Clash of Titans - The infinite war between Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3

Perhaps the biggest difference between BF3 and MW3 in their single-player campaigns is simply that Activision is much more exciting - the pace and plot is a completely different level. It is a game full of over-the-top action, a constant spectacle that consistently tries to outdo itself by endlessly upping the ante, not at all lending asingle moment of rest or downtime to recover the insanity of it all.

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DasTier2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

Battlefield has never been known for its single player, and I kind of wish they t
Left it out of bf3 to focus more on the multiplayer, that being said, bf3 is still the king of modern day multiplayer warfare FPS' on consoles by a long way.

DJLB21152005d ago

idk about that one bro. i know its all opinion and everything, but call of duty still got it down right now. and yes i have both bf3 and and mw3. they both have their strengths and weaknesses but i gotta go w duty

venom062005d ago

not only was this article 6-7 month out of date, but it was a lame attempt by some CoD fangirl to get these flames started up all over again.... everyone know that BF3 is the better more fun game and CoD is the easier game to play... which is why so many 12yr olds play it and it sells like hotcakes.. the article had SOOO many holes in it, it really isn't worth reading...

Sucitta2005d ago

call of duty is easy adhd fps that anyone can excel at with some practice.

battlefield is thought required tactics that's not for everyone. practice all you want, if your selfish or stupid (most) then you could never truly excel at battlefield, which in turn will bring you happily back to anyone's shooter, aka cod/halo..

boil it down and it's really all about easy or not so easy.

99% of preteens play cod, enough said..

DasTier2004d ago

Why would you class COD and Halo together? They are completely different games. A skilled halo player could easily beats 3 avg players in a firefight, calling halo an anyones shooter is ridiculous. Honestly Bf3 is more of any anyones shooter than halo.

Sucitta2004d ago

I have yet to meet a child that doesn't play either halo or cod.

I have yet to meet a child that plays battlefield after a few hours.

I agree with you in that they are both different games, though they attract the same young mindless gamers for one simple reason, ANYONE can get involved and in a short time excel.