Rumor: EA Planning to blow up E3 2012 with Dead Space 3 demo

A source close to PSU has detailed an E3 unveil demo that’ll show off Dead Space 3’s new environments, a little bit of the plot, and new (as well as some returning) characters.

It seems as though we’ll finally be seeing Dead Space 3 – which we’ve known about for a long time, even though it’s only recently been confirmed – at E3 2012. But that’s not all – EA is apparently prepping a demo set to blow our survival-horror-starved minds.

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firefoxprime1795d ago

I say go for it. I passed up on Dead Space 2 for Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions. Clearly, my brain was on cruise control...

AntoineDcoolette1795d ago

So EA is going to install explosives in the Dead Space 3 demo?

F7U121795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

If it's as bad as DS2 then no thanks if its like DS1 then cool.

HammockGames1795d ago


What was bad about Dead Space 2?

F7U121795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Overall the game felt rushed and the gameplay kind of suspense whatsoever unlike DS1.

bwazy1795d ago


Yeah right man, I can barely finish the game, it freaks the CRAP out of me. Suspenseful as hell and the atmosphere is top notch. Sometimes its a tad predictable, but my heart is thankful for that.

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morkendo231795d ago

only thing i want to hear from EA a DECENT back to old school ROOT from NFS......

megacowdung1794d ago

I'm getting it day one also :D
I just hope they don't screw it up like they did to BF3...

Xenomorph1794d ago

Hour One, Minute One, SECOND ONE! I just hope they make it even scarier.

princejb1341794d ago

dead space is one of my favorite franchise this gen

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Ethereal1795d ago

YES! I know this is coming! The recent activity on their social website pages has increased dramatically. =) Day one.

Whitefeather1795d ago

I don't think a Dead Space 3 demo will blow up E3. Half Life 3, Uncharted 4, GTAV, etc. Are more likely to do so.

Kingdom Come1795d ago

Uncharted 4? 6 Months after the release of 3? I wouldn't want to see that...

Hisiru1795d ago

You can expect a new COD game (or maybe 2) each year but a new Uncharted announcement 6 months after the release of UC3? Impossible.,

Whitefeather1795d ago

I'm saying blow up as in it has to be something near impossible.

Summons751794d ago

lol Half life 3 is a myth and uncharted is a 2 year franchise.....GTA I can see (even though I am not fond of the games)

Drainage1795d ago

sounds like a terrorist threat. hopefullly they dont cancel e3 from this

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The story is too old to be commented.