comment on the rest of the game, it immediately got taken back to the game store after the intro ended.
nesstalgia  +   848d ago
I hated Vaan so much, such a hard character to like.
NeXXXuS  +   848d ago
I liked Basch because he was hot.
FlashXIII  +   848d ago
I blame the voice actor, they could have given him a decent sounding voice as opposed to making him sound like someone who is just going through puberty.
bangoskank  +   847d ago
Well... he was a kid. He was voiced much better than Tidus.
Snookies12  +   848d ago
Oh, you mean the man-woman with no personality? Vaan is probably one of the worst things to come out of the FF franchise. Honestly, whoever decided to make that the main character of XII NEEDS to be slapped. Balthier was 100 times more interesting.

With that said, the FFXII story sucked in my opinion. I went through it like 3 times and it STILL made no freaking sense, or maybe it was so lackluster my mind didn't want to grasp it. The gameplay was fun, but aside from Balthier and a few others the characters were unimaginative, never stood out, and had hardly any meaning at all. The color scheme was also as boring as plotline being all greyish brown. There was hardly any color at all in the environments save a few areas.

XII was good from a gameplay standpoint. I put in around 200 hours in my main game, but it in no way deserves a sequel. Give one that REALLY deserves it *cough* VI *cough* Shoot, I'd take a sequel to just about any other FF game rather than XII sorry to say.

EDIT: On second thought, I don't want Enix touching FFVI in any way for a sequel. They'd ruin it so badly... XD
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Imalwaysright  +   848d ago
Balthier and Ash were FF12 main characters.
bangoskank  +   847d ago
The story made perfect sense if you have an attention span. Those who don't would probably get it if they watch it in movie format here:

HaHa_Ostrich  +   848d ago
Indeed, I dont know why he was there at all. Many strong and likeable male and female characters in the cast, yet the "hero" is a girly teenager, not well voiced, without any connection to the story, besides "I want to be a pirate too". Maybe for the star wars concept square desperately needed their own Luke Skywalker? If so, they failed.
HeavenlySnipes  +   848d ago
Vaan is not the main character. The story revolves around Ashe and the relationship between Baltheir and his dad (when it comes to which characters play the biggest part). You simply start the game as Vaan. In no way does that make him the main character
user5467007  +   848d ago
Jeez...Sqaure are so out of touch with their fanbase

"Hey Square we want FF13 Versus"

"Here you can have FF13"

"...Square we want Versus still, oh and a FF7 remake"

"Here you can have FF13-2"


"Here you can have a FF12 sequel"

FF12 was average, it wasn't bad and it wasn't good...why do they have to do a sequel to that.

Do one for FF8 or FF9...theres so many things you can do in those games.

Is this Sqaures thing now...to do sequels to past FF games

I think they can't be arsed to think of another story, setting, characters for a new FF game. I'm guessing FF15 is a long way off unless they rename Versus to FF15 which in my opinion they should, with all the time spent on it I bet all that FF13 mytho they had in the game could be changed.
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Cablephish  +   848d ago
Wow, Square Enix really doesn't want to remake FFVII...
WooHooAlex  +   848d ago | Well said
I think they do, they're probably just terrified of screwing it up.
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NeXXXuS  +   848d ago
lol bubs for you
Lord_Sloth  +   848d ago
Final Fantasy Tactics console sequel or bust! None of that GBA fluffy bunny stuff either! Tactics had a pretty dark storyline with a ridiculous body count and some great characters!

1080p FFT sequel or remake. I already have War of the Lions and lemme tell ya, it's framerate sucks and it's not enough to sate my thirst!

I'll also accept an FFVII remake or Versus XIII to actually freaking launch before my death!
#6 (Edited 848d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
DragonKnight  +   848d ago
After playing Valkyria Chronicles, I believe that FF Tactics could use that gameplay style if it was brought to consoles. Imagine walking on the playing field as T.G. Cid and busting out a Lightning stab on a 3D field? That would be a pre-order purchase for me.
Omnislash  +   848d ago
I just finished that game and it was awesome! Square Enix needs to step their game up!
Da One  +   848d ago
lol @ square launching FFXIII before your death...you know it won't happen
Son_Lee  +   848d ago
FFXII was just terrible. A sequel has tons of potential, but wow Square, how about a sequel to FFVIII or FFIX?
colonel179  +   848d ago
What about finishing and releasing Final Fantasy Vaporware XIII first! THEN make other Final Fantasy games? Is that too hard?
Capt-FuzzyPants  +   848d ago
Well its probably a different group of people. And even if there are people who work on more than one game, I still think they're making progress with Versus. It's a good thing that they take their time. Sometimes leaving something and coming back to it will give you fresh ideas and inspiration. It'll come when it's ready. SE has the manpower to work on multiple games.
AsimLeonheart  +   848d ago
Has anyone noted that it looks more like a sequel to Vagrant Story than FFXII? Even the writing style of Valiant Saga and the premise is similar to Vagrant Story. The T in Valiant is written just like the T in Vagrant. If this is true then, well... I WILL BE DAMNED!
Larry L  +   848d ago
Did you never notice that FF12 looks very similar to Vagrant Story? It's not a coincidence. I'm thinking no one ever told you that FF12 and Vagrant Story are part of the same "universe".

Now you know.
SaiyanFury  +   848d ago
That's because Vagrant Story, FF Tactics, and Final Fantasy XII were largely done by the same people and not the standard FF team. All 3, and XII for a good part were directed by Yasumi Matsuno, the art was done by Akihiko Yoshida, and the music was done by amazing composer Hitoshi Sakimoto. I'm sure there's a lot of other of the same team members in there. I love the work these guys do as just about everything they touch tends to be golden. :)
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AsimLeonheart  +   848d ago
Thanks for explaining it to Larry. I was just going to reply that all three of the games mentioned by him were by the same team and set within the same universe. All of the fans already knew that and it isn't a mystery.
Hicken  +   848d ago
Not only that, but they're all set in the exact same world, Ivalice. They're hundreds of years apart, if not more, but XII, Vagrant Story, and Tactics all take place in different parts of the same world at different points in time.
Larry L  +   848d ago
Thanks for explaining it to ME?!?!?!

Asim, you were the one who seemed amazed, surprised and proud of yourself that you just noticed the T in Vagrant Story is the same is the T in this. Not me.

I didn't need anything explained to me. I knew FF12 was set in the same reality as Vagrant Story since Game Informers first sneek peek at FF12 in which they said the two games were tied together.

Maybe it's just coincidence that you now know, after it was told to you, just like it's coincidence the Ts in Vagrant and Valiant are the same font. *rolls eyes* lol

And @ Imalways right.
LOL, nice link there. I love the whole part of that FF12 summary that gets into all the things Tidus and Yuna from FF12 go up to........LOL They even show pictures of Tidus and Yuna. It's amazing how many people on the internet are wrong about everything., "Tidus and Yuna from FF12"........even a pic.........SMH
Aggesan  +   848d ago
FF XII was one of my favourite FF's. Hope it's true.
WooHooAlex  +   848d ago
Same, I actually loved the battle system they used.
FuchiBOT  +   848d ago
12 is my favorite. Also my favorite final fantasy setting. FF Tactics, Vagrant story, 12 all took place in the same world.
Sevir  +   848d ago
Ivalice was soo boring to me!
I couldn't stand it Vargrant story, FF12, revnant wing! I hated them all >_> i just want versus 13.
AsimLeonheart  +   848d ago
Come on bro, I cant believe that you hate Vagrant Story. I can understand the other two but Vagrant Story was awesome and is a legendary game now. Did you play it when it was released or more recently? It really makes a difference. I have often seen that many players who play a game long after it was released do not like it.
Sevir  +   848d ago
I couldn't get into vagrant story!
There was something about the characters that just didn't connect! i played it 2 months after its release on PS2
WooHooAlex  +   848d ago
The story and characters were very average, but man that huge open world with side quests was a lot of fun.

I easily put over 150 hours into that game.
Capt-FuzzyPants  +   848d ago
From what I read it may not be a sequel with the same characters or even gameplay. They're probably just expanding on the world ivalice more. I welcome this. I loved Ivalice in Tactics Vagrant Story, and 12.
ShadyDevil  +   848d ago
The only think that REALLY makes me want to debunk this is that it is supposedly being developed by Eidos Motreal.
Skate-AK  +   848d ago
If this is true it would explain the Tomb Raider delay.
Lucreto  +   848d ago
It was my least favourite Final Fantasy but it did something different. Your character didn't influence events but took part in it.

I would be interested in it if they get rid of some aspects like the waste of time summons and bring back the proper ones.
#16 (Edited 848d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
richierich  +   848d ago
I just hope it doesnt have the same battle system as the previous FF12
nyobzoo  +   848d ago
I don't see this being too hard to believe, I mean wasn't Grin working on this game before they closed down. There was even videos of their work
StraightPath  +   848d ago
Ff12 doesny deserve the ff name. It was average and generic. last good final fantasy was ff10, why they making sequel to 12 the turd?
combadge   848d ago | Spam
J86blum  +   848d ago
Eric Cartman is Wada.

Related video
AgreeFairy  +   848d ago
I hope it's not real. S-E needs to stop making sequels to the worst FF games and release FFvs13 already.
Baka-akaB  +   848d ago
Love the idea always wished for a proper return to Ivalice It's unikely but would be neat to have Matsuno on board for at least the plot .

the world , the zodiac themes , and the judges were awesome , it needs to be more explored .

Always felt ivalice should spin off into it's own series of games , at least officially
#23 (Edited 848d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
PersonaCat  +   848d ago
Am I the only one that thought 12 was enjoyable? :/ That aside, please don't let this be true. They have the X remaster and the legend FFVersus13 they need to complete.
Skateboard  +   848d ago
This is awesome news. I loved FF XII. I also love all the butthurt comments too.

Hope they use this theme.


Honestly if you didn't appreciate anything about FF XII you have horrible taste.
kesvalk  +   848d ago
FF12 is a good game...

but why? why now?

what about finishing what they started?

i just want to see what will be nomura excuse for not finishing versus-13...

square must really be a bunch of monkeys running around...
damn, monkeys would be more wise than these guys...
Drummerdude41  +   848d ago
I really don't know what to think. FFXII was my favorite final fantasy and i craved a new game in that setting with that system...but not like this. I feel like it's going to be a watered down version of what it could be if it had the attention required for it. Kinda like almost all square games nowadays!
TheMrFraz  +   848d ago
Who the hell asked for another FF XII?
Godmars290  +   848d ago
That's all I got. Rage. Frustration. Ambivalence. I just don't know anymore...

Be kind of nice if they stopped using the "Final" in the title though. Because its not anymore.
#29 (Edited 848d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Qrphe  +   848d ago
Based on the record of the other Ivalice Alliance games, it's probably going to be a good game, but like with every game (ever), I'm going to wait until I see anything of it to judge better.
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