Gamestop Posts Trade In Values For All Systems, PS Vita Worth $125

Knowing just how much you'll get when you trade in a system at Gamestop means you have to call them and wait for them to give you the bad news that your PS3 is worth $50. Well, that will change because Gamestop has posted the trade in values for all current generation systems and these prices are valid until June 3rd, as long as you are a PowerUp Rewards member.

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BringingTheThunder2124d ago (Edited 2124d ago )

wow, let me grab my vita and get that $125!! /sarcasm

Hisiru2124d ago (Edited 2124d ago )

Looks like I will have to give my vita in order to buy some PS3/3DS games.

I am a really poor man, I want to buy Max Payne 3, God of War 3 + some new 3DS titles.

I will be able to buy a vita next year, maybe I will sell my golden abyss copy (I already finished) then I will be able to buy even more PS3 games.

BringingTheThunder2124d ago

dont give up your Vita. resistance and gravity rush!

Hisiru2124d ago (Edited 2124d ago )

Youre completely right and I am really excited for Gravity and Resistance but I also want to play some new PS3 games and I have no money :(

Gravity Rush is one of my most anticipated games this year and it's coming next month...

I hate to be a poor guy because I can't have everything...

Maybe I will sell some 3DS games? I don't know but I need to do something.

TrendyGamers2124d ago

You can probably find God of War 3 for around $15.

WooHooAlex2124d ago

You payed over $250 for your Vita. Don't sell it for $125, that's only enough money for two new games.

Save up and shop the sales.

cee7732124d ago

i got 150 for you now

Moby-Royale2124d ago

Be patient. I'm speaking from experience when I say that reckless spending always dictates regret.

Many a time I've traded games/consoles in for a quick buck, only to regret it soon thereafter.

As a fellow man that knows the value of a dollar to another I would say that patience is a virtue. You are better off saving up and keeping what you have. Trust me, I speak from hindsight.

Anyway, no matter what you decide, I wish you luck.

Take care.

Hisiru2124d ago (Edited 2124d ago )

I don't regret my Vita purchase, it's just that I don't have money for games, but thanks for your advice.

I do have a job but I need to pay for a lot of things and I need to help my family.

Actually, I was going to try to sell it for something like 175~190. I wouldn't sell it for 125, I am not crazy enough.

Ezio-Auditore002123d ago

If you need money, get a job. I'm saying this nicely btw :)

yeahokchief2123d ago

You should at least wait until after the big gaming expo this year when all the new vita games are announced if you aren't trolling.

Hisiru2123d ago

I am not trolling and as I said I don't regret my Vita purchase, I have no problems with my Vita but if I could sell it for 180 I would be able to buy tons of preowned PS3 games.

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Snookies122124d ago

Lol, what a joke... Why would you trade in a system you pay 250 for only to get 125 back. Considering it's still fairly new too, people (I would hope) aren't dumb enough to fall for this. Even if you're bored with the Vita, trading it in before it gets a good start on putting out games is ridiculous.

BringingTheThunder2124d ago (Edited 2124d ago )

$125 is of course a rip off. $175 should be the lowest

Wolfbiker2124d ago

And sell for $25 profit?

I think gamestop likes staying in buisness.

BubloZX2124d ago

they are gonna sell it for a like 20 bucks cheaper then new so yes it is a rip off.

InTheLab2124d ago


Vita costs $250-$300. Strange maff you got there...

Hicken2124d ago

To be honest, people should be lucky they get THAT much out of Gamestop. Most systems don't trade in for half their value. A brand new anything right out of the box trades in for 1/4 to 1/3 the retail value. It's definitely not a good deal, since they'll only knock about $20-$50 off the price of the pre-owned system (depending on the system, of course), and rake in a massive amount of profit.

So seeing that the Vita trades in for that much is a surprise. Doesn't mean it's enough, but it's better than usual.

joeorc2124d ago (Edited 2124d ago )

that's a slap to the face to the Consumer and Sony and every game console manuf. aside from Nintendo!.

this tell's it all:

3DS ($100.00) trade in Value
PSVita ($125.00) trade in value

So what Game stop is telling the Consumer and Sony that the Value of the PSVita is not only devalued lower than half..the 3G ver is $299.00

but the Value is worth only $25.00 more than the 3DS?

Never mind that the 3DS has no where near the hardware that's in the PSVita it's like saying that the 3DS a sub compact is not that much less than a High end Sports car.

Not even used car dealer's would do such a thing.

thank you Game stop. for putting such a low value on such a High end product as the PSVita and other core living room systems, maybe Sony and Microsoft should sell 6+ year old tech the kind that Nintendo sell's in it's 3DS and call it new and maybe than the trade in value would be that much closer to parity.

You know it's funny that the value of the 3DS is not only much higher from Gamestop's viewed value than what it's hardware is in trade value would be based on the hardware component's inside the machine it's the exact view value same as the Orig. XBOX360?

come on now..even in trade value the 3DS would be no where near that for what kind of hardware is in the thing. only $50.00 less than the PS3 and the new XBOX 360?

Give me a break

Tonester9252124d ago

What about a YLOD PS3? lol I need Max Payne

DJLB21152124d ago

10 bucks and a slap in the face. Dont forget to sign up for Pro Rewards!

TrendyGamers2124d ago

Not bad for the Wii, great time to trade it in before the Wii U.

feeter2124d ago

Still keepin the Wii as a few games i want to play are still coming out... The Last Story and something else i can remember

TrendyGamers2124d ago

Is Pikmin 2 the other one?

feeter2119d ago

I only played the original Pikmin... so may pick up Pikmin 2

Ken222124d ago

Never traded in a system and never will.

vikingland12124d ago

Are those the prices for the xboxes with or without the HDD?

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