id Software Hiring For Next Gen FPS - "Sure, the PS3 might be getting more great games than ever before, but more and more developers are already setting their sights on the next gen. Now, we’ve uncovered a job listing that suggests that id Software are working on a FPS for the next gen."

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crunchychocobo2128d ago

Wow...didn't they just lay off a whole smattering of people earlier this year or late last year?

alexcosborn2128d ago (Edited 2128d ago )

Oh man, I'm sure this game is going to look stunning.

vortis2128d ago

...or like a PC-port running on mid-to-high settings.


dbjj120882128d ago

It'll take forever to be released. CONFIRMED.

NYC_Gamer2128d ago (Edited 2128d ago )

ID has left me disappointed with every new release....People like to give that studio a pass because Doom/Wolfenstein...ID is left behind in the gameplay area...The Tech 5 engine wasn't even stable...Rage launched with ugly textures and everything.

vortis2128d ago

I don't know about the IDT5, I don't want to bash the engine because we don't know a lot about it.

However, RAGE was a huge disappointment and the PC version should have excelled at showing off the potential of the Tech 5 much like Battlefield 3 was a showcase for the Frostbite 2.0.

However, in a quest to garner mainstream sells, RAGE suffered from consolitis and in result, id Software took a huge hit to their technical prowess as well as their integrity to produce a high-quality game.

Eiffel2128d ago (Edited 2128d ago )

The engine did excel at one thing, draw distance.

RAGE looks pretty amazing when looking up at the sky or out in the distance, even looking down pathways of an area. Not so much up close though.

Still the best quality sky I've seen in a game to date.

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The story is too old to be commented.