Don't Be A Genre Snob

Are you a genre snob? Do you look down on other games and dismiss them if they're not "hardcore" enough? What does it mean to be "open-minded" about gaming? These are some of the questions Cassidee Moser of sounds off on in an editorial about genre snobbery.

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EthanGolden2190d ago

Why preach to genre snobs?

WeskerChildReborned2190d ago

Playing the same genre to me all the time get's boring.

linkratos2190d ago

Except 2D platformers, they're like crack.
I could go from DKCR to NSMBW to Braid to Super Meat Boy to Rayman Origins to VVVVVV to a plethora of Virtual Console games like SMW or Sonic or SMB3 and not care for another genre for weeks.