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The game itself is a mishmash of enjoyable to sub-par aspects, from a combat system and arcade mode that are both fun and challenging, to a story and setting don't feel particularly fleshed out. It all comes together in an awkward way, and is rather disappointing as a result.

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Leviathan2026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

I love this game so far. I played the original on the xbox and I purchased this game online for my pc. I haven't finished it yet, but as of now, I completely disagree with this review. I would give it an 8/9. I LOVE the sub machine gun and the nail gun.

multipayer2026d ago

While it is a shorter budget title, I thought it had more gameplay variety and better pacing than the original game did. I'd agree it deserves above average marks.

finite2026d ago

Game is great for a standalone content package.. deserves around 7 or 8