Playstation All Stars - The Dream Roster

We lay down some golden oldies who should be included in Sony's upcoming fighter. See if you can spot your faves and recommend some more!

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Enmson1946d ago

it would be a dream if i can create my self and fight my favorite heroes XD

Thatguy-3101946d ago

I took a minute to look up the croc games because they looked familiar. Had forgotten about that game!!!! God was it a good game back in the days. Brought back good memories

DialgaMarine1946d ago

Kratos is already confirmed and has even been shown, as well as Parappa, Sly, Radec, Fat Princess, and Sweet Tooth, so there's no need to throw any of those in.

This is a pretty decent list, but I hope Superbot has all of these and then some. There's a lot of potential here for more characters, and as long as the game has a good core roster, there's even more potential in DLC.

RedSoakedSponge1946d ago

we really need a new oddworld game involving abe. loved those games and im sure im not the only one!

spektical1946d ago

i remember croc. That game was fun.. man back then platformers were the bread and butter of the industry especially on the PS1.

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