E3 2012 Sony Press Conference Preview

E3 is only a couple of weeks away and everyone is wondering what awesome stuff we are going to see. What does Sony need to show and announce in order to “win” E3? We’ve got our predictions and key’s to victory.

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NastyLeftHook02245d ago

"they need to come out blasting with awesome games to show off especially for their slow selling console."


it just happens to be the best selling hd console on a year to year basis.

Kushan2244d ago

Why do people care about sales at this point in the game? We're gunning for a new generation. They might not be announced this E3, but they sure as hell seem poised to be released some time next year. Why are people still fighting over the PS3 and 360? At this point, neither has outright lost, nor has either outright won.
7th Generation was a tie, accept it already. Sure, the odd victory was won here and there, mistakes and triumphs alike were made but they're both still in the game and they're both showing their age a bit - the fact that the Wii U is rumoured to have better looking games should tell you that.

PHOSADRA2244d ago

With E3 having a heavy influence on the American audience, I think it would be a good idea for Sony to focus on gaining American Market share with surprises.

They have a limited time to show games, some of the games that we already know about can probably be held back till the Tokyo Game Show, since the impact won't be as big.(Unless its a game coming out this year such as PASBR...they have no choice but to show that)

What is Quantic Dream working on? What is the Uncharted 3 team now working on? Is Sucker Punch working on something besides the new Sly?

Getting more info on games we know about is nice, but seeing new IP's is cool too.

LOGICWINS2245d ago

"Currently the system is sitting at $249.99, but I bet Sony could raise their sales if they dropped down to $199.99."

NO! Really!? /s

supraking9512245d ago

i cant bet against that xD

GodHandDee2244d ago

I don't know man, I don't think the world was ready for such a great logic that says lower

lower price = more sales

It blew my mind

xursz2245d ago

Some people won't be happy until they get the system for 149.99 with a 16gb memory card preloaded with Uncharted, Unit 13, Super Stardust and Escape Plan. And even then, they'll still complain it has no games. :|

finbars752245d ago (Edited 2245d ago )

I hope they dont leak anything at all next week.Sonys biggest problem is that we know everything before E3 which is a huge let down.Sony needs to go on stage with alot of surprises and shock the gaming world.If not then its going to be another lame E3.Its the only time of the year I actually get excited about gaming.Its almost like expect big things from Sony this year since not alot is known so far.

Lucreto2245d ago (Edited 2245d ago )

I am looking forward to it.

Does anyone know how long the conference is on for?

It was 90 minutes last year and 120 minutes the year before.

mobhit2245d ago

I'm just happy with all the love my PS3 is getting. It'll get more with all these games coming.

CoolBeansRus2245d ago

Yes sir. It's a bright future ahead for gaming!

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