New Releases for the Week of May 27th-June 2nd, 2012

From an add-on which unleashes all kinds of new beasts to challenge Abraham’s sacrificial son in The Binding of Isaac: The Wrath of the Lamb to Harley Quinn’s two-hour epilogue to Batman: Arkham City‘s storyline, this might be the first week in gaming history where DLC overshadows original content. For better or worse, SEGA’s Vintage Collections offer no opportunities to purchase additional arsenals, meaning players will have to exact their revenge on Golden Axe’s nocturnal potion thieves the old-fashioned way- by cracking open their diminutive craniums with brute force.

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CharmingMan2160d ago

I wonder how Resistance:BS is. I understand that Insomniac didn't have a hand in the development, right?

sharpsword2160d ago

It was developed by Nihilistic Software. I've hear good things about it and would be surprised if Insomniac lent assets like character and gun models.

RaptorMan2160d ago

Heard Harley Quinn’s Revenge is worth playing. It's really solid DLC according to Greg Miller.

madmad2160d ago

Ugh, Greg Miller? Sorry, the guy is kind of amusing (in a pathetic way) but he doesn't have taste in games.

GaminGuys2160d ago

Cannot view this post on either IE or Firefox, though the site displays, report removed as others seem to be able to log in and see it.

CharmingMan2160d ago

Maybe Geoff Keighley smug look is bringing down the internet ;) (Why is the same picture there everyday I log into N4G)

On Topic: Seeing the site in Firefox, but it's loading a bit slow.

@Sharpsword: Do you have a link?

GaminGuys2160d ago (Edited 2160d ago )

dunno why it wouldn't load, never mind, I just wanted to check, will leave the approval to you guys ;) link was maybe time for a VPS if not on one.

madmad2160d ago

Works for me.

DLC overload. Heard the first screen of Dragon's Dogma just trying to sell you DLC. Oh, that Capcom.