PlayStation partners with cloud gaming service. Sony says, “Nothing to report, but…”

VG247 reported on Thursday that, according to its sources, Sony has a number of surprises up its sleeve. Amongst those surprises are two unannounced games and a number of new Vita titles. No shocks there, of course. The big noise however is that Sony is partnering with a “leading cloud gaming service.” Digital Trends reached out to Sony for a comment on the rumor. One representative of Sony’s public relations team responded.

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Nitrowolf21946d ago

“Nothing to report from our end, but [ask] our PSN team just in case"
The title made me think otherwise

beerkeg1946d ago

The title asked for hits.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1946d ago

Blatantly lol.

Journalism has lost all shame hahaha.

Tonester9251946d ago

Glad I read comments first lol

inveni01945d ago

Yeah, that was a pathetic "hold for applause" tactic. Misleading Title = Crappy Article

Godmars2901946d ago

Less methods of delivering games.

More quality games.

Pixel_Enemy1945d ago

So you are demanding Sony.. The company with the most first party studios and exclusive titles.. For even more quality games as if they aren't already doing a great job of that?

Godmars2901945d ago

I want the diversity of the PS2 era back, only better.

I mean for the past five years it pretty much been FPS/TPS. Something like Sky Gunners hasn't ever been talked about, and we're still waiting for Last Guardian.

Sheikh Yerbouti1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )


Shovelware...? Alot of it was I remember.

Dee_911945d ago

Your probably talking about games that was exclusive to ps2 prior to xbox release.That wasnt evn first party.

DA_SHREDDER1946d ago

LOL @ the thought of Sony and Gamestop teaming up for streaming content. Sony and Onlive have been in talks about integration since the Xperia. It's inevitable, unless Microsoft comes in for the kill and picks em up first.


Don't matter who picks 'em first, just like Netflix, those services success depend on being available in anything that can run it, so it usually ends coming to as many hardware as possible.

Lilioups1945d ago

that wont happen
sony got the deal

dead_eye1945d ago

I'd put money on it that microsoft would never have this. They have a very closed network

morganfell1945d ago


Correct. It's the reason you couldn't download 3rd party and user created maps, mutators and models for U3T as with the PS3 and PC. It's also one thing that really ticked off Gabe Newell...

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MySwordIsHeavenly1946d ago

If Sony does this, it will be so awesome! We could even play game trials without having to download the ENTIRE GAME! It would make things so much easier. :)

gaffyh1946d ago

It would be pretty cool for demos and trials

mushroomwig1945d ago

That's exactly what I was thinking, this would make me play those one hour trials a lot more if I could just stream them.

Lilioups1945d ago

If that happens xbox is pretty much screwed

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The story is too old to be commented.