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Submitted by gaffyh 1282d ago | rumor

PlayStation partners with cloud gaming service. Sony says, “Nothing to report, but…”

VG247 reported on Thursday that, according to its sources, Sony has a number of surprises up its sleeve. Amongst those surprises are two unannounced games and a number of new Vita titles. No shocks there, of course. The big noise however is that Sony is partnering with a “leading cloud gaming service.” Digital Trends reached out to Sony for a comment on the rumor. One representative of Sony’s public relations team responded. (Industry, PS Vita, PS3, Sony)

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Nitrowolf2  +   1282d ago
“Nothing to report from our end, but [ask] our PSN team just in case"
The title made me think otherwise
beerkeg  +   1282d ago
The title asked for hits.
Sharingan_no_Kakashi  +   1282d ago
Blatantly lol.

Journalism has lost all shame hahaha.
Tonester925  +   1282d ago
Glad I read comments first lol
inveni0  +   1282d ago
Yeah, that was a pathetic "hold for applause" tactic. Misleading Title = Crappy Article
Grap  +   1282d ago
there is always a but!
Godmars290  +   1282d ago
Less methods of delivering games.

More quality games.
RememberThe357  +   1282d ago
Or both.
Pixel_Enemy  +   1282d ago
So you are demanding Sony.. The company with the most first party studios and exclusive titles.. For even more quality games as if they aren't already doing a great job of that?
Godmars290  +   1282d ago
I want the diversity of the PS2 era back, only better.

I mean for the past five years it pretty much been FPS/TPS. Something like Sky Gunners hasn't ever been talked about, and we're still waiting for Last Guardian.
Sheikh Yerbouti  +   1282d ago

Shovelware...? Alot of it was I remember.
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Dee_91  +   1281d ago
Your probably talking about games that was exclusive to ps2 prior to xbox release.That wasnt evn first party.
DA_SHREDDER  +   1282d ago
LOL @ the thought of Sony and Gamestop teaming up for streaming content. Sony and Onlive have been in talks about integration since the Xperia. It's inevitable, unless Microsoft comes in for the kill and picks em up first.
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   1282d ago
Don't matter who picks 'em first, just like Netflix, those services success depend on being available in anything that can run it, so it usually ends coming to as many hardware as possible.
Lilioups  +   1282d ago
that wont happen
sony got the deal
dead_eye  +   1281d ago
I'd put money on it that microsoft would never have this. They have a very closed network
morganfell  +   1281d ago

Correct. It's the reason you couldn't download 3rd party and user created maps, mutators and models for U3T as with the PS3 and PC. It's also one thing that really ticked off Gabe Newell...
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   1282d ago
If Sony does this, it will be so awesome! We could even play game trials without having to download the ENTIRE GAME! It would make things so much easier. :)
gaffyh  +   1282d ago
It would be pretty cool for demos and trials
mushroomwig  +   1282d ago
That's exactly what I was thinking, this would make me play those one hour trials a lot more if I could just stream them.
Lilioups  +   1282d ago
If that happens xbox is pretty much screwed
yesmynameissumo  +   1282d ago
God I hope they do it.
SignifiedSix  +   1282d ago
Onlive sucks. I don't see why anyone would even want it. Played the homefront trial on my 27" imac and it looked like total crap. The input lag was terrible.

And yes my internet is more than good enough. 30MB/s.

Sorry, but the last generation consoles looked a hell of a lot better than this... garbage.
Tyre  +   1282d ago
@SignifiedSix Exactly, Give us at least another Gen Consoles not this crap. This means the end of PC hardware & the end of ownership/the end of consoles and offline gaming options.It will begin with demos but before u know it all games will be streaming only and kiss offline gaming options goodbye. This is a return to the 70ies mainframes. Are u people stupid to be cheering for this?
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Firebird360  +   1282d ago
@pepbizmo. I totally agree this will be the end of gaming for me, if it happens. I like to actually own the things I pay for.
JoGam  +   1281d ago
But if this happens nobody says the disc wont be available for purchase.
The_Infected  +   1282d ago
Gaikai is way better than OnLive I've played both and Gaikai plays great.
KiLLeRCLaM  +   1282d ago
Nvidia will fix the graphic part of Onlive..
The_Infected  +   1282d ago
Idk OnLive uses a custom compression chip installed in all their servers and for Nvidia to do the compression with the Grid tech it would seem to be alot to change at OnLive.
raytraceme  +   1282d ago ml

it seems to me that nvidia is supporting gaikai more than onlive.
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turnerdc  +   1282d ago
I have a vastly different experience. I'm a big supporter of OnLive and my experience with the service has been nothing but positive playing on my 55" LCD. The speed of your internet connection is not as important as the quality of your connection to their servers. It'll run just fine on a 6MB/s connection. Sounds like the issues you ran into were either that you are just to far away from their servers or there's some interference being caused by your connection (router, firewall, etc).
TekoIie  +   1282d ago
I'm not really for Onlive. Varies on the prices they charge for games and if it's cheaper than retail.
HaHa_Ostrich  +   1282d ago
Is it technologically possible to manage input lag with cloud gaming? Not everybody has a plasma tv or a lcd tv with fast response time, and additional lag may ruin the gameplay (not to mention online multiplayer).
raytraceme  +   1282d ago
Nvidia's grid solves the problem from what they say. Check out their website for more info.

I think nvidia could really make cloud gaming better. Now if they team up w/ sony to add it to the ps3 that would fare well for multiplat games.
sjaakiejj  +   1282d ago
Nvidia's GRID solves it server side, not client side. You'll still experience input lag due to the latency between client and server.
LFC1EE  +   1282d ago
Don't bother stick to console, been there total waste of top dollar, theres also a new company which i think is starting up with much better technology and free but you got them ads, well i suppose with ms and ps doing ads your better off with the new technology gaikai for free, cloud gaming no, no if you got a bad connection leave it there.
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Brettman2008  +   1282d ago
I just hate the cloud gaming concept. Is it too much to ask to game of a disk or hard drive? And, I reckon it will be at least a decade away before most countries have fast internet with big data allowances to cater for it.
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bunfighterii  +   1282d ago
I agree. It takes away the sense of 'ownership' you have over games. I love having a game library to show off.
TronEOL  +   1282d ago
Ha, I just figured it out. If they plan on doing this, it's going to be Gaikai. And I just figured out why it would work so well. You will too if you go to .

The idea could very well be as simple as allowing gamers to play PS3 games from Gaikai's servers, OR it'll be used to demo games (all games) on the PSN for free almost instantly like you would view a screenshot or preview video.

Remember how everyone complains about not wanting to waste money on games they don't know they'll like? Well quickly hit that "demo" button and you'll be playing in a couple minutes. It could also run on Sony's "Full Game Trial" idea where you demo the full game for 30 minutes (or longer if they plan on extending it).

I highly doubt two things:

1. It'll be OnLive. Because OnLive is a platform itself, like the Xbox360, Origin, PS3, etc. Not to mention Gaikai's site says this: "You keep 100% of the revenue and 100% of the customers. You also own the future customer relationships, sales and analytics. Let us help you open up more platforms and reach than you ever imagined possible."

Including the idea of possibly demoing PS3 games on Facebook, and sharing them with friends to play, and eventually lead to tons of more customers.

2. It'll replace downloadable, and retail purchases. It won't. Once again a point in Gaikai's favor. Since it absolutely IS NOT meant for playing games through a Cloud. It's meant to allow people to demo your game everywhere and anywhere. From smartphones, to iPads, to Facebook.

If Sony does do this, they'll be absolutely brilliant. This can easily be the most user-friendly way of trying out games if it works correctly.
MYSTERIO360  +   1282d ago
shameless article
Brettman2008  +   1282d ago
My concern is to where this will lead to. I just hope that the next gen Xbox and Playstation are still predominately using disks and a hard drive. That should get us gamers through to about 2020 or so. By then cloud gaming may be feasible on a world wide basis.
fullmetal297  +   1281d ago
what Onlive needs is more servers. This eliminate any problems with lag.
Bigkurz85  +   1281d ago
Can you really get excited if its Gaikai? While it'd be neat to demo games in this way, it's not like it's a game changer. Sony has an unfortunate history as of late of thinking they have "game-changing" ideas that don't deliver.

"WOW--Sony is AMAZING! Now I can demo games ever so slightly more conveniently!"

1. Playstation Home. Do I need to say more?

2. Remote Play. Interesting idea. crippled by a saddening lack of support. And what's worse, 99% of us Vita owners can't even log in to our PS3 for remote play if we're not at home. What good does that do? I guess it saves me a walk over to my living room if I have the urge to play a PS1 game. Whoop-de-doo.

3. PS3/Vita integration. Cloud saves on a handful of games. Still needing two copies of the SAME game for it to work. Minimal x-platform play. And frankly, I feel deceived about the publicity they gave to being able to remote play your ps3 games.

4. Playstation Move. The middle child of motion gaming. Basically upgraded Wii technology, barely more functional than Wii plus. No real game support. And without the potential of the Kinect.
5. PSN, which continues to lag behind live...even now.

I've owned PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, and now a PS Vita. For a while, I was a Sony-only gamer. And they've pretty much lost my confidence. So it's no wonder they can't win over the non-loyalists.
Roccetarius  +   1281d ago
Hopefully Cloud ''gaming'' crashes and burns before it takes off too well.
maniacmayhem  +   1281d ago
"The PlayStation division is in deep trouble based on the company’s earnings in the past year. It contributed to $2.8 billion of Sony’s total $5.7 billion loss."

Is this true? I thought word around here was the playstation division was profitable?

Anyways, what does this mean if they do partner with Onlive? Can we play ps3 games on Onlive?
stephmhishot  +   1281d ago
I think a lot of people are forgetting about the PSN outage and tsunami in Japan as affecting PS business. The PSN outage is partly Sony's fault, but you can't blame losses due to an act of nature on the company.

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